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  1. Thanks for your tactics knap. All the best. BTW, how the hell do you come up with all those names for your tactics
  2. The .fmf file you uploaded doesn't work. Could you please re-upload the tactic file?
  3. Game is a joke... with one of the worst AI's I've seen in a game. If I play with a above average team with good players and play against a top team, I'll likely loose the match (just like real life top teams are favorites and will likely win their games), but i really don't expect my players to behave like complete morons, that don't have a clue what a ball is. The number of mistakes my players make during those games, is appalling. Game engine is terrible. One other thing... Only one team in the world plays like Barcelona, and that's Barcelona !!! Sometimes i play against average teams and they have about 30 or 40 passes between their players and score a goal without loosing the ball to the other team (this happens quite often in the game). Is this realistic ? Are my players taking a nap in the game ? I'll say it again: Only one team in the world plays like Barcelona, and that's Barcelona !!! In all honesty, I'm really pissed about the money i wasted buying the game... it was money thrown away!
  4. I'm from Portugal and Benfica and Marítimo are my favorite teams. You have good taste Now take those two teams and imagine them playing together in real life (Benfica is one the top teams in Portugal and Marítimo is a average team). Even if Marítimo had the worst tactic in the world, Benfica would never have 40 or 50 shots and Marítimo 0 shots at goalie during a game. That would be near impossible to happen due to the quality of Marítimo players (average quality). Marítimo will likely lose the game, but the discrepancy of 50 shots to 0 is impossible. For that to happen Benfica would have to play a perfect game... and no team in the world plays a perfect game, no matter how good they are. Imagine Benfica playing against Barcelona (witch happened a few weeks back)... even if Benfica had the worst tactic in the world, Barcelona would never have 40 or 50 shots and Benfica 0 shots at goalie. Due the quality of Benfica players, that would be impossible to happen.
  5. Yes, your probably right. My tactics might be bad.... but it doesn't mater how "bad" my tactics are (i have approached the game in different ways and used quite a few tactics and all my players are 97%+ condition) , if i have good players, i'll probably lose the game (due to my "bad" tactics) but the quality of my players dictate that i will most likely have a few shots at the goalie, even if i lose 5-0. In this game this doesn't happen. The bigger teams make PERFECT games... and that's impossible, even if they have the best players in the world. This game has become unrealistic and flawed. One other thing is the amount of mistakes made by my players in these games against bigger teams. What a joke. That has nothing to do with tactics. My players automatically become stupid that can't do anything right. This game is a mess.
  6. One question to the programmers of this heavily flawed game. Why do my players become stupid when playing against the top teams? Believe me, I don’t expect to win the game, my players can have a bad day and might lose 8-0, but with the players I have, I expect to at least make some shots, or make some kind of attacks against their keeper. I was playing with Liverpool against Real Madrid. They won 4-0 (I expected to lose, no surprise, they have better players). They had 41 !!! shoots against my keeper and I had 0 shots. I quit and tried again. Lost again with 38 shots against 1 from my team. Tried a couple more times, with similar results. Doesn’t matter how bad my tactics are, but with the players I have, its simply not possible for this too happened in real life. A team can have the best players in the world, but no team in the world plays perfect games. I’ve played against Bayer Munique, and a similar thing happened. I don’t want to imagine what would happened if I played against Barcelona… probably 100 shots against 0 shots from my team. Whenever I play the top teams, they always play perfect games, without flaws, and my players simply become morons, with no idea how to pass or kick a ball. The amount of times my players lose the ball in front of the goalkeeper is astonishing. This year is the last time I purchased FM. This game with all its "updates" over the years is becoming flawed, unrealistic and stupid.
  7. I think future FM should include fans celebrations of a team’s success, or show the supporters reactions if a team does not succeed (videos, newspapers/magazines front pages in the game). Show reactions of the supporters about the signing of a specific player. After such a hard season and a team wins a cup or league… there could be a video of the clubs supporters celebrating (bigger the club, bigger the celebrations). Show newspaper/magazines covers (front pages) that give relevance to a team’s success in a specific league or cup. If a team’s not doing so well, there could be videos, newspapers/magazine covers showing that supporters are displeased. The way it’s now, if you win a cup or league, there’s a small message of the teams achievement, and that’s it. Same could be said if your team has a big signing, it simply show’s a small message and done. This would probably improve the player’s immersion in game.
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