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  1. Hiya I had a long term Liverpool game going and I got a message saying can't load the game so i deleted it and resigned to not being able to continue it. I went to start a new FM but whenever I try I keep getting this message: " A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated in:" and then the folder listed. I've looked at suggestions on the internet such as deleting the crash dump folders (didnt work) i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling FM (didnt work) i've tried deleting the cache and settings folder in the APP Data folder (didnt work). I dunno what else to do cause now I can't even start a new game or play.
  2. I'm having some difficulties with the player search filter, like i'd want to sort it by transfer value but it'll just stay and order by name and whenever i go to change to something else it'll just stay and sort by name
  3. Real-life grudges caused by FM...

    Darren Bent when i was unbeaten at home for 3 seasons with Chelsea and he scored 96th min even though there was only 2 minutes added time. Newcastle/WBA because for some odd reason i always do crap against them Spurs because they sacked me even though i won Uefa Cup and Carling Cup 1st season and just missed out on Champions League (I wanted a new contract they said no)
  4. Been sacked on FM09?

    On an old game i was Spurs manager and my contract was running out and i won the Carling Cup and Uefa Cup and finished 6th (missed out on Champions League by 3 points) And i requested a new contract and they said no so i declared interest in the Juventus job just because it was insecure and they sacked me on the spot
  5. i don't have a keeper on the bench and never regret it apart from when i had 3 injuries in 10 minutes so i used all my subs and then my keeper got injured which caused me to lose the game
  6. most recently started a game with Blackburn and had a 1-0 lead for 75 minutes against Newcastle then they score 3 in 5 minutes and win....Then the game says i have to activate it again and won't work at all
  7. LEEDS 1-1 Bolton- (4-5 Pens) Carling Cup 2nd Round Started a new game as Leeds and i dominated the game but Beckford missed the 1st penalty that pretty much knocked me out But showed i can hang with the big boys
  8. Be able to play online games with friends without having to download a bunch of stuff to actually be able to play with my mates
  9. Probably be a bit of hard work but when they have the news item about the weeks action in the league maybe have like a Match of the Day type thing where it can show the highlights from all the games? Just be something fun to have in the game Get rid of An Ex International why not just have a name for the ex international?!?!?!!! Not getting removed from clubs favoured personal just because you've left as lots of managers are still liked at their former clubs for what they've done Having Sepp Blatter and Platini moan about the money in the Prem when Real Madrid spend over 200mil on 3/4 players
  10. the ability to filter ex players when looking for staff. I want to be able to find players who have become coaches easily.
  11. Leagues evolving would be a good one and i think they should be able to decline as well like when Serie A was the top league to be before going through a slump would add to realisim. Maybe on the past meetings screens don't just include the results maybe have top goalscorer, dangerman (Player with best average rating) just little stats like that. News items on when players have got 50 and 100 caps for their country and when they beat the record for appearences and goalscorer. Also maybe the press commenting on records like my current Chelsea game i haven't lost at Home in all 3 seasons i've done.
  12. i stared a new game as Chelsea and i've been using the 4-2-2-2 u recommended i use with Liverpool and it's worked wonders really Played 10: Won 8, Drew 2, Scored 28, Conceeded 5, GD +23 Pts 26. 1st by a point Only lost once in all competitions that was to Bayern in the Champions League group stage but haven't drawn a game yet and the team playing really well great formation i'll update again
  13. They were all two yellows and fined him 3rd time for the two yellows. Might be why he unhappy. Checked player instructions and he's not on hard tackling either.
  14. Started a game as Chelsea played 6 games in the Premiership...He's been sent off 3 times already and i gave warning first two times and 3rd time fined him 1 weeks wages... How is that unfair he feels i'm treating him harsh?!!!! Is there a way to get your players to stop trying to kill the other team as i've checked the tactics the tacklings on normal.
  15. is the 4222 file in this link http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=a4b5e0da6cbaa3a9e7ba8e3c6e11ce20e04e75f6e8ebb871 When i was reading the 1st page said it was in there but don't know which one it is Thanks for the help i'll update on how the tactics are working for me