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  1. Hi Franky, Thanks for getting back to me. I've set the 2 CB's to 'close down much less' - below are my results since then. The 4-0 loss away to United, going there with an attacking philosophy with a weaker team just seems like suicide to me? lol No idea how you did this with Wycombe and players CA around the 130 mark.
  2. Franky. First off, thanks for the tactic.. I'm having mixed, but mainly positive results with it, which is great. Curious though.. Defensive, it's terrible.. Here are the stats for my big 5 defending players. WBR - Tackling 15 Marking 13 Work Rate 15 WBL - Tackling 16 Marking 12 Work Rate 14 BBM - Tackling 14 Marking 13 Work Rate 15 CM - Tackling 16 Marking 14 Work Rate 16 BBM - Tackling 10 Marking 12 Work Rate 16 But I've Won 5 Lost 5.. and conceded 18 in 10 games.. Away I've lost 4 out of 5. Can you give me any advice? I'm following all
  3. All in your head, most pointless thread i've ever seen, well done.
  4. Hi guys, Want to add the 5+6 rules to all the major nations, how on earth do you do this!? Thank you
  5. Just need to be a little patient and optimistic that its sorted sharpish. We as a community are very loyal, shell out £30 every year for what's effectively an updated database with a couple new features, SI know this, we know this, its very frustrating and they will crack it, and from then on we'll have such an immense game it will be ridiculous.
  6. Cache clearing should sort the dodgy transfer bugs, couple of days surely for the full backs and we'll all be good to go! Unfortunate, but at least the quality of the game over the year makes up for a couple of days delay.
  7. Excellent news, thrilled with this feature, but.. everyones in-game sons will all be world beaters now! Guaranteed..
  8. Would be great fun if they could qualify for the Champions League, but its hard coded that Europa League is the only competition they can play in.
  9. Hi lads, the acer looks insane, that'll be able to play games like diablo 3 at a decent graphics standard too, won't it?
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