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  1. Yeah, game editor is a nice workaround, but I hope the guys come up with a nice solution and patch this. And a minor detail is balancing the player names, when you advance in a game all teams in a competition have roughly 5 or 6 players with common names in their squad. Makes game commentary difficult to follow and ridiculous at some points :-) But this is really minor and understandable for the purpose of keeping the memory requirements low.
  2. Well, it's name has changed but it's quality has remained unmatched! FMM 16 is as great a game as FMH 15 or maybe better with the more detailed player positions tab and slightly tweaked match engine. However, the game still remains unbalanced in too many areas to feel like a sim. My frustrations are: - It's far too easy, AI does not adapt to my playing style. At the start of the game I became manager of Austria, qualified for the EC 2016 without losing a game and won the EC 2016 with only one draw and a 5 - 1 win in the finals against Germany. In my third season I picked up Graafschap
  3. It has that upside, but still it is a strange experience. When buying an uncapped player who is getting his first cap at your team, you know you are on the right track with him. With German players you miss that feedback. You spot (potential) nation stars easier when looking at national squads.
  4. I suspected it would be a legal issue. Still, nice to hear it bothers you as well. Thnx.
  5. Or the German national team. It is funny to have great German players om your team, without having any caps
  6. I don't report this as a bug, because I think it's not a bug, just lazy programming. I post it here, not to create a discussion whether this is improved in FMH (or FMM) 16, but just to give the developers some food for thought. I am a bit shocked about the 'lazy' transfersystem. Currently I am in 2042 with York, playing PL after promoting the team from Vanarama Conference all the way up somewhere from 2020. At first I promoted with mediocore players relying more on tactics than quality. Since 8 - 10 years I am able to attract promising youngsters and world class players offering them wages up
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