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  1. It really did! Final Day We went into the final day of the season second place - deservedly after a diabolical run in which saw us win one and draw one in six games, thanks in part to around half of the first XI moving to other clubs and being unable to secure anybody to replace them. We played Banstead - a team we should be beating, a bit like the four sides we had just lost to were. To go up, we had to win and hope Walton and Hersham didn't. They win and our result was meaningless. The game itself was dross - we were dreadful. Just as I was fearing the worst, club captain and centre back Quinn - who had been rejecting contract offers by the dozen - knocked home the winner to ensure we did our part. ....And it was enough to secure a first season promotion!
  2. Two of our best players have just jumped ship, and Parsons has picked up a long term injury right in the final four games of the title race. Livid. EDIT: And now our top-scorer Williams has gone as well with three games to go. What.
  3. Youth Intake 1 The main word that comes to mind is underwhelming. Adie Lawson is probably the best prospect to come through. I've offered contracts to everyone my assistants rated as 4 stars and over, as well as those with a 12 or more for determination. My reasoning being that if I can foster a young squad with a high average determination, then that will rub off on the others, leading to an overall better progression for our youth prospects and eventually, better profits and players. Sadly, there is no-one even close to first team ready, which is a big shame - I was most excited for the idea that I might be able to start playing one or two of them now. Probably the closest to getting a game. 9 passing is decent for a kid at this level. Will be retraining as a playmaking DM to fit the system we play and hoping we get to see some of him fairly soon. I suspect we will have advanced too quickly for him to take part, however. Mad physicals, but 2 finishing is likely to be insurmountable - especially since we play with a single poacher. Technically our best prospect, but I doubt we will ever see him turn out for the first team. February Update What a month we had, without feeling like we were ever really in control. Three narrow wins meant for insane nerves, and some frustration with Trey Williams as his finishing of late has been appalling but we got over the line in each of them. This resulted in a table that looks like this: Since I took that screenshot Walton and Hersham have won their game in hand, but with a two point gap and two months to go, a season 1 promotion is entirely in our hands.
  4. Cheers, it's been a decent start to the save so far! S1 - November That said, November was a sticky month for us. Forced into a replay and then beaten by a not great Hamworth Villa side, before getting beaten again in the league meant catching up to top spot was a difficult prospect going into December and the Christmas period. We did however finish the month with a win, and I could only hope that this would stop this becoming a dreadful run of form for us. S1 - December/ January The worry it seems, was entirely unncecessary and now we had into the final three months of the season as genuine contenders with Walton and Hersham dropping points. Crucially, as I posted earlier, we managed to beat them in injury time, meaning we are now only to points adrift. Ladies and gentlemen, it's on. It would seem that other teams have begun to notice we're decent as well, because now, more than three quarters of my first eleven are the subject of regular contract offers from other clubs. Fortunately, the lads in question are opting to stay.... For now.
  5. Hello..... We've just delivered them only their second loss of the season. 5 points behind with a game in hand. We have a golden opportunity to crank up the pressure on Walton and Hersham here.....
  6. Cheers! S1 - October Fixtures - Table October saw us start with a defeat to end our unbeaten run, but otherwise it was another pretty good month for us. We progressed in the FA Vase and kept pace with Walton and Hersham who have been nigh on unbeatable, meaning top spot is still within our sights with only four points separating us. Early doors to be talking about us as contenders though, plenty of football to play yet, but it's a bright start. In less positive news, our finances are beginning to show signs of becoming a worry; and the lack of leaders in the squad has me slightly paranoid that we'll crumble when the pressure starts to build. I did attempt to send Parker-Trott of all people on a leadership course and the board accepted, which was great until I realised that cost roughly half of the club's entire bank balance.
  7. Two months in, and we are at least in touching distance of the top. Initially, we had a goals problem, and a disappointing first month led us to sitting just off of the top half of the table as well as knocked out of the FA cup, albeit by a Sevenoaks side better than us. Injuries plagued us, and long term injuries to our best centre mid, two of our attackers and a full back, meant extra players were drafted in even after the season began. The good looking Trey Williams, and Jack Oldham - a really very good full-back were among them. This coincided with our tactic beginning to gel with the squad, and our match cohesion making it out of 'abysmal', allowing us to start to string together results in September. We went top a few times, but games in hand meant the spot never really belonged to us, and we finished the month with the league standing looking like this: Second place feels pretty good at this point, and if we can continue our good form, we're in with a decent shot. Of note is Parker-Trott. Not our best centre mid - fourth choice actually, but seems to have a habit of knocking one in from 25 yards - all five of his goals have come from outside the box. I don't have the heart to drop him.
  8. Finally, I have gotten my hands on the full game, and half season demo saves with Shamrock Rovers and Liverpool have come to an end in favour of my main save for this year. I have gone for a save that I have long wanted to do properly, which is to manage my absolute closest managable local team. Woking are it for the base game, but with Claasen's ace databases, I can plump for the side a few minutes down the road Knaphill, and hopefully, lead them to glory. Or at least not get sacked! The Club Knaphill FC is my local football club, being located about 5 minutes away from the house in which I spent most of my childhood years. In real life, manager Keith Hills had just left the club, meaning it was the perfect time for a new man to realistically step up to the plate. I've been wanting to do a proper Knaphill save for a long time, taking them from the Combined Counties League to as high as I possibly can (though I'll be the first to admit I've never started at this level and made it to the Vanarama before). Club in Game Facilities Finances The Ground Redding Way is a fairly new addition to the club, having been built in 2005 to comply with the Combined Counties League rules, with a 100 person capacity seated stand being completed as recently as 2015. From personal experience, it's well maintained and a good starting base for the club. I'm not sure what the database says is true, but as far as I can tell there is plenty of room around the ground for additions etc. Council allowing, so staying here for the considerable future could be feasible. The Man Me! Or at least as close to me as the game can get. I vae some coaching badges because as far as I can tell that's a requirement in real life. I pretty much used the in game settings for a 'youth development' coach, the idea that I would be developing the club from the ground up, meaning that producing good youth talent would be important for the club's long term success. The Squad (Transfer Window the First) I clicked 'add players to teams' in set ups, so that there was at least a squad in place when I took up the role. Unfortunately, it was a little bit shocking, so besides hiring the bare bones of a staff (Assistant, Head physio, Head Scout), my first job was to overhaul the playing squad. Which I did! Key Players: Thomas Parsons Parsons started the game at the club as one of it's generated youth players, and what a ridiculous player to start with. I've already played two months and is scoring regularly from the left wing. With my assistant saying he'll develop into a Vanarama level talent, I'm desperate to hang on to him. Almost definitely won't, he's too good for us. Trey Williams Williams is a recent signing well into the season, as it became clear that our only loan signing wasn't going to cut it for us. He's made a promising start, so here's hoping he pushes on now. James Fitchett Joined us due to an injury crisis not several games in. Never have I been so glad for a long term injury to a starting centre back. God damn rock solid. The rest of the team has filled out quite nicely. I'm playing a 433 with deep midfielders, two wingers on support and a poacher up front - adventurous for this level - and my biggest problem has been finding decent midfielders to play in DM. If this turns into a major problem for us, it may require a tactical change, but I'm really hoping we can stick with the system, as I'e enjoyed some of the football it produced in my Shamrock Rovers save. With the squad built and predicted to finish comfortably in mid table, it's time to see how the first season of this save pans out - hopefully we can exceed expectations and at least make a push for the top spot, as that is the only way we're making it out of this division.
  9. End of Season Update 2017/18 Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 I should really, really be happy with this - I should be freaking over the moon, in all honesty - but all I can think is 'what if?'. Our form in the last four games has cost us a spot in the play-off for promotion at best, and a shot at an unthinkable back-to-back promotion. That said, our season was really pretty unbelievable. Our first five games had me setting myself for a long season, before we finally started picking up irregular wins. Irregular turned into consistency, and soon we were putting together nice little runs and climbing the table. Our final third was strong, and we even sat top for a round of fixtures. It really was a fantastic season for the club, and we match our highest ever league finish - but I'll never be able to look at it as anything other than an opportunity missed. Highlights include an 8-1 drubbing of Afumaţi, and a narrow 2-1 win over the eventual champions via an injury time penalty that put us top, if only for a brief moment. Romanian Cup - Dreadful showing. A 2-0 loss against a side a tier below - though their attendance of 900+ next to our average of about 110 tells it's own story. We really should have beaten these, and next season, I'm desperate for at least a little bit of a run in the cup. Players Transfers - End of Season Awards (Club) - Best XI (Club) - Team of the Year (1 Player) Key Players Dumiter - Dumiter started the season behind Boghain in the pecking order - and swiftly won it from him, his performances too good to ignore, even though his attributes didn't quite match up. That soon changed, and first team football has pushed the youngster to new levels - if he can carry on developing, we'll have brought through a great player. Dos Santos - Brazilian winger - what more do you want? He was our primary creator, and was ruthlessly effective in front of goal when called upon - another good prospect, though his development is likely pretty much done. A good player for this level, but he'll likely not manage the step up. Though being fair, neither will most of our players. Uzun - Experience. A rock. Our vice-captain has had a cracking season. I mentioned last year that it was questionable just how many of those he has left, and that concern hasn't gone away - I'm saying he has one more left in him at least. Coc - I gambled this season, and made the 22 year-old club captain at the very start over the experienced Uzun. He expressed worry over the pressure, and his initial performances were poor and littered with costly mistakes - but the boy grew into it, and came on hugely as a player to boot. Great CB, if a little shorter than I'd like - though his partnership with the 6'2 Uzun compensates somewhat. Gheorghe - In all honesty, I'd earmarked Ramon as weakness in the side going forward - but this season has made me question that. 7 goals and 8 assists prove he can perform at a level I didn't think he could. As an aside, I made two transfers in Jan - a solid left-back to replace the aging Sascau (who became a full time coach at the end of the season) and a young winger by the name of Octavian Ursu. An outstanding player, and somebody I was so excited to see play for us and help push us on - only to be crushed when I am informed that he cannot play for us this season as he has already played for another club. Our £60k record signing essentially cup-tied but for the league. What. In other, more upsetting player news - Corban's departure at the end of the season is confirmed - for free. He asked to leave at the start of the season, and I tried to talk him down - and then figured I could try again and float a lucrative contract at him - no such luck. Freaking Udinese came in for him, and will be taking him when his contract expires. Drat. Easily our best player, and a beauty to have with the 3 U21s rule. That said, I may just have found a replacement capable of filling his boots..... Priority for the summer window is younger players capable of playing in the first team to ensure I can meet the requirements for the league, and a really good quality RB. We've lost a fair few players to contracts ending, so we have some real work to do on the squad. The Club Finances - General - Financial Info The prize money is a welcome balm to our financial woes, and honestly makes me think 'just missing out' on promotion for a few years might be a benefit, given that as far as I can see on the champions get prize money in Liga I. As ever, the board is tight-fisted with major upgrades, though I did manage to get some Junior Coaching budget out of that particular stone. How we move forward financially will be interesting to see. The Manager Profile - History - Manager of the Season Little bit gutted about MotY, but on the bright side, bagged another contract (and a slight pay rise!), and a pair of Manager of the Months, so I'm not totally recognition-less
  10. Really great start to the thread! Hope you can make it through the play-offs this season! How much do you tend to make during pre-season doing friendlies? I'm playing in the Romanian 2nd division bleeding cash (though nothing like 400k in the red!) and was wondering if I could pull off something similar. Looking forward to seeing you progress up the leagues!
  11. Outstanding thread LPQR - inspiring to see somebody make such a success out of a small Romanian team! Especially when you're having first season in Liga II problems Just for the record - how does qualification for the Romanian League Cup work? Seriously, this is amazing work!! Looking forward to that CL win haha.
  12. Great thread! Used to live in Cornwall, so seeing you compete in this division is pretty entertaining, despite the fact I'm hoping you get out of it as soon as possible
  13. 10 Seasons?! Haha I'm not sure I'll be catching you at this point xD - Far too slow. I'll definitely be looking through your thread when I get a chance! SC Bacau Pre-Season Update 2017/18 Squad Overview - League Predictions - Transfers - Finances Having gained promotion sights were immediately set upon improving the squad - both in terms of shaving away the deadwood, and injecting real quality suitable for Liga II. A fair challenge for a club of our stature, but I feel I've done a reasonable job. The like of Rus and Lima are huge improvements on what we had, and we added depth to several positions on top of that, so I'm fairly happy. I did end up allowing a lot of players to leave on a free, which has left us relatively short, but I'm rather hoping we'll cope with a (relatively) small squad. If not, there is actually transfer budget left to play with, so we'll see what happens. The only other really significant piece of news is our star player in Corban has demanded a move to a bigger club, and is now unhappy because I told him exactly where to shove it. Really hoping this complaint will die down of it's own accord, or a big team actually comes in for him before his contract expires, because I refuse to offer him out. He's our best player, and I'd rather get another full season out of him at least. We start the season away to Dacia Unirea, in what has been billed as a bit of a momentous task. They're predicted to finish 7th, so I can't exactly say I disagree!
  14. Thanks! And yes! I remember it too - though it did seems to be the last of their really 'successful' tournaments, from what I recall haha. Yeah, their history is fairly unique, particularly having so much success so young - I'd love to hear an 'insider's' take on it. Made even more strange by just how comparitively low their regular attendance is. We struggle to get 100 people into the ground - mid-table LIga II sides are pulling 4k+ so yeeeeaaah. Should be an interesting challenge Thanks! If you're doing Romania too, I'll be sure to follow yours! Be interesting to see how they both evolve! End Of Season Update - 2016/17 Champions!! That consistency I was looking for? It came, and it came in style. One loss since the mid-season update meant we were going to push Harman all the way no matter what, but crushing them 3-0 at our place meant we never lost momentum, and simultaneously destroyed theirs - they seemed to fall apart in the final weeks, and in the end, what had been a hard-fought two team race ended up looking far less competitive than it actually had been. Finances - Transfers - Manager Profile - Manager History End of Season Awards Two more defensive signings - Coc (*sniggers*) is a top quality CB of a good age, and will partner Uzun for several seasons yet. The other man is a CB who can also fill in at LB, and the versatility is why we picked him up. The added depth and quality signalled an improvement for us at the back, and to be quite honest, I'm fairly happy with our side, and am hoping to ride out my first season in Liga II without wholesale changes. Which is important looking at the finances, since we needed another huge board cash injection to stay healthy, especially since Liga III doesn't seem to have prize money. Liga II is well structured and should see us well off wherever we finish, but Liga I, only 1st place seems to get any, so lord knows how that's all going to work (can anybody who plays in Romania's top division clarify this, on the off chance they're reading?). Our attendances also have remained pitiful, and well below Liga III's level. Hopefully we'll see a reasonable jump now that we're a division up to help ease the financial burden somewhat. In other new, I've been given a new contract, which is nice, and bagged my continental C/B license to boot, so there's that haha. Next season should be interesting: our quality in depth is poor, and despite having a young squad, having 3 U21 players in the first XI on top of our financial difficulties presents an interesting recruitment challenge for a team looking to inject the required quality to stay up. Luckily, players like Corban give me hope. At 19, he's a leading player for Liga II sides, with the potential to play in Liga I, and has just been all around fantastic. Between him and Ureche, that's two of those mandatory U21 slots completely sewn up. N.B - normally I'd do a bit on the youth intake, but, well - pickings were slim. As they get better, I'll likely disseminate more on these - perhaps even afford them their own update. For now? Nah.
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