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  1. I started again after season 2 of my save, now id gotten used to the new changes etc Just finished season 1 last night and kinda wish I hadn't as I got taken over by someone who has no interest at all in developing youth or training, no extra cash and to top it all off Grealish went to Arsenal in Jan! Saw that Feite Arp mentioned a lot so thought id give him a go, at £20m it was most of my budget but thought why not, it took him a while to settle but he finished the season top scorer, wasn't convinced for the first 9 games as he only had 2 goals but then they started coming I normally go for Birger Meling too as he can be nabbed for £1m at the start and he's usually pretty consistent but Watford offered him a more important role this time, so I went in for their back up Zeegelaar at LB who ended up displacing Dummet but im not sure either will be first choice next season and 1 will probably go Also loaned in Carles Alena from Barca for the season as back up for Perez January was a bit strange as I was a bit thin in the middle with the injuries in this game, I bid for Pablo Rosario from Althetico for 7m and then Leicester came in with a 20m bid for Yedlin which I accepted and bid for Clyne who was listed for 12m, but then Yedlin rejected them, also my DoF also recommended I loan Smith-Rowe from Arsenal & Correra from Lazio but id sold quite a few by then so needed the cover!
  2. Arthur was someone I always tried to get in the last game, he was so good but I would have thought he would be out of reach now so nice to know it's possible
  3. Yeah not looking good as he's only played friendlies but wants to wait before committing, basically waiting for Southgate
  4. He's unreal, I was surprised to get him so cheap considering Villa got promoted
  5. Excuse the crappy screen shot, sent it on my phone to a mate That's my team that is currently 2nd in season 2, 1st of December, squad is okay but possibly a bit light at RB (Back up is Varela) and in the middle (Could do with more quality i.e replacing Shelvey) If I got a decent bid for Ritchie id let him go too As it is I have 50m to spend and 140k wages (got taken over but made no difference really, although they maxed my training and youth facillities) Dolberg is doing okay but the standout so far this season is Grealish, who was a steal at £15m at the end of season 1
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