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  1. them like wales have been one of the top 4 teams of the tournament since they are in the semi's.
  2. Portugal are far better than Belgium. Wales will have to perform even more impressively to win that.
  3. Ramsey should not have been booked. That was nothing.
  4. Portugal have been decent, they are just making sure they don't peak too early.
  5. Portugal will get to the final I reckon, don't think Belgium or Wales can beat them. I hope for a Portugal v Italy final going to penalties.
  6. you don't need to win in 90 if you know how to take pens or score in extra time.
  7. Portugal deserved the win and I hope they reach the final.
  8. awful goalkeeper, poor defence, average midfield at best, average attack who can't link up. What is there to be positive about? Play an awful style of football, to be honest there isn't even a style as it is totally aimless.
  9. totally destroyed us. Iceland were far superior tonight.
  10. Losing is not the main worry, but getting completely outplayed and dominated by Iceland is a huge issue
  11. It's strange, the only decent performance was against Wales. We caused Russia no problems at all, we did nothing against Slovakia and getting dominated by Iceland.
  12. The real standard of the team in what we see in the major tournaments.
  13. nothing could be worse than the last world cup. 1 point in 3 games, rock bottom in the group and not even close to even 3rd place.
  14. The Italians play an attractive direct style of football. Good to see them outclass Spain in every department.
  15. Not a surprise its that dickhead ref
  16. They have neither been lucky or unlucky. They haven't played well but played well enough to reach the last 8.
  17. 8/1 to make final now they are in the quarters look fair but not before today.
  18. Deserved win for Portugal. Now they really should make the final.
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