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  1. Just bought in in game editor but it doesn't seem to show up yet
  2. Absolutely stupid if this is true. Footballers will not come out, not in the near future anyway. Think of how many who have come out in the past. I hope there will be a way to disable this feature.
  3. Starting to get used to the game now especially with the tactics. Found a tactic that works with my team (Man Utd). Close down more, tight marking, run at defence, more direct passing, pump balls in box, cross from both sides. Won a couple of games 6-1 and 4-0 while playing this tactic. 4-1-2-3 DM wide formation.
  4. Cm97/98 was my first game. Was in year 8 at that time. Used to come home during lunch breaks and skip lessons and even pretend to be ill in order to play the game. That was probably the game in which I played the most. Bakayoko, Svindal Larsen, neset, denilson. Some great and cheap players. bought every game since. Recently downloaded dosbox so I can play it again and also went back to play cm96/97. 01/02 was another one I spent a lot of time on.
  5. Most underrated is Kylian Mbappe. He should get a CA boost of at least 50 this year.
  6. Blame the format all you want but don't criticise the team who played to what the format required and was very impressive in doing so.
  7. no, they deserved to be out cos they got played off the park by Iceland and couldn't even scrape a draw against them. If you get enough points to go through, you deserve to go through. Then in the knockouts, if you are superior to your opponent then you deserve to win.
  8. You must think Usain Bolt is pretty rubbish too. In the olympics he has finished 2nd or 3rd in the heats in order to qualify where he turns it on when it matters. Portugal did not rely on results of others. It was all in their own hands. With 20 mins to go against Hungary they knew a draw was enough and a note was handed to Ronaldo to tell him this.
  9. Cos they don't understand the concept of international major tournaments, much like Roy hodgson.
  10. League is about 90 mins. Knockout stages in cups is certainly not just about 90 mins. It is about being better than the opposition team during the course of the ENTIRE match. I'm not a Portugal fan, I just admire their brilliant football.
  11. You seem like you are new to football. Tournament football is not the same as the premier league. It is not about winning in 90 mins. It is about either winning in 90, 120 or pens. It is also important not to peak too early and then bomb out. Portugal were poor in the group stages but they knew that was enough to go through and they progressively got better after that. In all 4 knockout matches, they were superior to the opposition and that is what is required.
  12. No one carried anyone. They simply worked extremely well as a team and played for each other. They played some great football and won. Ronaldo had 3 goals and 3 assists, I don't get the myth in that he played badly. He played well and he inspired his teammates and they as a team were the most impressive team of the tournament.
  13. Portugal are always there or thereabouts in the euros. They have played good football. It's certainly not out of the blue, it's not like some minnows like England winning it.
  14. I'd put mascherano as centre back and di Maria in midfield as no need for 2 defensive midfielders which such a strong team. Apart from that id agree but the right back position could be anyone really.
  15. Not just higuain, messi as well. Both missed one on one in the World Cup final but people only seem to mention higuain.
  16. I much prefer Ronaldo to messi as Ronaldo is a leader who inspires his teammates. He is the ultimate professional and shows his personality. Messi while a great player, isn't a great leader and shows no personality. Messi has far more talented teammates to work with yet they can't even win copa America when they are the favourites every year yet they get outclassed.
  17. Messi obviously the best technically but football is not just about technique and skill. Ronaldo has a far better mentality and personality than messi.
  18. no I said they were lucky since Ramos goal in the final was offside. Eder's goal certainly was not offside, no luck to it.
  19. Portugal are always competing. A final, a quarter final, a semi and now a win in the last 4 euros. That's a great record.
  20. All this 1 win in 90 mins is ridiculously bitter. It's not about winning in 90 mins. None of portugal's opponents were better than them and Portugal played better then all their knockout opponents and beat them. That is good enough. I don't see how they are lucky having their best player injured after 20 mins of the final, that is rotten luck.
  21. Best and most deserving team won.
  22. Ronaldo would never commit tax fraud or throw tantrums in retiring from international football because of a bad result.
  23. They had the opportunity to be great tonight and they took it.
  24. Portugal suck the life out of the opposition team. This is one of the most important skills to have.
  25. Germany got battered by the exact French team 3 days ago. Portugal were superior to all the opponents put in front of them in the knockout stages.
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