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  1. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    The cricket was magnificent. I went to bed after that braindead moron Bairstow finally got himself out, assuming that we'd lost. And while it was a magnificent effort, the hyperbole from pundits and reporters today has been sickening. This was not Monty's most important innings/over/ball. 69 balls with Jimmy Anderson at the other end against Australia far outweigh 19 balls with Prior sat on a century at the other end on a strip you could land aircraft on and a part-time offspinner bowling. The formula one was less magnificent. Unfortunately, and as much as I am a fan of the sport, it is ultimately a bodge of a sport, and there are times where the conflict of the team sport vs the individual sport comes into play. At Mercedes, Rosberg asks if he can fight for 3rd, and gets told in no uncertain terms by Ross brawn that he can't. Vettel seemed to just go ahead and do it, and gets told he's a bit silly. A comparison I read elsewhere is that Ross Brawn is the headmaster, while Horner is the art teacher One thing that's been lost in all this is the reason why Vettel was behind Webber in the first place, and it was his own poor decision making back in the first half dozen laps of the race. I don't think I've ever seen the race leader being the first to jump onto dry tyres and I've got no idea why he took the gamble rather than just waiting and covering off everyone else
  2. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    I might be the longest serving member of this forum still around, so I'll attempt to dredge this up from my memory... Many, many moons ago, the CM Stories forum wasn't really a story forum. It was in fact a complete mess. It was a forum which I think had been created to "tell people about your CM game". So people did. And it was pretty much filled with single post threads containing 2 lines about how Torquay beat Man U, or threads about record wins. It was little more than the In amongst this mess, there were about 3 or 4 threads which could count as stories. I believe Raptor had his Kidderminster story, silver_blue had one which may have been Everton, and benny was writing a comedy masterpiece with Neunkirchen (seriously, the fact this disappeared in a board cleanup or crash makes your lives poorer). There were others...Avatar (long before he became an overhyped 3D movie) is another I remember. Bozz too. There was another crazy story in Italy but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the author. Oh, and I turned up too. After a while, it somehow became slightly militant, with the regulars starting to talk about the lack of moderation on that long forgotten medium of ICQ, and somehow, I remember threads being created on GD like "Raptor for FM Stories Mod" and "silver_blue for FM Stories Mod". The initial reaction was bad but that seemed to get the attention of the powers that be, and within a month or two, Raptor and silver_blue were appointed mods, and tidied up the place into what it has become today. Terk and PM7 I think both started writing in the year after that, but my mind's hazy. To give you an idea how long ago it is, somewhere along the line, I even had a year or 18 months as a mod. I remember giving up that job after my first term at uni. I'd've just turned 19 then, and turn 30 this year. That's scary.
  3. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    As a Liverpool fan, I look forward immensely to the inevitable glut of stupendously amusing jokes I'm going to be subjected to for the forseeable future. It has to be said that not disclosing the game but yet saying its in England, in the Champions League, and 3-4 years ago really does seem pointless - there was really only one option given those clues.
  4. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    I suppose the thing that makes Rodriguez's worse than any of the Suarez/Bale/Young etc 'dives' is generally they're going at pace and anticipating contact from a defender lunging in. Rodriguez was barely moving. On the other hand, I'd much rather Southampton stayed up than Aston Villa. Doesn't make it right though
  5. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    I suspect it will get less column inches over the next week than a handball no-one can even be sure was deliberate
  6. FMS FM Thread - Traditional Play

    I think FM13 has probably been the worst since CM4. Perhaps harsh, but for me, I have to judge a game by enjoyment. For all they can point to 1000 improvements or whatever it was, but the one choice that was made to release the game with a match engine that wasn't ready has blighted the game. The first releases had everyone passing too much regardless of tactics. Then they probably got to the best version before another update made everyone run with the ball too much (again seemingly regardless of any tactical instructions). Then, days later another update and everyone now shoots from anywhere. It feels like with each patch there's a different tactical instruction which gets hard-coded to the point of it being completely ignored Yet, apparently, if you're not winning suddenly, its nothing to do with a new patch completely changing your player behaviour but because you use tactics the wrong way (ie, don't have a defender with attacking mentality, or don't use completely default tactics with 7 different starting shouts). Its just not actually enjoyable continually changing tactics when it feels like nothing you do has any effect compared to the effect of the next unbalanced version of the ME.
  7. 2012/2013 FMS Fantasy Football League

    Finally turned my form around!...
  8. FMS Community Thread / Episode VI / Return of the Toon

    Well, the BBC basically reported it as a done deal about a month ago that Vettel would join Ferrari in 2014 and plastered it all over their website as the main story for a whole morning. No-one else ever said a thing, and they've never mentioned it since. I suspect that says more about our national broadcaster than the identity of Vettel's future employers though. Sky have analysed the incident with the Vettel overtake and its a non-story. There's an actual flag (as in piece of cloth attached to a pole) being waved between the yellow and green lights. Its mostly hidden behind the rain and the rev counter on the on-board footage, but is there and Vettel overtakes after that. Even the FIA have said they can't help Ferrari on this one.
  9. FMS Community Thread / Episode VI / Return of the Toon

    This paragraph probably sums up perfectly why the Chelsea job is an impossible job. For years, the spine of your team was Cech, Terry, Cole, Essien, Lampard and Drogba. While its brilliant to have a generation of players all come through and peak together, you need a plan to move on when they are finished. Old age, injuries or the riches of the east/LA/Paris will have accounted for probably all of them bar Cech by next August. That plan needed to be put in place 2-3 years ago, but wasn't. Be that due to the owner being too friendly with those players, hence making them undroppable, or those players' influence in the dressing room making them undroppable, the owner's lack of investment in the squad around that time, or the fact no manager would see any point looking beyond the end of the season as they'll doubtless be relieved of their duties if they don't win the league, FA Cup, Champions League, Grand National and the Boat Race. The first manager who tried to look forward was AVB, and he got the elbow. RDM was left with no choice really due to injuries and was presented with those players, then got the elbow too. Those players you mention do seem to be good (except Marin, who I presume got lost in transit) but they've hardly played for Chelsea. You're essentially playing a front-6 who are strangers. To look at it another way, how many players at Chelsea are at their peak age? Cech at 30 and Ivanovic at 28 are. Cahill (26) is getting there, as are Mikel/Ramires (25). The rest are on the decline or still learning the game. So then, you've got to find a manager who can bring these players together, make them psychic in their ability to read each other's play to produce the fluid, attacking football the owner wants while managing to win at least a league or champions league every season. Guardiola is a great manager, but he is not the man to achieve that for Chelsea, purely because I don't think its possible. Maybe it will be in 2-3 years when the "new Chelsea" has had time to bed in. Comparisons to Barca are pointless anyway. No team in England will ever have what they have. If De Bruyne, McEacharen, Courtois, Chalobah, Piazon and the others you mentioned were at Barca, they would be playing together for Barca B in the second tier. As we don't have that system over here, we loan them out to the 4 corners of London/England/Europe. Add in the culture of winning from a young age above nurturing talent and you can tick the box for "all that is wrong with English football" to the tick in the box of "all that is wrong at Chelsea" for this late night rant. I'm not going to start on Liverpool and their phenomenal win percentage this calendar year. I might never finish typing...
  10. FMS Community Thread / Episode VI / Return of the Toon

    If you watched the available live TV games, you'd've been spoiled by the four goals in 20 minutes ending to the Sunderland WBA game on Saturday morning. Then you could have seen the ESPN late game between Villa and Arsenal, the Super Sunday double header (Swansea-Liverpool and Chelsea-City) before Tuesday's offering of Sunderland-QPR. Balotelli's goal tonight broke the televised goalless sequence of just over 7 hours. Oddly, I haven't heard the "best league in the world" line trotted out in the last few weeks. I think if you were to suggest only Stoke, Norwich, Swansea and West Ham could say they've met expectations, and West Brom are the only team to exceed them, you wouldn't be far wrong
  11. 2012/2013 FMS Fantasy Football League

    Gutting....would've topped 100 points if either:- a) Pulis didn't bring Kightly on for about 15 minutes b) I'd've actually managed to change my team on Friday rather than working a 2am-6pm day. Tevez would have definitely been captain, and Sterling would have been in (although that may have been in place of Michu rather than Kightly)
  12. FMS Community Thread / Episode VI / Return of the Toon

    I knew he had Scottish heritage, with the odd Spanish pronunciation of a British name. Didn't realise it was only one generation away though
  13. FMS Community Thread / Episode VI / Return of the Toon

    The key for me was switching the role of the DL/DR to wing backs. That pretty much turned me from a team which lost over two legs to Gomel, and at home to Bolton to one which took 4 points from Man City and Arsenal. I think its all to do with getting the second man forward on the wing to increase the chances of putting in the crosses. Not too much point worrying about full backs in defence as they don't do anything anyway. I tried to flog Downing too and couldnt get anything beyond a loan deal. Unfortunately, I have to put that down to realism. Don't think I even got that much interest in Henderson though. I did manage to sign a couple of players (Dzagoev and Kovacic), seemingly from freeing up wage budget by loaning out most of my reserve side although I'm not totally sure as I got the DoF to negotiate the deals. One other thing though. Glen Johnson. I've played past the August transfer window on two occasions with other sides and also with Liverpool. On every game, Man City have bid/signed him for about £12m.
  14. FMS Community Thread / Episode VI / Return of the Toon

    I saw that. Started a game with Liverpool and somehow found it more enjoyable. I'm not sure if that was having Suarez and Gerrard as the AML/AMR scoring most of the goals feeling right. Also, apparently the match engine on the beta isn't even the latest version. There's still a lot wrong with it (far post headers, superhuman bursts of acceleration, every team playing like Barcelona) but I can see the released game at least being playable
  15. FMS Community Thread / Episode VI / Return of the Toon

    Hadn't started as Liverpool, but quite shocked if that's true. I know they base the opening transfer budgets on how much clubs spend in the summer to a certain extent, but I thought it was fairly well accepted that there was money set aside and not spent for a striker. As for the the rest of FM13, I'm really trying to convince myself its just a beta, but I just can't see enough being resolved in two weeks to make this the game it should be. The additions seem good, but the existing aspect seem to have gone downhill: The UI - its just generally horrible. Unlike many, I actually like the calendar. I just find every new build of the UI tends to sacrifice all the colourblind-friendly components. Scout reports have a gigantic pitch with colour coded tiny dots indicating position suitability. There's so much room to put in the text that used to be there, its not even funny. Similar on the tactics screen where rollovers showing player suitability to the position have inexplicably vanished. On top of that, it just seems more basic and almost like a console game. The game engine - I don't like it. I decided to take Rangers, so there's obviously a vast difference in ability between the teams but I don't think that affects the problems I'm seeing too much. I'd estimate in five games, I've seen turnovers in possession maybe twice in midfield. No misplaced passes, no poor touches, no challenges for either side. Goals seem to almost exclusively come from crosses to the back post whereas any highlights with passing moves either end up in a long range shot that ends up nearer the corner flag, or a shot from inside the 6-yard box which goes straight at the keeper. Add to that I think I've hit the bar from 3 direct free kicks, and seen the opposition do the same once too. Sure I've hit the post and bar in open play too often too really (and that's coming from a Liverpool fan). I just feel like in the last 5 or 6 versions, pace has been overrated and the target man fairly redundant. Now its the big target man who's overpowered instead I think I'll get used to the UI in time. I'm worried about the match engine though. It doesn't feel like its a release day patch from being sorted but more likely the post-January patch or even FM14 or FM15. The problem with it is a new match engine doesn't do anything to sell and market the game but its still the most important part of it long term.