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  1. Yep, the U23 PT league is bugged as hell. For 4 or 5 seasons in a row Nacional U23 team doesn't enter the U23 PT League in spite being in the PT main 1st division. Basically it works like this. There are 18 teams in the PT 1st division. Out of those 18 teams, 14 of them have teams participating in the U23 championship... there will always be 4 teams left out. Those 14 teams remain interchangeable unless 1 of the main teams descent to the 2nd division. So ... the only way that Nacional U23 team can participate in the U23 championship is if the main team descends to the 2nd division and comes up again to the 1st division in another season.
  2. The 14 teams in the U23 championship in season 2024-2025 are the exact same teams on the 2025-2026 season. What criteria is the FM2019 AI using to pick the teams?
  3. Don't have the save with me... I'll try to send it to you later. As for criterias, what criteria is valid to enter the U23 championship? Where can I find those criterias in the game?
  4. Bugs... bugs... and more bugs with this game. I've been training CD Nacional in the Portuguese 1st division for the last year (in game I'm on year 2025)... and my Under 23 team simply doesn't enter the PT Under 23 championship. The Under 23 championship exists but for the last 2 seasons there is no option to insert my team in that championship. I have a Under 23 team, but nothing to do with it except friendly matches. One other thing... If the PT 1st division has 18 teams and the U23 championship has 14 teams, there will always be teams left outside the Under 23 Championship from the 1st division... Why?
  5. You just found a Football Manager 2019 Easter egg....
  6. Italian league ends at 28/05/2023. Champions probably ends a week later.
  7. Hum... never thought of that. You right, World Cup is in December. I just found it strange that in the group stage my first two games are against the same team.
  8. My Champions League schedule and dates are also bugged in season 2022-2023. A Champions League game in January? ... Not.
  9. You have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. Every country in the game has a specific date to reset their leagues and create new leagues to start a new season. The Portuguease season resets every year at 28-29 June. At that date the game resets and creates a new Portuguese League 1, League 2, etc... and the respective Under 23 league. Haven't you noticed that the PC hangs for a while at the 28-29 June for every Portuguese season? The Under 23 league may start at 10th of August every season, but the Portuguease season resets and creates their news leagues for the season at 28-29 June of the game. Like I said, if you go on holiday between 25 June and 1st July, the Under 23 league may work for you every season.
  10. I found out a workaround for the Under 23 league to work every season. When the game reaches the date 25 June, go on holiday in game until 1st July. At that time the game will have started a new season and the Under 23 league will be working for the new season.
  11. I started a new savegame after the official release of the game and problems still continue with the Portuguese U23 League. First year the league works, second year it doesn't work, third year works, forth year doesn't work... and so on. I guess it works once every two years.
  12. How did you reach those options? I don't see those options in my FM2019 editor
  13. Did you create that DB? That's not from the original DB, is it?
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