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  1. Thought I'd give this another go this year, see if I can get a bit further than normal. Manager Profile
  2. I think they have already been posted in the thread somewhere.
  3. For some reason they weren't showing when I was in 95% Zoom out view, I changed to 100% and they were showing fine for me then.
  4. Great work so far Scopen. Any chance you could try get one at Stockport or Boston, if not then another team in the Conference North/South would be awesome.
  5. This is working wonders for me with Stalybridge. It's taken me from the Conference North to the Championship Play-offs. Probably the biggest highlight so far would be my latest game in which 'comfortable' would certainly be an understatement.
  6. I'm loving this skin at the minute, I just want to know if its possible to change this screen to how it is in the default skin, and also how to do it.
  7. Does anybody know how to change the default transparency in the background selector?
  8. I only have the English Conference North/South and up loaded, with a large database and an approximate player count of 22k. Not that I need to tell you that as the takeover never happened. I never even saw them mentioned with the tycoon after that message and they've since been taken over by a consortium.
  9. I'm currently playing zoomed out to 95% and when I go to a player's profile I get this. Is there anyway to fix the Details panel. I've tried changing to 100% and it works then but I don't get anywhere near as many panels, so if possible I want to play in 95%. Edit: For the record it works fine in 75% zoom.
  10. Probably wouldn't be as fun as an Alfreton tycoon, but if this comes off I'm sure it'll still be a decent save.
  11. Alfreton are currently in the process of a tycoon takeover on my save. Will upload it if it comes off. EDIT: Well that's a shame, hopefully he turns up somewhere else.
  12. Won the league in my first season fairly comfortably, 19 points ahead of Barnsley in 2nd place. Transfers I made 3 key signings; the first being Jed Wallace from Portsmouth for £850k. At the time I wasn't sure if he was worth it but he had a good season and is now valued at £1.7m, so I'll make a decent profit if I end up selling. I also signed Michael Harriman from QPR for £200k, he went straight in as first choice and didn't disappoint. I got a couple of bids in January for him but they weren't enough for me to consider selling. I also got Jerome Binnom-Williams on a season-long loan from Crystal Palace, he was quality all season and I tried to sign him at the end of the season but Palace wanted too much. Probably the best player of the season though was Marcus Maddison, while he seems fairly average in FM terms, he had a great season getting 20 goals playing at Left Midfield. I'm currently 29 games into my Championship season and I'm currently in 5th, but I'm 18 points behind 1st placed Newcastle.
  13. Just finished my season using this tactic and as you can see I won the league fairly comfortably, finishing with the best goals scored record and one of the best goals conceded. Easily my best player, 56 goals and 18 assists from 51 starts playing in the DLF position. My 2nd best player, racking up 34 assists from the shadow striker position. Next season I'll be able to pick up some better players for the positions, I probably wont be able to keep Bogle though.
  14. Currently giving this a quick test on FMC with Solihull Moors. I don't know what to say about this so I'll let my screenshot do the talking.
  15. It's working pretty well for my Lincoln team, I'm challenging for the Champions League spots with this tactic.
  16. I also struggle to keep clean sheets, so I figured I'd just try score more than the other team. And with that win, we've won everyting possible, apart from that pesky Division 2 League Cup. I hope I don't get the chance to win it though.
  17. I'm still amateur at the minute. I'm hoping that may change at the end of this season. I certainly want to go Pro fairly soon. I ended up losing 8-0 on aggregate to AZ, but the prize money and £150k+ gate receipts from the home leg, rose our balance to over £1m.
  18. In my 2nd season I won all three trophies. Now I'm looking forward to my first Champions League campaign. The first step of many I must take on my journey to worldwide domination. My First European Campaign So we started off in the First Qualifying Phase, which we were drawn against Welsh team Bangor City. We were the better team over both legs, but couldn't make our dominance shown. We still managed to win the home leg 1-0, and we drew 1-1 in the away leg, meaning we went through 2-1 on aggregate. In the Second Qualifying Phase we drew Lithuania's Ekranas, winning the home leg 3-2 and then the away leg 2-1, making it 5-3 on aggregate. Then we got drawn with big boys (compared to us) Sparta Prague from the Czech Republic. Of course we were no match for them, but I was disappointed to bow out 13-0 (thirteen) on aggregate. So comes the end of our Champions League run for the 2015-16 season. But I then got told I was in the draw for the Europa League Playoff, where we've drawn another big team, in comparison to us, Holland's AZ. Unfortunately I feel another hammering coming. With our European exploits, we managed to rack up over £750k, including a lot of gate reciepts from the home game against Prague, where we managed to pack the new Europa Point Stadium with 10,000 fans. Using this money, we're upgrading the training and youth facilities, costing us just under £200k.
  19. It's taken them 14 games but the Gibraltar national team has finally avoided defeat and have gained their first point in European Qualification.
  20. I won the league easily in the end, and I'm actually a little disappointed I didn't win all of my games. Unfortunately I didn't win the Division 2 League Cup and I got knocked out of the Rock Cup in the 2nd Round against Lincoln.
  21. I'm currently top of the 2nd Division with the Red Imps after winning my first 10 games.
  22. I've tried a few times already this season, but I'm having another go at getting the 'English Hero' achievement and I've decided to go with Ebbsfleet. I've made a few signings, mainly to add some more depth to the squad. Luke Cotter - We managed to snap up the youngster after he was released from Bromley. A bit of a coup as my ass man thinks he has potential to be a decent Premier League player. Ross Smith - Goes straight into the team as the starter along side Lorraine. Frederick Champion - Signed as a backup for the DM position, has potential to grow if he gets some decent game time. Harry Baker - Another player signed to add depth, this time for the wings. He'll still get plenty of games though. Kirk Ryan - One of three youngsters signed on a free transfer. They're fairly low risk gambles, coming for nothing with high potential. Gianluca Fowler Petros Vasileiou Pre-season was alright, most of the games were against smaller opposition and I don't normally take too much notice of the friendlies anyway. We've started the season in fantastic form, getting 13 points out of a possible 15. Ben May has started with 5 goals in 3 appearances and looks to be in the running for the league's top scorer. As you'd expect our great start sees us top of the tree on goal difference, hopefully we can continue our form and pull away from the rest of the table. EDIT: Exactly the kind of thing I didn't need.
  23. Thanks, they were my signings for the first season (maybe shoulda made that a bit more clear) and unfortunately I haven't been able to get Clayton back again. Dele did alright in the first season and I'm hoping he can keep on improving. I'll give a quick little update now that the transfer window in my second season has closed. Dioni - signed for just £350k from Granada, he has good attributes in all the right places for a striker. He hasn't quite been able to hit the ground running yet but it's still early days and he may take a little while to adjust. John Fleck - Fleck has hit the ground a bit harder, already putting in a few good performances, he'll probably turn into a key player this season. Alan Dunne - Only really signed as a backup for Mellor. Craig Conway - Adds a bit of experience to the team, as well as quality on the wings. David Martin - Our new number 1 as I felt Garratt wasn't really good enough. Joe Walsh - A bit more depth at center back and left back. I'm not sure who are my strongest center backs yet so he could turn into a big player for us this season. Jamie Ness - Signed only because we lacked tackling ability in midfield. The only other midfielder with a tackling attribute in double figures is John Mousinho. The fans weren't too happy that we got a player from Stoke though. Surplus to requirements were Molyneux, Turton, Audel, Pogba and Oliver. The others have left for more game time. After a dodgy start, we've settled into the Championship quite nicely. We probably should have won against Brighton and Oldham, but then should have beaten easily against Ipswich and Huddersfield. We managed to get a tight win against Brentford and that gave us the confidence we needed, we then managed to easily beat Burnley (although after a very nervy ending) and Sheff Wed. Even without a win in our first 3 games, we've found ourselves at the right end of the league. It's still early in the season though but hopefully we can keep it up for the rest.
  24. I've not got the regens yet, I think on FMC that you get them on the 24th of June or whenever the league reset. I guess I don't have to do a massive update, I found this pretty cool though. We're going to have a representative at the World Cup, all right so he's Australian so I don't know how much longer I'm going to keep him, but he's still representing Crewe. As you can see we finished 3rd, we didn't win any of our last 6 games in the league and if we'd just managed to win 1 of them we'd have gone up automatically. We got promotion in the end though and I'm looking forward to next season. 3 new signings in January, Dele Alli came in for a big fee from MK Dons, at the time it was a big gamble and we'll have to wait and see if it pays off. I brought him in to replace Chuks Aneke who's loan ran out but he didn't play quite as well as Aneke. It's still early in his career though so there's plenty of time to improve. The other two signings weren't gambles at all really considering the fees we paid. Joe Thompson came in from Tranmere for just £20k, as I mentioned in my first update, I started off with a narrow formation and I let Byron Moore go, so I brought Thompson in for more cover on the wings. I like the look of Aaron Spear and he has some good potential, so £21k was a bargain. EDIT: Got my regens through and here are the 3 better prospects. Kieran Hill - My assistant said he was the brightest prospect from this years intake. Andy Rowe Marc Hildreth I've also signed a young Northern Irish regen called Danny Mullan, I figured I'd try signing just English players in a different save and, for just £70k, he's a fairly safe gamble. I'm probably going to use him upfront or in the AMC spot.
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