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  1. This is the worst comment I've seen in a while. He wants to know if it happens or not, your post contributes nothing to disccusion. To the topic, I spent a mediocre first season slightly below expectations and a mediocre second (finished runners up when I'm predicted to finish 3rd, and exit EURO Cup at group stages which was below expectations) but I got two job offers at the end of the season, From Monaco and West Ham United. I guess that's because my Adaptability was 17.
  2. Hey all, I'm having a serious problem here. How can I adjust my reserve team's training workload seperately? It does not let me set it different than senior squad's intensity level, however too many of my reserve players get injured during training. How can I deal with this? Also for my Under 19s squad, I set the intensity level to average but it still says overall workload is happy. I have not assigned individual training focus to any of my players by the way. What am I missing?
  3. I would also advise people to watch the highlights in Full mode every now and then - honestly it does not take as much as you thought it would. I personally watch important games like rival games or cup finals in full mode. It definitely makes lots of difference.
  4. Maybe it all comes down to what being an icon actually means. Being somone from outside of England, Rooney is the first player that comes to my mind when someone says Manchester United or I see their emblem or kit etc. somewhere.
  5. In previous versions of the game (2012, 2011 etc.) I had some success using narrow 4-1-2-1-2 with technically capable midfield players. Especially in FM2011, I won many silverware especially with Juventus. However, I'm not sure if it would work anymore.
  6. I generally set view only mode to countries I'm not planning to manage during my save, I think it earns you a bit of speed. Other than that major European leagues are pretty much enough for me.
  7. Thank you, good to hear that. Because I thought they acknowledged it before patch 16.2.0 (and somehow fixed) and no further changes were planned about this issue.
  8. My only complaint for this year's ME is the number of offsides, even for the players without "Likes to try to beat offside trap" ppm. I still find the numbers more than it should be after 16.2.0. Anyone else still finding the number of offsides too many?
  9. Can I still have a son if I modify my manager's age via editor in an ongoing save?
  10. could you mention how to do that? I've been enjoying a fine run in my second season and media has been praising me alot. In my last game, I scraped a draw with a team from the bottom of the table and a few of my players looked complacent during the game. Think I never had a chance to say something in the media to prevent this.
  11. I don't think it is a major problem within the game, I have just finished five games without conceding any goals with my very average defensive four. That happened in my 2nd season though, so it needs some time to implement your tactical style. Also playing a possession based game helps. Just my two cents, sorry if irrelevant.
  12. Fully agree with those comments. <snip> Edit: Deleted your additional comments as they were not in the spirit of the thread.
  13. Should we be careful when signing new contracts then? Like demanding lower wages or not signing contracts with multiple years?
  14. My favorite one is FM14 too. Can't exactly describe why though, I would say differences are subtle to elaborate further.
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