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  1. I selected counter press I think mainly because it was part of what the game suggested, it was mainly a way to stop taking constant pressure until the other team inevitably got a goal fro ma cross or something, which seemed to be what happened before. With the mentalities, would that then explain why, on cautious, my defensive players are still determined to just boot the ball away even though I want them to keep passing shorter so as not to give away possession all the time?
  2. I was hoping the primary goal scorers would be the front three, particularly the AM/L and ST. For a weaker team, wouldn't upping the mentality cause problems? To be frank, I don't really understand what mentality does in FM anymore. Thanks! A
  3. Hi all, I have developed the below using advice from the forum, but find that the team don't take many shots and the ST is more than useless, and player ratings tend to be mediocre (6.5 are, lower for the ST). The problem is partly, I suspect, due to low morale and being a weak team in the league, but I also think there are a few adjustments that need to be made, but I don't know what they should be. The weakest areas seem to be the ST, AM/R and CMs, though the wing backs are working nicely. The tactic defends reasonably well, but doesn't seem to score much. Would changing the IF on the right to an IW make much of a difference? I always thought the from three would be scoring goals, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Any help would be much appreciated - if only to understand what's going on!
  4. Thanks! It's generating what the commentary calls 'beautiful' plays now, but still not scoring, and seem to be letting in a lot of set piece or 'freak' goals (nice to see somethings about FM never change!), which I guess is a combination of bad morale and medium familiarity.
  5. Thanks for the help guys, I've switched to the below following on from what you've all said and it's been an improvement (managed to get a draw!), and generally keep most of the possesion and 'win' the xG thing, but still letting in the odd goal and missing my chances. The build up, midfield and wings seem to be working better, but the ST role still stinks. I think the AP on the AM/R might be better as an Inside Forward though.
  6. Thanks, I will try pushing the line up and see how I go. My plan at the moment is to not give away possesion, defend well and steal the odd goal (team is at the bottom of the table, I don't htink I can expect more yet!), whilst I re-learn how to play this game. The attack is meant to com from the AM R coming in and the ST moving about to create space. Both those players are the 'best' goal scorers, which really isn't saying much! I'll read the link, but by two 8s I assume you mean the two CMs? And by holding, do you mean someone who holds up the play? Because I thought that's what my DLP was doing! Thanks!
  7. This is it's current evolution, in the last game it did produce one beautiful move down the right wing (but the shot missed), and seems to hold possession a bit better.
  8. Hi all, Picking up on FM23 where I left off in 2017 (!), and seem to have forgotten most of what I used to know, which I think may be causing the problem. I have taken the job at Dover, using the 433 wide (41221 thing), and have not won a single game after 7 or 8 matches. The main issues seem to be giving the ball away too easily as my players, especially defenders, tend to just boot it away, even though I have the 'shorter passing' thing set, and the team seems to be suffering late game collapses. The other issue is the team creates very few chances at scoring. I am using a DLF in attack duty, with two wingers, one support one attack, a CM(A), CM(D) and DM(Su). I am trying to keep the instructions to a minimum - basically I don't thin over complicating things will work at this level, and using Cautious instructions, though to be honest I don't quite understand how these things work anymore. Now, if I remember from last time I played FM, it takes about 10-15 games for the team to get familiar with a tactic, during which time they do a lot of stupid stuff (like hoofing the ball away all the time). Is this still the case? Should I just wait it out and hope things get better? I know from previous games constant tweeking can make things worse. Finally, which guides are the best/most up to date? I love the pairs and combinations one, but it's been so long since I played FM I am not sure how useful some of the old documents are now, or how much has changed since FM17 (or 18). And is there something that explains how training works now? Thanks guys!
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