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  1. Beat Columbia 60% and beat Swiss/swe 70% so probability if reaching semi = 42% in other half beat japan = 90%, beat brasil 30%. Reach semi = 27%. using estimated probabilities the bottom half is better for getting further. (Not taking account of the small prob that mex beat bra)
  2. What would happen if both Mexico and Germany score 1 goal. Ger win 1-0 and Mexico lose 1-2?
  3. VAR is brilliant. However this ref was a clown. In a same way a Bugatti is an amazing car but no ur if you put a blind man as driver.
  4. Morocco worst team in the group and fully expect Spain to win the game and top the group. However I hope Portugal win the group.
  5. Damn. Money making opportunity gone.
  6. Got £500 in my betting account ready to bet on Mexico v Sweden to be a draw providing this Germany/Sweden game stays as a draw. I have a feeling these odds will be shortening.
  7. Brilliant! Totally deserved goal for Sweden, by far the better team so far. Hope they keep this up.
  8. This ref needs to be sacked. It’s ok to make a mistake but not to even check VAR is a joke. they need a challenge system like tennis where the team gets to choose when to review.
  9. Clear pen and red card. Why are they not using VAR? This is stupid.
  10. Big pen miss for Iceland. Even a 2-1 loss not too bad. Say they beat Croatia 1-0, argentina just need to beat Nigeria 3-1. Had he scored the pen arg would find it hard to beat Nigeria 4-1
  11. 1000/1 however after the World Cup i’d say 1/10
  12. That’s one of the reasons for sure. He doesn’t seem to be bothered in the last 2 games.
  13. Portugal would look equally clueless as Argentina if Ronaldo was non existent like Messi was last 2 games.
  14. Messi has many qualities, leadership is certainly not one of them. Put Messi in Portugal instead of Ronaldo, they would be useless.
  15. Messi has to play in an amazing team. He can’t play in just a decent or average team.
  16. Ronaldo’s performances have been of an absolute insane level so very unlikely he keeps it up. If he didn’t the team would just be like Argentina this World Cup. messi simply needed to perform a little bit and Argentina would qualify from this easy group.
  17. Having a true leader as captain in the team who inspires teammates helps rather than just having a great player as captain. That influences the way of playing.
  18. Look at the **** Ronaldo has to play with, he puts up some imperious superhuman performances to drag the team through. If messi put up half the showing ronaldo has this World Cup, his team would qualify with ease.
  19. Messi has been absolutely dreadful in his first 2 matches. Worst I’ve ever seen him.
  20. I’m loving this game. 3-0 is not even flattering for Croatia.
  21. Probably the reason why mourinho wanted him last season despite his age.
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