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  1. i have purchased Fm19 last night as soon as i boot up the game i have an appilcation error message about crash dump. i have followed instructions i found online about removing folders and making sure my graphics card are updated, please help
  2. working good now. basically my laptop has two graphic cards one was updated there other wasn't all i have to do was Device manager> scan both graphics for updates and it worked straight away thank you
  3. i have attached the dxdiag its happening on network game and single player DxDiag.txt
  4. I am playing FM with my mate we are in the second season every so often the game just closes down no error or anything. its come to the point where i have to save the game after every match. has anyone had this problem? does anyone know of any solutions? any help you can give me is appreciated
  5. Can you help me with this error. its happening before every game.i have verify integrity of game filesall my drivers are upto date i have un installed the game and also re installed any ideas
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