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  1. ok so i need to follow some lessons of the professor wwfan that will teach me how to play football (... in football manager ....). ME is perfect.
  2. Sunday rep has more influence on the choises u'll made later, in-game; anyway u'll receive offers from the lower league selected. example, if u select... england > npower league 2 italy > serie b france > ligue 1 liga > bbva ... u'll receive contract proposals from npower2 only; in this way you can choose the league u want.
  3. http://www.m4d.it/forum/showthread.php?222058-FMITA-UPDATE-4-0-%28FINAL%29/page4 FMITA UPDATE 6.0 (last update 12-07-2013) http://www.multiupload.nl/DF6CMH0Y0Z
  4. Maybe. But He'll never becomes Duisburg manager for just $3k/week.
  5. http://www.transfermarkt.com/en/arturo-vidal/leistungsdaten-detail/spieler_37666.html 11 yellow cards for 2500 minutes on the pitch are really nothing for "King Arthur"; Just consider the quantity (and quality) of contrasts, defensive runs, tackles, etc ... that he produces in every match. And you always see, clearly and unequivocally that he always tries to be fair and clean in his actions, sometimes it's booked just cause undermines the referee. .... So, I really need to modify Vidal in the db ...
  6. Please, I need help. https://mega.co.nz/#!05YFSbRR!cxIvD1Vq-lX1uSsIl8ty4FeRPhU-3qROpS4Actmytg0 this is a corrupted\damaged .dbc file that contains almost all the transfers until Jan 2013 and an huge quantity of changes (mainly PA\CA) for FM12. I did it personally, I've a backup file but it's not the last version I did; I really would like to recover "last version". Is there any way to bring it back to life ??? Last week I did an update to my computer, mainly i changed platform (from AMD to Intel). After a fresh installation of windows 7, i launched FM12 from steam but the general performance of the game was bad. So i decided to reinstall FM12. The only problem is that in the previous installation the user data folder was under steamapps\common\football manager12... so when i decided to uninstall FM12 steam deleted everything under steamapps\common\football manager12, even user data folder ... I easely recovered the file using EaseUs data recovery, but IMO now the file is recognized in a format that the editor is unable to read. Sorry for my English, any kind of help will be really appreciated. best regards,
  7. try this. http://www.filedropper.com/editordata regards,
  8. Unfortunately, what happens in real life is different. image upload"] image upload[/url]
  9. Milan (as city of football) has many debts, i don't know exactly how much debts but, we're talking about 400ML for both clubs, Internazionale and AC Milan; As u know Maicon, Thiago Silva, Ibrahimovic, Julio Cesar, Lucio, etc etc etc, are in other clubs for that reason. This does not mean that Italian football has lost its competitiveness, it just needs an economic rehabilitation that in any case will bring benefits to italian young players that can emerge more easily in Serie A clubs.
  10. pace 14 in League One makes difference ... on average, a football player's pace can't be higher than 13 ... 14. Just to make an example Cristiano Ronaldo (IMO) must be Pace 14, Accelleration 16, Agility 15.
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