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  1. Hi Being a 90s kid - and as a result obessed with football italia haha, I've always had a love for Zeman's Foggie, and his overall playing style. I know there has been a few Zeman style tactics in the past, I can't really find a direct one for fm21 so far - none of which reference him anyway - can anyone help? much appreciated!
  2. with fm19 i decided to just not bother with updating and doing my own kits - so i opened the graphic.fmf file and removed all 3d kits just so i was left with the default ones (plain etc.) Today fm19 seemed to be updated, and all the kits are back (save form premier league etc that werent in anyway)! I have used the archiver again to open and remove the 3d kits, other than the default - but they are still there is there somewhere i should be looking other than here? i cant seem to remember from last time? any help please - this is obv ruining my ocd!
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