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  1. Croatia to win in 90 mins at 2/1 has to be the bet. However I would make Portugal favourites going into extra time and penalties. Overall I'd say it's 50-50 as to who qualifies.
  2. Not his fault, if he wasn't there Robson Kanu would have scored anyway.
  3. England don't know how to take penalties. They will have to actually win their matches which is going to be difficult. However 120 mins against Iceland should be doable.
  4. ,,,and they are still through but with a win, extra money and extra points not to mention a better confidence boost....and they have easier opponents next round compared to what they would have had. So what if the QF and SF would have been harder. The pros outweigh the cons by a big margin.
  5. You think Iceland have time to worry about who they play after the next round? They'd want the easier next match and they have got it.
  6. Croatia are a tougher match than England
  7. How have they done that? They are through.
  8. If they win, they face Belgium who is a harder match.
  9. Wales and Croatia deserve an easy draw for finishing top of their group. England and Spain deserve to have it the harder way for performing 2nd best in their group.
  10. Bale top scorer so far and scored in every game. Very impressive performances from him.
  11. hopefully he can still score the winner
  12. got a bet on 1-0 at 6/1 pre match as well
  13. Ronaldo has had the most awful first two games ever
  14. England wish they were clinging on to a lead or even a 0-0 let alone a 1-0 lead.
  15. Anyone with knowledge of football would tell you that Wales despite being poor has been better than the diabolical England in the first half. Fully deserved lead.
  16. They haven't offered a lot but that is a hell of a lot more than what England have offered.
  17. Bale brilliant yet again. Wales deserve their lead, been by far the better team so far.
  18. Both teams playing with no ambition. Understandable for Wales since a draw is fine for them.
  19. Slovakia looking a hell of a lot better against Russia than England did.
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