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  1. How is kovacic always on bench for Croatia? Such a brilliant player.
  2. Iran are similar to Morocco, maybe slightly better. There is no end product. Put up a good fight though.
  3. Spain’s performance very similar to portugal’s earlier. Not great but just about doing enough.
  4. Koke is an excellent player, as is Saul and Thiago. They are not lacking in talent on the bench. All good to bring on.
  5. Koke offers more defensively than Thiago. If score was 0-0 Thiago would have come in instead. Makes sense.
  6. Iran are not going to outplay Spain so they have to play the way that would give them the biggest probability of winning. That’s what they are doing, not sure what the problem is. they had a chance to go 1-0 up, if they went out and played they could have been 3-0 down
  7. Nothing to do with me. It’s to do with those people who think Portugal should have started with a -1 goal handicap so Morocco could ‘deserve’ a draw.
  8. Coming from someone who thinks a a shot being saved deserves to be a goal. 😂
  9. 12 months? Don’t need to give away your mental age. Keep that quiet. 🤫
  10. So patricio deserved to concede despite making a save? Might as well not have goalkeepers.
  11. You must be on some seriously strong stuff to think Morocco deserve to be gifted a goal by default in order to get a draw.
  12. So which chance morocco created ‘deserved’ to go in the back of the net? How can a shot being hit 10 yards over the bar ‘deserve’ to be a goal? they would have had to score 1 to get a draw.
  13. It was a fair straight forward save. Not as good as Morocco keepers save on Guedes. Portugal were not good but clearly better than Morocco today.
  14. How was it not deserved? Morocco couldn’t score. Did they even trouble patricio at all?
  15. Deserved win for portugal. Morocco are not great, one of these teams that look ok u til they get close to the goal then become useless.
  16. Pepe was a fantastic player but 35 now and past it.
  17. Free kicks are not what you expect to score from.
  18. Ronaldo has done fine. Scored and created a big chance for Guedes. The rest of the team need to not just rely on him.
  19. Morocco look all good until being in front of goal.
  20. Those 2 are good players who need to help Ronaldo out if Portugal are to donwell this tournament.
  21. Portugal is just all Ronaldo. The other good players like Guedes and Bernardo really need to step up a little bit. Ronaldo has been good today but the other players just seem to coast by.
  22. Morocco dominating but Portugal are the team who created the 2 best chances. The goal and Guedes shot. Patricio has had nothing to do despite Morocco looking dominant.
  23. We have the leader and a possible contender for the winner this year.
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