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  1. When you make a sub during play, you drag one player over another in the time honoured fashion. But when the player is 'picked up', he sits slightly below the top of the arrow cursor. So when you drag him over the player to replace him with, you sometimes instead select the player above him in the list, ending up with your reserve goalie playing on the wing and so on. It's like the player box doesn't always keep up with the cursor so if you rush it, the cursor is ahead of the player box.
  2. Going back many years, you could make this work by starting a new game and manually loading the database. Once it's up and running, you can edit
  3. Thanks mate. I can assure you that all 3 of them don't consider me to be Top Dad of the Year, especially when it comes to bedroom cleaning duty, but I appreciate the thoughts.
  4. My stepson uses a wheelchair and he loves FM. I edit him into the game (as a defender) and he's excited to see himself kick people in the air and head balls away like a colossus. He'd also quite like to see people like himself in the crowd. Just saying.
  5. Is it just me or are there no wheelchair users in the crowd in 17? I'm sure they were in earlier versions.
  6. Wait!!! How wide is this 'local region'? Could we, for example, use this to create the much talked about and infamous 'Atlantic League'?
  7. The editor will be available immediately, right? I can't play properly until I edit my sons into the game
  8. I try and break the Beta ever year to wring all the bugs out of it and put the ME under pressure, but to me those first 2 weeks aren't 'playing the game' until I can get hold of the editor and change the name of 3 youngsters in the reserve squad to the names of my kids and put them in the first team. Only then does the game start for me
  9. With Direct passing, I'd play the AM as a Treq and the striker as Target (Support).
  10. The single most infuriating thing about recent FMs. Touchline Team Talks. I use them constantly. But that period where you are unable to make a talk for a while as the ME sorts everything out drives me NUTS. Sometimes it can take 15 minutes of the game time until you can shout something else at them and I end up shouting at the screen 'Just let me talk to them!!'. Even if it had no effect and the ME was still sorting out the last shout, at least let me have the ability to feel as though I am making some kind of impact.| But no, it's 'Say something and then go and sit down for ten minutes in silence whilst the opposition score...don't worry that you just told them to Tighten Up with two minutes of the FA cup final to go at 1-1 and they just scored...but now you can't shout 'Push Forward!' for a while....Just sit down and be quiet, there's a good Manager' So instead one takes to constantly clicking on the Team Talk tab to see when the menu becomes live again...click..click..click..click..click...It's like being told to shut up by a teacher. 'Can I speak?' NO!...'Can I speak?'....NO!.....'Can I speak?'....NO!...etc, etc, etc. When one clicks the Team Talk tab, you can see when the menu becomes active. How about making it so you can see when the menu is active via the Team Talk tab? Make THAT change colour. At least it would stop me from having to spam click it. OR! Here's a thought! How about being able to stack Team Talks in tactics? First 20 minutes 'Push Forward', second 20 'Concentrate' etc, etc. With different plans for Home and Away? Or maybe even saved Team Talks? I play a very high tempo game with my teams to tire the opposition out. We score loads at the end. Why can't I just tell them team that I want them to Push Forward in the last 10 minutes in EVERY game?
  11. One way of dealing with a pacey attack is to stop it at source. Push high up the field (my defensive line is basically on half way) to compress the opposition. Don't set the Team Instructions to any sort of pressing at all, rather do it individually in the Player Instructions. The defence is normally not told to press as they can step out of the line and leave gaps or be drawn to midfielders and away from the srtikers. Set the FB/CWB etc to Man Mark if you are very worried about wingers otherwise leave them as well. Set one defender to Stopper and one to Cover. Make sure they both have high Anticipation and are good in the air. Set only one DM/HB etc to the same. This way you should maintain a defensive line that is always ready for counter attacks. All other midfielders get Close Down More and the strikers get Close Down Much More. Get all this right and the opposition will find it very hard to pass or dribble through you and be forced into lumping balls forward out of defence. The Stopper and the HB/DM will deal with balls in the air and if anything does get through, the Cover can chase back to clear. I started a new game recently (in '15) whilst testing stuff in the beta of '16 and I just simulated the first season so I could start in the Premier and here are the goals for and against. If I ran the season manually, I would expect the goals against to be half that. [/img]
  12. You don't need really good players, you just need the right players in the right roles. There's no point playing a FB at CWB if he is slow and can't cross and doesn't want to bomb forward. It would be better to retrain a winger to defend, even at the expense of marking and tackling. That sort of thing. I always play as Forest. With a few additions we are always in Europe in two seasons.
  13. Just a couple of notes about the Half Back formation. The HB is not as limiting as an Anchorman. He will aggressively sweep into midfield and recycle possession very quickly. Out of possession, the Centre Backs will push up alongside him, effectively giving you a 3 man central defence. I always use a quick CB in the HB role for this reason. This also means that you can afford to set one CB to cover in order to deal with any through balls. You have to remember that the defence is going to play a lot higher naturally with the HB in the team, so if you set them to 'Push Higher Up', you are effectively playing Much Higher Defensive Line and you will definitely need defenders who are quick and set to cover. The 3 man defence allows you use the FBs as WB, probably on support roles so you can push them forward to close down higher up the pitch. There's still the problem of that big hole in midfield. Neither the Anchor or the HB will push forward leaving all that space and time for the opposition to pick out long passes or through balls behind your (very) high defence. A DLP(s) will bring the ball out more and try to look for attacking options but still work hard at defence. A Regista is more dynamic and creative, great if you have a flair player in that role. Think of him like a marauding Libero. Or, you could use a Roaming Playmaker who is somewhere in between the two but needs a good engine to get him up and down the field. This is my setup to recreate Brazil of the 1982 World Cup. The gap in midfield is filled by the Regista (Brazil actually played with 2 Registas...but that's a bit leaky!)
  14. My initial reaction, going by your last screenshot is that you have nothing in midfield. You could still keep your overall tactical plan, but those two midfielders can't just sit back and let the opposition have free reign. A Half Back will sweep in front of your back two, but also make your Centre Backs push forward to join him, so you could switch one to 'cover' but give him a BPD role so he can pass wide to the flanks once he gets the ball. Regista will push forward and act as a playmaker for the M'vila role, filling the gap in midfield, with more direct passing and getting closer to the F9. Otherwise, maybe change the AF for a Target Man, go for a Deep Playmaker, a BWM, two wingbacks and then use the TM as a fulcrum once you have possession. The wingers, or one of them, could then switch to Raumdeuter. Potentially (with the right players, naturally) you'd have a TM knocking around balls for the F9 to run on to, one (or two) Raumdeuters, an on-rushing Regista to smack in shots from 20 yards and a DLP to sweep up the resulting mayhem. Essentially, what you are trying to do with this tactic is play like Brazil in 1970. You need short passing at the back, one direct playmaker, overlapping full backs and a high tempo once the playmaker gets the ball. High tempo will get your ball forward down the flanks quickly, a TM could then hold the ball up whilst everyone catches up. F9 is Pele
  15. Transition is important in FM2014. Stick a DLP in midfield on his own and he'll get outmarked and smashed off the ball as the team tries to channel the ball through him. Play him as Regista and he will roam looking for space whilst still being strong defensively. He's basically a defensive Trequartista.
  16. Couple of things... Your tactics seems to be inviting teams to run at you. If you want to maintain the basic shape of the formation, try setting the fullbacks to wingbacks and set them to play Auto and Narrower and they'll support your anchor man more. You may also think about dropping Gerrard to Regista and give him the freedom to connect with the attack and maybe use Bender as Half Back to clean up infront of the back two.
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