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  1. I've just started a new game with Bath. I'm hoping to have a pretty long stint with them, although I haven't managed this down far the pyramid before. My best save in FM19 was a game with Linense where I ended up having them challenging for the title. Hopefully I can do something similar here. Six games in and things are going well. I've only managed to make one signing, James Bailey, who is already our best player. An 18 year old on loan from Colchester, Noah Chilvers, was here when I arrived and also looks decent. Other than that, everyone looks OK for this level, but no real stand outs.
  2. My views are more than a little influenced by the fact that Levy cost £81 million and Cantu was £25.5 million. Horvat was only £5.5 million and I love a bargain
  3. I have three regens my current Hamburg that may be the three best I've ever had. Horvart is particularly amazing. I've been turning down bids of £150 million + from Barca for him. Him and Arp up front is a beautiful thing!
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