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  1. I have found myself in a similar situation! I still play FM11, and am in 2030. I have stuck with the same club (St Albans) all the way through. I am now manager of Croatia and have been extremely lucky in that one of the best players in the world is Croatian. Apart from him, we have a pretty average team, but he still managed to propel us to the Euro 2028 Final! Unfortunately we lost to Holland 1-0. He is 32 now, and the 2030 World Cup is coming up, and will probably be his last major international tournament, so I am hoping we can do something special. I have managed to get Croatia consistenly ranked in the top 5 in the world which has helped with tournament qualification.
  2. West Brom, Tottenham and Wolves are my main bogey teams. (I am playing as St Albans) Tottenham like to knock me out of the cups, (in my current season they beat me in the 5th round of the FA cup and the semi final of the League Cup!!) Wolves always somehow manage to snag a draw against me, usually 0-0. West Brom are not so much of a bogey team, but they launched an incredible comeback against me when I was in the Championship which has stayed with me. We were 3-1 up at home and cruising, when in the last 15 minutes they score 2 late goals to make it 3-3. I then got a last minute (what I thought was a winner) to make it 4-3, and then they go down the other end and make it 4-4. I think one of their strikers scored all their goals to make it even more annoying.
  3. Nice, another fellow FM11'er! I am in the 2028/2029 season with St Albans in the premier league! We won the league last season and got the the Champions league final, but this season we are 2nd in league and got knocked out (to Real Madrid in last minute!) in the semi-final. Who are you managing?
  4. 15 odd seasons with St Albans on FM11 and still going strong. I have managed to get them to the premier league, now just trying to win it with them!
  5. My old PE teacher at school was a scout for Crystal Palace and is in the game. I have had a few friends in real life who are also in the game.
  6. Wow, I knew Wimbledon had some fanbase issues back in the day but i didn't know it was that bad! 3000 for premier league is crazy. That was 20 years ago though, just before the PL exploded in popularity.
  7. On my Fm11 save with St Albans I got Benjamin Jeannot on a free transfer, he scored 20+ goals a season for 5 seasons in a row in the championship and helped us get promoted to the Premiership! He got 5 fans players of the year in a row and is currently a St Albans icon! We are in our first season in the premiership, and I hope he can continue his amazing scoring form!
  8. I don't care about the achievement that much! I am happy to carry on and try and stay up, and then hopefully win the premiership with St Albans.
  9. I have just been promoted to the premiership with St Albans. We have a 10,000 capacity stadium, but only 4,900 seated. This means that every game my attendance is only 4,900. This is the lowest I have ever seen in the premiership. Does anyone else have lower? Luckily we are moving into a new stadium next year, so we only have one season of such low gate receipts.
  10. This says a lot about the forums that a member with over 100 posts didn't know the challenges forum existed.
  11. Yeah, I have been into online mode but it still doesn't seem to recognise the achievement :S
  12. I am not playing the game 'for' the achievements! I play the game because I love it. I played previous Fm's long before there were achievements. However, I realised that English Hero was an achievement which I should have got.
  13. Hey guys, I have finally got St Albans promoted to the Premiership! I have taken them from administration in the BSS to the Premiership. It has been a challenging but very rewarding experience which has taken 12 seasons and many days of my life! However, I have not received the English Hero achievement for doing this. I have played most of the game in offline mode in steam, however I have gone online but that doesn't get me the achievement either! Do any of you know what is stopping me getting the achievement? Is it a glitch? Do i need to wait a bit? I have not acutally started my first season in the premiership yet, am still in pre-season. Thanks in advance.
  14. If you get their email addresses you can email the file to them as an attachment.
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