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  1. Couple of issues

    I have found a couple of issues. Firstly, when i watch matches I watch the match stats screen for my team. I have noticed once or twice, after having scored, that the main score at the top of the screen does not change accordingly! It will have a "1" next to the player who scored in the goals column on the stats screen, but the main scoreline fails to change, unless you flick onto the overview screen, when it then updates. Secondly, after Newcastle announced they were put Emre up for transfer, I decided to make a bid to sign him. This I did, and he accepted terms, the transfer is due to go through in July as it is currently March. However since agreeing terms, I keep receiving a news item every few weeks saying Newcastle have put him up for sale! Since I have already agreed a deal for him, surely this should not happen! Both minor issues which dont stop me loving the game, but just niggly things!
  2. My best has to be Steffen Iversen (remember him?) on a free at the start of the game for Forest. Still very injury prone, but got 16 goals for me in League One last season, then 13 goals in 14 games in 2nd season with Forest in the Championship. Worst was Milan Osterc, Slovenian striker, also on a free (thankfully!) 1 goal since the start of season 1! That was due in part though to him not getting a game due to to the hot form of Iversen, David Johnson and Nathan Tyson!
  3. what season are you on?

    Into January of my 2nd season, having guided Forest to a comfortable 9th place in the Championship, within striking distance of the playoffs, O'Leary got the boot at Villa and I applied for the job. Just been offered it and accepted. They're 10th in the Prem with £14m to spend so thinking a steady end to the season, then push for Europe next season! Loving the game!
  4. what season are you on?

    Just about to start my 2nd season with Forest. Only had the game since 6pm last night, very impressed you can play through an entire season so fast! Finished 2nd in League One in my 1st season, missing out on top spot on the last day of the season on goal difference still, promotion was the main aim! Looking forward to consolidating in the Championship this season, then hopefully pushing onwards and upwards from there!
  5. I am very impressed with it. It is strange there not being some of the features that i had got used to in FM 2006 like offering players to clubs and the like, but overall its very playable. My only gripe at the moment, and I could just be ignorant as i havent even glanced at the manual, but I am used to being able to press triangle to go back through screens, only it seems you cant go "back" on FMH. for example when you select a players profile, you then have to either click on the team name in their profile, or click on home and then the team name, to get back to the squad screen. I feel a "back" function would be useful. Overall though, very happy. Off on holiday on tuesday looking forward to playing it all the way there and on the beach
  6. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Younger Crayola: Wonderful! The postie tries to deliver it this morning, recorded delivery. I'm at work, he leaves a card, telling me to give it 4 hours before picking it up. I go at 5:30, which is 8 hours later, and the lazy gimboid still hasn't returned his undelivered mail to the depot. If he doesn't do it today, there's a possibility I won't even get the sodding thing on Saturday when I go at about 9am. Pesky bloody mail fools. I needed to vent. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Same thing happened to me, I was at work when it was delivered. Our delivery office was shut by the time i got there after work, and its closed tomorrow, so won't get my own copy till saturday However i wasn't prepared to wait another 36 hours to play it so i nipped down Choices and rented it to keep me going till saturday