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  1. World Cup player look-a-likes

    Can't believe no one has posted this one: Del Bosque and Rene from Alo Alo!
  2. World Cup player look-a-likes

    *double post*
  3. What's your match highlight setting?

    Full match. Although going through a season takes ages this way.
  4. Don't like it. Too much space is wasted. I guess because of visiting these forums over the years it kinda gets a "feel" to it that you get used to, which I liked tbh.
  5. Bogey Teams

    Boston Utd. Even if I go 2-0 up against them and there's 10 minutes left, they WILL score 2 goals in quick succession by some total fluke.
  6. FAMAS - or rediscovering the lurve.

    Since this is the first FM I've played since FM2007, I decided to watch a match or two on Full when I began my first season - to have a good look at the 3D ME, and tbh I have watched all my matches since then on full, excluding friendlies which I always leave to the ass man. I have to admit it's the first time I've been able to see how my tactics take shape in the game, and also how player attributes are represented and applied in the ME. The season do pass slowly though, I'm only into November in my first save. Can't see myself going back to 2D/Highlights only, not for a while anyway.
  7. I actually thought the ref was horribly baised in Spain's favour. Giving a free kick every time a Spanish player looked like going down, and obviously allowing Spain to retake a penalty when in the exact same circumstances he didn't allow Paraguay to retake one. Overall I think this world cup will be remembered for the abysmal refereeing, and so called star-players not performing - but this is nothing new I guess.
  8. Hmm, I don't think I want to know what word got covered up there. Back on topic, when you watch a world cup game and think to yourself, "This is an awfully realistic ME they have!!".
  9. Best FM?

    I don't really know - I'm still playing my '07 savegame, which I probably started about 2 years ago. I got hooked on FM with the release of '05, played my first real long term game on '06, played approximately 30 minutes of FM08 and decided I didn't like it and went back to my '07 savegame. '09 was a bit of a disappointment for me - was it in this version they introduced 3D? I can't remember, all that I know is that I stuck to my '07 save through all those releases. I installed '10 today though and it's the first version where I've played all my matches thus far on full replay. The 3D is really smooth (I do get some random slowdowns every now and then), the tactics wizard is great and for the first time I can actually see my tactics and instruction being applied on the pitch (well, at least until I start losing). With that said I think my '07 savegame might be approaching it's final end. I can't see myself starting a new save on '07 and the only reason why I would keep '07 is to log in every now and then on my old savegame, if only for sentimental purposes Sometimes I wish I would've kept my old saves from previous FM's aswell though, especially '05. There was just something about godlike attacking midfielders in that game...
  10. Vuvuzela

    I'm from South Africa and I hate the goddamn things. Hate the people blowing them even more.
  11. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Claiming offside when your teammate scores an own goal. what a chop A bit fickle tbh
  12. Yes, I'd like this included. I find myself having to do way too many little changes in player instructions per season. Gets annoying tbh.
  13. your most enjoyable career

    Probably my Ajax game on FM05. Always won the domestic league and cups (had no real competition), the real challenge being the Champions League. Finally reached the final one year, beating Bayern Munich after a reload (lol). By that time Real Madrid already signed one of my stars, van der Vaart, a few seasons before. After I won the CL though, shipped Sneijder to Real for an astronomical amount aswell. Kind of lost interest in the game after that, even though I had huge amounts of money I couldn't sign anyone worthwile (had no FMScout back then to sign good youngsters also).
  14. A Spain v England final then, with England clinching it in ET.
  15. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Anyone know why a work permit application got turned down when the player's already playing in England? I've got Blackburn as a parent club and they wanted to loan me one of their reserve strikers but the application got turned down.