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    Nearly 26 years old, started to live in Zwolle since 2 years. Having a few disablities due to Handicap and stuff. Enjoying Football Manager for the past few years.

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  1. I am sorry to point this out Dave, but obvious its your tactics...Might want to visit the Tactics Thread. Good luck!
  2. I have had the weirdest goal (for me) in fm14 i have seen so far, not sure if it happends more often but my cornertaker just scored a goal directly from the cornerflag lol
  3. WHat about me? Im in third season, My team is experienced with 5 different tactics. Explain this to me??
  4. In my opinion this is 1 of the most unfair questions you could have asked. How should i know how a ai managed game that is using the same tactics i instruct them end way different. But as your apparently a better player than i am, why dont u give me a tactic that have proven for u to let your strikers score?
  5. @Dave and @pele. Ofcourse its ringing the frigging alarm bells in my head. I havnt had so many problems to "score" in any of the previous FM's. My strikers Vaclav Kadlec and Alan cant either score 90-95% chances because if its not a miss on target it will be a wonder safe from their goalie. *edit* I am with Huntelaar on this, i would be 1 of the first to admit my tactics would be crap but come on, i tried several which different roles and such and it always end up the same frigging way. They rush in and my defenders wont do crap whilst my strikers wont score (which i clearly already pinpointed)
  6. I have been avoiding to post anything as i was afraid i would let my feelings get in the way. So i choose a different way to let u know and that is by fully agreeing with Pelz. I have been a huge fan of the FM series and even after last year release i instantly purchased fm14. I have to admit honestly i regret it now because the game is not playable for me. I have tried so many tactics by now but it always seems to be better to go on holiday when a match is held and then return to see u won. It means the crappy ass manager knows how to win with the players i picked out to be in my team. They win around 4-0 4-1 and so on. When i play manually my strikers score 1 out of 100 perhaps and the opposing team has a crack at me and score 2-0 without a breeze when my defenders wont tackle. I have 122 hours of fm14 logged on steam and i can tsay i tried everything but games i should easily win are like playing vs barcelona or real madrid and playing vs barcelona seems alot easier then those lower teams. I love you guys, i have logged thousands and thousands of hours in your series but im slowly giving up. Im sorry but too damm emotional over this game which i enjoy to play while i am mostly sick during the year due to crappy health etc.
  7. FM13 is quite a bit faster for me with passing the days then fm12 was. I always load the same leagues and i still have the same high end machine as last year. Weird issue that some have FM12 faster and some FM13 lol.
  8. Holy crap. I had minor bugs with them not going for the ball but this is ridiculous!
  9. Im in 2nd season with Fc Twente and im playing in the cup against a silly amateur league team and i end up with these kind of stats. I think its ridiculous that they are able to complete 79%% of the passes they make (Even though that counts for my team aswell as noway in hell the % is so high)
  10. First thoughts so far, The beta got me worried as hell but im so far satisfied with the full game. The ME with the final build seems so far to have steadied up and actually be playable without idiotic huge mistakes in defense. I even manage to hold off Man C while playing Fc Twente for quite some time even though i get slaughtered on second half but gotta be realistic in the first seasons. The gamespeed has been optimized fully and im quite amazed by it. I am running all the major countries (Argentina/Belgium/Brazil/Denmark/England/German/Italy/Netherlands/Russia/Spain) and its loading quite fast regarding to fm12. Good job
  11. Hmm weird that most of the guys download at a slow speed. I had a nice solid 6.9 mb/s the whole time >_< i feel bad for those with stone age speeds ugh. Anyway gonna see if the improvements that were promished are actually working
  12. Its not about the tactics guys nor the players. They have a major flaw in their Match Engine causing alot frustration but they working hard on it to solve it
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