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  1. His body language is very positive and he helps his teammates a lot even though he gets much less in return. He is a true leader who inspires the team. I have no idea what you are on about.
  2. Ronaldo's performance was one of the all time great individual performances in a world cup match.
  3. Isco was the maybe the best Spanish player tonight.
  4. If it was isco to david silva he would have done it but he didn't expect nacho to do what he did and be such an attacking threat.
  5. Guedes and Bernardo silva really need to step up if Portugal are to do well this tournament. They are good players but very poor tonight and offered little help for Ronaldo.
  6. What impresses me about Ronaldo is not just his skill and goals. He is also a true leader for this team and inspires his teammates as well.
  7. I did comment on his performance as soon as the mistake happened. I’m happy since it shows he is far more comfortable playing in England and will stay at united forever. He won’t make any mistakes like that at united.
  8. Ronaldo’s performance was absolutely exceptional. Unreal, it had everything. Won the pen, scored the pen, won the FK and scored it and scored another one. Created good chances for teammates as well. A truly heroic performance.
  9. There own fault for hating one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.
  10. I correct myself, Ronaldo hasn’t played well he has played incredible.
  11. He made the penalty and scored it. He has created for teammates and scored another.
  12. How? You expect him to go in for a tackle for Nacho's goal? How many people would expect Nacho to score such a great goal today?
  13. Lack of respect? in the first half he had a chance to score but passed to Guedes who was in just a slightly better position.
  14. 2 cracking teams producing the best match of the tournament (I know it’s too early to say)
  15. Good, means De Gea stays at united. Reputation is England is far higher than in spain
  16. Portugal very good in first 20 min. Spain dominate since their goal.
  17. Come on Portugal! Hope they win the WC to add to the euro
  18. Portugal 25/1 each way seems good value for the European champions.
  19. I think Brasil have the best all round team. Alves loss is a blow though but Neymar hopefully will be fit
  20. It's always been ok and appreciated, apart from a few morons who got bored and decided to make a big deal about it not being ok.
  21. Maybe the pics should be girls only. I suppose I just have to scroll past the men quickly. that Korean girl is nice. my personal fav from last World Cup, had to crop out kevin kilbane.
  22. The game doesn’t seem to run as smoothly. Sometimes hurts my eyes a little so gone to watching game in 2d classic anyone else having this problem?
  23. I use a Mac Pro and I couldn't get it from the downloads so I went into steam to buy it. Managed to do that last night but still can't access it this morning.
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