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  1. LEEDS 1-1 Bolton- (4-5 Pens) Carling Cup 2nd Round Started a new game as Leeds and i dominated the game but Beckford missed the 1st penalty that pretty much knocked me out But showed i can hang with the big boys
  2. Be able to play online games with friends without having to download a bunch of stuff to actually be able to play with my mates
  3. Probably be a bit of hard work but when they have the news item about the weeks action in the league maybe have like a Match of the Day type thing where it can show the highlights from all the games? Just be something fun to have in the game Get rid of An Ex International why not just have a name for the ex international?!?!?!!! Not getting removed from clubs favoured personal just because you've left as lots of managers are still liked at their former clubs for what they've done Having Sepp Blatter and Platini moan about the money in the Prem when Real Madrid spend over 200mil on 3/4 players
  4. the ability to filter ex players when looking for staff. I want to be able to find players who have become coaches easily.
  5. Leagues evolving would be a good one and i think they should be able to decline as well like when Serie A was the top league to be before going through a slump would add to realisim. Maybe on the past meetings screens don't just include the results maybe have top goalscorer, dangerman (Player with best average rating) just little stats like that. News items on when players have got 50 and 100 caps for their country and when they beat the record for appearences and goalscorer. Also maybe the press commenting on records like my current Chelsea game i haven't lost at Home in all 3 seasons i've done.
  6. It would be hard to implement into the game...Look at Big Ron Manager
  7. Fans to not be unhappy with signings if you sign like a 16 year old kid because he hasn't played many games...He's 16!!!!!!
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