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  1. Fully deserved win. Best team of the tournament won the trophy.
  2. Why the hell would anyone want to get rid of penalties? It is brilliant for the game.
  3. Why the hell would one of the best and most professional players of all time need defending?
  4. Ronaldo is not just a star player, he is a leader who brings the best out of his teammates.
  5. He cares more for Portugal then messi does for Argentina.
  6. Hopefully Ronaldo can shake off the knock
  7. I want this match to go to a penalty shootout with Portugal win. I always like it when a major final is decided by a shootout, the pressure is just immense.
  8. No luck, 100% deserved as they have been superior to their opponents. Portugal have always been a good team just not a great team. They have an opportunity to become a great team tomorrow.
  9. He made one save at the start of the match but couldn't make any more as the other 2 ended up in goals. France were far better than Germany on the night. The posession stat is more useless than the number of throw ins stat.
  10. Portugal have a better chance against France than against Germany. They will be huge underdogs against either team, probably 2/1 underdogs. But who knows with an extra days rest and maybe a 120 min exhausting match tomorrow.
  11. They are a good team, not great. They are the best of the bottom half of the draw. There are teams in the top half who are better but Portugal are capable of giving them a good game but will definitely be the underdogs.
  12. So saying a team who have reached the final is a very good team is being "different"? If they are not good, what can we say abut all the other teams in the bottom half of the draw?
  13. Portugal are a very good team. They were the best performing team in the bottom half of the draw. Don't know why some are bitter that they weren't in the top half. The draw is what it is.
  14. wales have not played any team at the same level as Portugal.
  15. 4 good teams to 3 good teams while is not well balanced, it's not exactly that bad. France, Germany, Italy, Spain/ Croatia, Portugal, Belgium Portugal v France/Germany is a big final where the result is far from guaranteed.
  16. Cos I prefer them much more than France and Germany.
  17. Come on Ronaldo, score another and get the top scorer.
  18. they were favs against wales as well and even money against Croatia. However some haters tend to underrate them. Fact is they have been superior than their opponents in the 3 knockout matches.
  19. We'll see. They will need Pepe back. Extra days rest, and hopefully a long 120 minutes draining match between France and Germany.
  20. Fully behind Portugal now to win the euros. Portugal starting to peak at the right time.
  21. I just really hope the winner of this wins the final. Both these teams play good. With Ramsey injured and Pepe a big doubt both teams could be missing their 2nd best player so we'll see who copes best.
  22. He is very proud of himself but his confidence matches his ability so he justifies the arrogance. Also without this arrogance, he might not be the same level of player. Obviously no one beats his professionalism and dedication to the game.
  23. Ronaldo is probably the best role model in sport let alone football.
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