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  1. I have uploaded here : https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 Uploaded files: Gaboo Mc - Zebre (v03)_cannot_register_23.fm (I don't want to make it public, only for you. I hope you can dowmload from your cloud service. If not OK, please signal, how to send to you other way) And please response why happened that...
  2. Good News! I have the SAVE, because I renamed that, and still in my folder. I try to upload to you!
  3. I continued the game by "Go on Holiday", so I don't have the save now. I did not kept the save, because it can easily reproduce this bug, when a team earns Club Word Championship to register 23 player. UPDATE: I have it!
  4. Hi, I am managing Zebre, after 2 years seasons I need to select 23 players to Club Word Championship. But I can't. When I want to select, there is no "Confirm selection" button any more... , but "Testing Changes Only" button appears. I need respond to select 23 players, but how if there is NO select button? How to continue?? MUST RESPOND, so I cannot continue any more... Only "Testing Changes Only" button? What is this "Testing Changes Only" ? Something developer's or tester's remained stuff? I cannot continue my game after 2 years, because I cannot respond to select 23 players.... (Mayb
  5. Thank you all! Sometimes I save again and load, and the form can sometimes change again... Yes, maybe this is only random and luck and about the tactics, but still a little stange... This is my latest Save & Load & Play later) (But maybe my mistake, but stange) Update: I saved and load again, and I won again 4-1! Good form continues But Ok, maybe just legend, and luck and tactics, but I signal because little stange to see too many times after save and load and continue game... But all in all I very like this game, so not problem this.... Just sometimes litt
  6. Hi, I have experienced this in FM 2021, but in previous version of FM series too. So when my team form is for example: W W D W W W W , I go save game, quit... Later load the game, continue the same team, same tactic and gone this: L L L D L L .... I have experienced this many time. Not only in FM 21, but FM 20, FM 19, FM 18... What happening the teams good form, after quit and load? The teams (or players) form is not saved or what? Many times when my team runs good form, I am afraid to quit game, because the (team or players?) form can lost if I quit and later load the game. You s
  7. Oh, thank you very much, that is very nice. And can you tell me, when we will have it? Because the new patch do not have it! But thank you again! I am happy now. I modified the original post a little, because I am now not so disappointed. Thank you!
  8. I am disappointed. Here the new patch v21.3 and you STILL have this bug in the game after a half year. ALL(!), yes ALL Hungarian teams in Division 1 and Division 2 have full black seated stadium, and you still not fixed it, after a half year! Your work only 1 second, an SQL command to import it from FM20 to FM21, but we Hungarian FM players need to edit 1-2 hours each the 40 teams stadiums in start to play in Hungarian Division 1 and Division 2 leagues. If this bug would be in English Premier league you would fix first day, because would totally not acceptable... , but this is "only" the Hung
  9. Hi, Version 21.2.2 still have this issue. A lot of time in 3D match the text commentary says GOAL about 2 sec before the goal... No any complication about this? Do you like to know it will goal before it happening? Not good...
  10. The Hungarian clubs all have black seated stadiums, no any color set for them. All Hungarian clubs (division 1 and 2) play only in black stadiums. No any colors set to the Hungarian clubs! Yes we have Editor, but who wants to edit all 40 Hungarian clubs' stadium seat color one be one in start after purchase ? :/ Please fix. Version: 21.2.2. (It was OK in FM 2020, so all you need to import that data to FM 2021 to fix this issue in some seconds work)
  11. I have tried a lot of day matches, when the sun is shinning and there are only some shadows: it is still very dark, When it's raining or in the stadium's shadows: brutal dark . The night matches are OK. Version: 21.2 (steam, windows)
  12. Hi, 3D day match (no rain, this is a normal day match!) too dark for me, I tried on 1 laptop and 2 PC and 2 monitor, but the same. The night reflectored pitch is great, but the day's match always very dark: :
  13. But the problem is not only they are black. The main problem they are so black like a black hole. No any texture or any light on it. For example can you see that trinage on middle? What is that? A black who knows it. Only a black trinage hole... :/ It was good in FM 2020, and this is not only an issue of Ferencvaros.
  14. Hi, I firstly thought it is only a Ferencvaros issue, but after playing a while, I found also a lot of other clubs with this. FM2021 is missing many club colored stadiums , a lot of club have only totally black seated stadiums in FM 2021, no color, no light. So not simple black, but totally no texture, or light... only totally black stadium seats (and some other unvisible full black parts, you can see in middle trinage), so black like a black hole, no any texture or light: This issue is NOT only Ferencvaros, a lot of other clubs ALSO has this black, awful stadium like this. Looks like no
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