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  1. I see a lot of Brazilian/Italian and Argentinian/Italian regens.
  2. Czech 1st League has up to 5 non-EU players in the squad. French 1st League has 4 non-EU players max.
  3. Well I'm sure they are going to optimize the game before beta is over. I'm also having performance issues, although not so severe. The game handles multiple cores very poorly and seems to prefer clock frequency over anything else. Multithreading is generally poor in most video games.
  4. Are you using High Power Plan when playing the game? Also, the CPU isn't very good for playing FM.
  5. I think they all pay annually after season ends. It's easy to check in the Income tab.
  6. The ticket prices are wrong, again. For example average ticket price for Sparta Prague is 12.78 EUR (326 CZK) in reality. Yet in the game it's almost 50% lower. This has been an ongoing issue for quite a few years now. It shouldn't be that hard to look up the ticket prices on each club's website and calculate the averages.
  7. I've been playing FM18 lately and noticed the ticket prices in Czech 1st division are completely wrong. The ticket prices in game are about 2 to 3 times cheaper than in reality for some clubs. For example, Sigma Olomouc has average ticket price of 4 Euro in the game. However, in reality it's slightly over 9 Euro for league matches. It gets even worse for top clubs. Sparta Prague has 4 Euro ticket price in game, but in reality it's almost 12 Euro for league matches. These discrepancies make the Czech league hard to play, as you have to keep selling your players in order to survive.
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