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  1. Don't know if this should be in the bugs section or if this is just a bit of a whinge really, but had to get it off my chest. Having just been promoted to League One with Dagenham and Redbridge, we were predicted to finish 23rd that season. Instead, we won the league, just pipping a Doncaster side with the highest net transfer spend in the league and a wage budget ~ 40% bigger than us (we had the lowest wage budget in the league), on goal difference. Obviously I'm chuffed to bits at this overachievement, beating 250-1 odds, even if it is something that's fairly common on lower league saves. 

    However, the game has then gone and given the Manager of the Year Award to Doncaster's manager, who managed to finish lower in the league with me with a (on paper) better squad, better budget, better facilities and a more established position. And it's not like its one of those leagues where the award is voted on by the other managers who I managed to **** off (this has happened to me in the conference before), it's just awarded by some kind of opaque algorithm?

    Anyway, don't know if this is a legitimate gripe that belongs in a bug report or if completely unjust end of season awards is an actual feature (happens in real life tbf). Has anyone else had similar experiences?




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