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  1. 20m starting budget for continental qualification on new patch if anyone was wondering
  2. I would love to be considered as a beta tester. I have been involved in beta testing for FML and really enjoyed it and made contributions which i hope helped the developers improve the game. I'm a dedicated football fanatic and love to test my skills on both FM09 and FML and spend a ridiculous amount of time on the game. Currently my biggest fault with FM09 is that training hasn't really been changed, which suprises me as it's the day to day part of football and yet you spend very little time working on it. And also IMO the UI for training isn't very convenient for someone who wishes to create more then a couple of schedules for their team, and it's really irritating for someone like me, who likes to go through each player and adjust his schedule accordingly. Having to create a new schedule for each player is really quite a lengthy experience and often leads me to not bothering. I look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon.
  3. Taking The Game Back..Gutted

    http://keylookup.fm2009.softanchorinsight.com/ Try this website, it should give you the correct combination.
  4. http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=2013971&postcount=81 Users purchasing using steam will get a code sent to them via email, giving them a code for FM Club.
  5. red dot and green dots?

    They show how suited the player is to the position Green = Natural Red = Unnatural. Orange = Awkward/Unconvincing.
  6. Keirisson, wanted by Chelsea and Liverpool in real life, and from what i've seen on FML, he looks pretty useful
  7. So glad you decided to 'borrow' the timeline bar from FML, it's one of those things in the game which i really miss in FM08 so glad to see you've got in FM09, also can't wait to here more on the new transfer system
  8. 6:33 part one, is that 3D engine that i see