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  1. Great article, any chance of reuploading images?
  2. There are also some Czech fans who would like to play the game in our language. As it is now, some of them can't play the game because there is a language barrier. And that is a shame because EHM is a very good game.
  3. The author is not active anymore on our site so I only guess when I say there isn't any
  4. Looking forward to this add-on, I use it in every FM
  5. I would like to see an option which will allow me to move money from my transfer budget to the club's budget (Now I'm in minus although I have 35 milion pounds for transfers)
  6. Hi, we in the Czech republic thought of some improvements as well and here are some of them. 1. Definitely improve set pieces - make it possible to set different combinations as in real football. 2. AI's transfer are not good. Even the biggest clubs in Europe don't buy good players and it's a shame because then the game becomes too easy. 3. Improve the atmosphere on stadiums. Because now it doesn't matter how important match you play it's always the same. 4. It was definitely said in this topic but press conferences need to be enhanced. 5. Having a chance to influence a sponsor selection (when being a long time in the club).
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