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  1. In game we occasionally see in our news section pieces saying 'x' youth player has moved to such and such bigger club. Well given EPPP could we not allocate parts of our transfer budget so the academy can recruit better players from other academies with lower academy category ratings? Real world my own club have lost a few players over the last 5 years or so to premier league academies and I know we've brought in from lower academies. It would also give another realistic element as to requesting a higher youth level in game, greater control to stop other academies pinching your players and to allow your recruitment team a wider pool to recruit from. Real world example where this could be integrated in a future game, Cardiff City seemingly want to go Cat 1 and Swansea City are talking about going Cat 3, if you were playing as Cardiff you could allocate higher amount from your transfer budget to try and sweep up more Welsh talent.
  2. Can we get assurances from the board/owner when in a job interview? my current scenario is I took Fulham up and then left in my second season in the prem to take over a struggling Southampton, my idea would be being able to ask 'can I be guaranteed I will be in the job next season even if we go down?' answers of 'yes', 'almost guaranteed unless you perform awfully', 'would need to perform well to guarantee this' and a straight 'no'. Being given an answer of yes/no may then influence if you want to take the job. You could then have assurances for other things like 'will I need to sell players to fund transfers' etc
  3. Josh Brownhill has a £7m release clause that activates in the summer, interestingly the article doesn't mention anything about it lasting beyond the summer either though https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/exclusive-bristol-city-star-release-3762059
  4. As seen in the picture next to Tottenham's 3rd goal it just says 90, the goal was in fact scored in the 101st minute (11th of injury time not extra time)
  5. In my save with Tottenham over almost 18 months Harry Kane (20 for penalty taking) has scored 18/30 penalties for club and country at a 60% conversion rate, in real life (according to transfermarkt) he's taken 43 and scored 36 at a rate of 83.7%. Therefore Kane (in game) has missed almost twice as many penalties in 18 months than in his entire real life career.
  6. Could've easily missed this but are people getting massive wage demands from young foreign players? 17 year old Colombian kid, £650,000 transfer fee whose current ability my scouts say conference but the opening demand is £100K p/w!
  7. Kane scored 6/9 for me, noticed for England he had 3/6 as well, so 60% mark, whereas in real life his conversion rate is up in the mid 80% range
  8. Think giving Dan James 15 was harsh, I used to watch a decent amount of Swansea's 23's games and this being 2 seasons ago he was up there with the fastest players I've seen especially with the ball at his feet
  9. Is anything going to be done about Bristol City's debt in the game after Lansdown converted £71m worth of debt to shares? https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bristol-city-owner-steve-lansdown-3512106 In game theres a £50m loan owed on departure of the chairman and an £18m ish loan owed on promotion to premier league.
  10. Surely age is irrelevant? Its a skill, whether you're 16 or 38 its dependant on the quality rather than the age of the person producing it, again standard its 1 skill plenty of players have an outstanding quality but they're not player higher because they're not the complete package. Just to add to Eliasson's crossing stats, he's averaging over 7 crosses per 90 (2nd highest in the league) and only 2 players in the top 100 in the division for most crosses per 90 have a higher cross completion rate than him (52.17%, which is much higher than last seasons being about 34%) if you go by wyscout's data.
  11. He has 5 assists from crosses so far this season at a rate of an assist from a cross every 135 minutes for him being on the pitch. Taking assists only doesn't seem great, should it not be on the quality of his crosses rather than what happens after? If you're going by assists he could be putting great crosses in but the person receiving them could be finishing poorly.
  12. My point was he was/would have been completely fit in September but re-injured himself playing for Hungary. But got told injuries after September don't count (ala Afobe) so if Nagy had recovered from the initial injury to play in September international break would the re-injuring himself still count.
  13. Bristol City Zac Smith was loaned to Taunton Town in August https://tauntontown.com/featured-news/3947/ U23's and U18's assistant managers missing, can be seen here https://www.bcfc.co.uk/academy/our-staff/coaching
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