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  1. Unfortunately looks like we might be in a hold pattern when the only way we know if it is working is when we hit play on steam once the full game has been downloaded.
  2. hoping that the solution will be found when the game is official on 24th have applied the refund with steam however just in case, which was processed within the hour by steam.
  3. Same issue that a lot of us are having on this thread although majority seem to be 2011 MacBooks.
  4. Thanks for this Neil, if you are struggling to source a machine with those specs on i'm sure there would be a few willing to borrow to assist.
  5. only positive i can see is that it is listed in the minimum specs of the game so must have been tried against those specs otherwise how would it be in the list. concerning that we aren't hearing much however although fully appreciate we are in beta phase for 2 weeks.
  6. doing the same now, tried playing around with the limited settings in properties but still same result.
  7. attached system info and screen shot of system info, also tried software update and it's the most up to date. MacBook Pro.spx
  8. thanks, i can't get as far as pressing the preferences button as that is where i just have the spinning wheel constantly.
  9. How do you launch it in windowed mode, i've been trying to do this but to no success.
  10. Should hopefully be attached. also looked in crash dumps folders and they are locked, with my limited computer knowledge it seems to be locking up rather than crashing. MacBook Pro.spx
  11. Have installed beta, first time i got spinning circle after inputting info for creating user. turned mac off and on. next time i got the same circle on main menu. While circle is spinning am unable to get to the finder or anywhere else on the mac. have uninstalled the game and reinstalled
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