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  1. Would love the winner of the wales/Portugal match to win the title.
  2. England can't beat anyone when it matters. Friendlies, qualifiers and the odd group game is the most England can do. Probably cos the others aren't bothered.
  3. can't do it when it matters. When it matters is when the team shows their true level.
  4. The only embarrassment they caused is when they battered England and knocked them out without even breaking sweat.
  5. 1 day extra rest after a tough draining 120 min match. France have had a training match.
  6. France will be well rested after this training match and have home advantage. Germany will be more tired and no hummels.
  7. France look very good. I think they will beat Germany in the semi's.
  8. Last time England were at the similar level as the current wales team was 20 years ago.
  9. Pepe isn't that bad. He is an angel compare to someone like Suarez. He is nowhere near as bad of some of the other Barca players like Busquets.
  10. Exciting style of football = winning style of football
  11. The Italian style is brilliant. They were missing key midfielders in de Rossi, motta and veratti this tournament and still played some good stuff.
  12. Very fitting way to end this brilliant hard fought contest
  13. I'd like a shootout. Germany don't lose shootouts and Italy don't lose to Germany. Something has to give, would be very interesting.
  14. certain pen, about as blatant as you an get
  15. no de rossi or motta is really costing Italy
  16. I'd like to see this match being decided by a shootout
  17. Wales, Portugal, Italy, Iceland, France,............Germany In that order of preference.
  18. People say Croatia were great but Portugal were better than them. People say Poland were good getting 7pts in Germany's group, but Portugal were better than them. It's not about how you do in qualifying or group stages. It's about how you do in the knockout matches. Wales have been very impressive but Portugal have been good as well. Will be a good match and we will have a very deserving finalist who will be the underdog in the final.
  19. They never struggled. The teams who struggled are the teams who have been knocked out. They were better than their opponents in the knockout stages.
  20. Its the same Portugal who have had no problems in getting to the semi's despite not reaching their potential yet.
  21. they topped the group so didn't need to be in that half
  22. talking about players, not clubs. Can't bring clubs to the euros.
  23. Portugal while haven't been great, only a few teams have been better than them. They are being careful not to peak to early.
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