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  1. Yeah, game editor is a nice workaround, but I hope the guys come up with a nice solution and patch this. And a minor detail is balancing the player names, when you advance in a game all teams in a competition have roughly 5 or 6 players with common names in their squad. Makes game commentary difficult to follow and ridiculous at some points :-) But this is really minor and understandable for the purpose of keeping the memory requirements low.
  2. Well, it's name has changed but it's quality has remained unmatched! FMM 16 is as great a game as FMH 15 or maybe better with the more detailed player positions tab and slightly tweaked match engine. However, the game still remains unbalanced in too many areas to feel like a sim. My frustrations are: - It's far too easy, AI does not adapt to my playing style. At the start of the game I became manager of Austria, qualified for the EC 2016 without losing a game and won the EC 2016 with only one draw and a 5 - 1 win in the finals against Germany. In my third season I picked up Graafschap in Dutch ED, prevented them to relegate, next season I finish number 5, winning the playoffs and thus gaining a EL ticket. Next season 4th place and most ridiculously the next season I win the Dutch league, although Ajax did not go easy on me. Left Graafschap to save Elche from relegation, one year later I finish 2nd in the Primera Division only 6 behind Real Madrid and with 4 pts more than Barcelona. It's 2022 now, but still Barcelona has Neymar en Ter Stegen in their first eleven as world class players. So not only is the game far too easy, AI seems not to adapt to my style of play or making it difficult for me otherwise by buying players from me or strengthening their own squad. - Transfer market actions seems random: Continuing from my previous remark, the AI does not strengthen their squads in the right area's. While Barca still has Neymar as top player, Messi has become 34 and is not replaced by a star player. They have enough funds and a top manager (Klopp), so why not buy that player that can deliver 15+ assists and 20+ goals in a season? What is holding them back? I see this at most AI teams, GK's don't get replaced, many players play out of position. Squads become really unbalanced and therefore easy to beat. Additionally, I strengthen my squad with a few rough diamonds and AI teams have literally NO interest in them during transfer windows. My attackers are top league goalscorers, midfielders are top 3 league assists and still no club is willing to pay 12 - 16 M for any of my players? That is just unreal. Also, when I transfer list my players I have to choose the 'Offer to clubs' option to get rid of them at half price or lower. Only lower league teams are interested in them, which riddles me, because a single team can buy 2-4 players from me at 2 - 3 M each, while my team as a Premier league teams has only 5 - 10 M transfer funds. - Scout reports make no sense When with Graafschap and Elche, my scouts keep sending me reports on 4 - 5 star players which are comparable or less than the players I already have. I understand that my team rep might be low, however I am playing top league, European football and all that. Still they are over-enthusiast on mediocre players that are barely better than the ones I already have. So scouting is fairly useless, except I get more players in my player search from regions I recently scouted. Better remove the scout reports at all then... - Match engine dragging out unimportant events This, to me, is a serious bug. If this game is made to play in short bursts than why does the 2D match engine drags out unimportant match moments like a goal kick, a 'stern telling from the referee' or the complete 6 mins injury time, substitutions and so forth. I can literally take a p*ss, leaving on the match, only to have missed a ball getting thrown in the field by one of the helper ball guys to one of the field players who takes a free kick AT THE MIDDLE CIRCLE! This makes me really frustrated, just show it in commentary only, or do not show it at all. It unnecessary lengthens the game without adding any amusement. Besides these small points and some minor bugs, the game still has me highly addicted, does make me feel a managing hero, make me strive for ridiculous feats feeding my ambition and it is my second best pastime before I go to sleep! Cheers guys, keep up the great work.
  3. It has that upside, but still it is a strange experience. When buying an uncapped player who is getting his first cap at your team, you know you are on the right track with him. With German players you miss that feedback. You spot (potential) nation stars easier when looking at national squads.
  4. I suspected it would be a legal issue. Still, nice to hear it bothers you as well. Thnx.
  5. Or the German national team. It is funny to have great German players om your team, without having any caps
  6. I don't report this as a bug, because I think it's not a bug, just lazy programming. I post it here, not to create a discussion whether this is improved in FMH (or FMM) 16, but just to give the developers some food for thought. I am a bit shocked about the 'lazy' transfersystem. Currently I am in 2042 with York, playing PL after promoting the team from Vanarama Conference all the way up somewhere from 2020. At first I promoted with mediocore players relying more on tactics than quality. Since 8 - 10 years I am able to attract promising youngsters and world class players offering them wages up to €170.000,-. Clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern M, Man City and Man U aren't the least bit interested in either outbidding me or trying to buy my youngsters or world class players. No club has made a transfer offer for any of my players in the last 12 - 15 years. Clubs can afford them for sure offering other players wages around 200k. Year after year I win the PL, CL and other cups and competitions and year after year my squad remains in tact giving me the freedom to buy one additional world class player/promising youngster per year. Squads like Chelsea and Arsenal deteriorate only having one GK or one star player in each line (def, mid, att). All my competitors are lacking squad depth because they don't act aggressively on the transfer market or try to unsettle my players. I am York for crying-out-loud, regardless of the trophy cabinet, each player in my squad would dream to play for Real Madrid or Chelsea. I won't be able to hold them IF a serious offer would come along. I find this lack of AI on the transfer market a serious flaw in the game. I know the PC version is much more balanced in this area! I don't care about 3d match-engines, more leagues or any of that window-dressing ****. I care about basic realism in the game, because it used to be THE selling point of the PC series. I don't care about real names, arcade coaches and more complex tactics. I care about being a FOOTBALL MANAGER, having to worry about my resource management, about what my competitors do, about my ability to anticipate their next move. The match day is a result of my qualities to manage the resources and the competition, not about whether it is 2d or 3d. So please devs, I know the mobile version is a more naked version of the golden PC instance, but I ask you kindly to invest your working hours in realism, not window-dressing. When you did: charge me €5,- extra to download it, I would be happy to pay it!
  7. Does the 'Arsenal effect' also count when a human manager is in charge? I've won in my 7 years at Arsenal the PL 7 times en CL 5 times in a row :-) Ontopic: I would like to see improvements in the following areas: Media As is said here before, the media module needs a revamp. It should be a bit more intelligent, not asking questions with the same intentions before every game, related to the game. But maybe questions related to the history between the two clubs, or players that just came back from injury (will they play or not). National team management Which brings me to the following, the national team management although greatly improved, THUMBS UP SI, still could become much more challenging, with a specific training module. How do you prepare a national team for a decision match in the qualifiying phase... And the media around big tournaments should be improved, asking silly questions about the history or rivalry between nations and between managers. But also particualry choices made for certain players in the selection or subs made during the match. This would make the national team management more fun during big tournaments. Maybe if you're a club trainer, you could be asked what you think of a country's chances, or what is your favourite, and be confronted afterwards with your predictions. Staff interaction Another idea might be a bit more interaction with your assistent manager and fitness trainers or physios. Your assistent manager could be consulted for subs or tactical changes during the game, as physio's could give you advice once a player is injured. The problem here is ofcourse that the game must certainly not getting too much arcade features *UGH*, but that is where the brilliant SI developers team comes in I hope ;-) Tactics A tactic tweak must be implemented differentiating between pre-game tactics and in-game tactics. For example, if I tell my players from the start I want to play all out attack, they know they have to play for 90 minutes, so they will apply pressure and seek out players in front of them when passing, but not go in with all of their energy. They just search for a quick first goal. But when I set all out attack in the last 10 mins. with one goal down, I want to see my players give every last bit of energy they have, run forward, try make quick combinations and NOT playing balls in width. But this difference is not in the game IMO. The same goes for defense, passing, tempo etc. It is different if you set certain settings before you send them on field or when the game has started. That is all, FM 08 is a very, very good game and I've enjoyed every 46 days 13 hours and 37 minutes I played it!
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