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  1. When win a division, the statement can be duplicated, what to choose from the two if I want that? :
  2. I attach my screenshot, you can see I do not lie, I am with Kisvarda. Despite of this, I still like this game, but usually never quit when my team runs good form because of this...
  3. No evidence, but if you would have great test engineers they could reproduce it and you could have evidence, because it is happening many times. Or ask about it from people! For example in my new carrier in this week, my team was the happiest and the greatest form team in the leauge, W-D-W-W-W - The last Win was I killed the first on the table with 4-1, then I did quit game to go eat, I saw it will be the next coming the last team in the table, so I thought there will no problem about loose form., so I went to eat, and load game about 2 hour later. I have lost from the last on the table 0-1 (
  4. Hi, This bug is still alive in 21.4 version! I have started a very new game, and in the early 3. season, this bug came again! One player had an injury in the match from the opposite team and my Assistant manager offered me to replace him... Replace an injured player from the opposite team!! If I do it and click on take off button, the game will crash at the end of the match and kill the game, over.... So this very serious bug is still not fixed in 21.4! Still in the game! Where are your test engineers to still have this serious bug? It can be still reproduced, really don't understand
  5. Hi, I have found new info about this bug! Sometimes my Assistant Manager thinks I am with the other team! Lukaku is in the OTHER team, not mine!! So if I take action here, this bug will come!! If I don't thouch it, the bug will not appears at the end of the match. So yes, looks like sometimes the teams are mixed up, and it is connected to the Assistant Manager advice somehow. But this is a rarely bug. Now I have played 1,5 year when appeared again.
  6. So to reproduce this bug, go to a live highlight, push SHIFT+ L and SHIFT + K sometimes, the go back to normal speed by SHIFT+K... And now you can see, the text commentary will say the goal before it is happening. So you won't enjoy the game is using this shortcut buttons...
  7. Hi, is there any other shortcut button than Shift K and Shift L to changle live match highlight speed? Because thats make this bug so that is useless.... I can speed up the highlights from up menu from "match settings" with the mouse, but it is not comfortable to use it with mouse. Will you fix this shortcut Shift J / K / L issue?
  8. Anyway I can still play my carrier, I am in 2028 now, this only happens very rarely... Maybe my save game brokened a little. (too much play )
  9. Hi, I found that his bug is only happens (but every times) when we modify the actual highlight speed. For example hit Shift+L and Shif+K. After that, the text commentary will too early say everything... This bug is still alive in 21.4 version. So we need not to speed up any highlight or we will know the goal, before it happenings, thanks to text commentary too early... Should be fixed, because it is annoying bug... This bug is not happening if we don't change the highlights speed. But if we change, or use SHIFT K/L the bug will coming and the text commentary will say early everything what wi
  10. Yes, I am Zebra manager so real strange bug . This bug only happens with me after 2027. and about only 2x-3x times in a full season... Maybe my save game is brokened a little?
  11. Hi, The new v21.4 update fixed this Hungarian leagues stadium color issue. Now every stadium is very nice colored and correct. Really nice, thank you SI! This can be close now, fixed! Thank you Gaboo
  12. Hi, What is this bug? It is appeared second time in my carrier in this season... , and after this screen it is crashing. I don't want to lose my carrier game, because I am in 2027, I am the champion first time, and I could lost many many hours "working" gameplay, but this happened second time now, I am afraid I will lost my game... I can't save here, because after this, it is crashing. I need to load previous save again to continue game, and it is Ok then for a while. (My computer: Win 10, Steam, i7, GFX1650, 8GB Ram) Game version v21.3 . I hope I won't lost my many hours carrier, because
  13. Hi, Today happened with me: Atalanta - Juventus -> I won 1-5, but the game freezed somehow after the match, so I must had reload game. My form was always every win, brutal form, brutal happy team. After restart the game, and needed to play this match again. The result is 2 -1, I have lost... The same tactic, the same time, the same formation, the same everything.... Ok, I know the football is also about luck, but this is really something. SI should test this more seriously, because looks like something is really strange about this "myth"... (no any red card, or something sp
  14. I have uploaded here : https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 Uploaded files: Gaboo Mc - Zebre (v03)_cannot_register_23.fm (I don't want to make it public, only for you. I hope you can download from your cloud service. If not OK, please signal, how to send to you other way) And please response why happened that...
  15. Good News! I have the SAVE, because I renamed that, and still in my folder. I try to upload to you!
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