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  1. So u think both mata and oZil are better than di Maria? No chance at all. They should be at least 10pts lower, not 10pts higher
  2. Hopefully I can start a game now. I have spent hours changing stuff in the editor to make it more realistic. Very disappointed with the researchers this year. Have to waste a lot of time.
  3. united isn't underrated but di maria certainly is. not just underrated, but its a **** take. Game can't be taken seriously unless I change it in the editor
  4. I've upped it by 20 to make it more realistic. I need to make a few more changes before I can start a game. The researcher must be a scouser, I mean for Jordan Henderson to have more PA than di maria is just ridiculous
  5. Absolutely ridiculous to say the least. I've never in my life seen something so stupid
  6. whichever as his current and potential is about similar. I've upped it by 20 anyway to make the game more realistic. I don't know who the hell come up with his stats.
  7. I just got 1 code earlier on in the day and installed it. It was the beta but its not updated itself
  8. Di Maria is ridiculously underrated in this game. His potential ability is at least 15-20 under what it should be
  9. Januzaj just picked the Turkish national team in my game in the 2nd season. That annoyed me as that won't happen. What has he picked in everyone else's games?
  10. This happens every year where there is no licence. I can't remember what to delete to get rid of this. Can anyone remind me? Thanks. I remember it's like deleting an inc file.
  11. Sid1984


    Does anyone know when this will become available?
  12. well now i have went into steam and said never to update my game. steam are stupid.....but its too late, hopefully ruci can update this fmrte
  13. i know but i've downloaded the new one and its not working :o
  14. is anyone having a problem? i've downloaded it but its not working. is it best to uninstall the old version of fmrte?
  15. fmrte is a definate must have from now on, if fm2013 had no fmrte then i'd just have to continue with fm2012
  16. thats not selfish, it saves time and means it will be released quicker. (which everyone wants)
  17. don't need to waste time with languages IMO, just english is enough.
  18. why wouldn't so many people use this brilliant tool?
  19. its hard to play without it after being spoilt with this tool for years. this really is such an luxury
  20. i realised we have been blessed with this tool and I find it hard to play without it
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