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  1. Thought I'd give this another go this year, see if I can get a bit further than normal. Manager Profile
  2. I think they have already been posted in the thread somewhere.
  3. For some reason they weren't showing when I was in 95% Zoom out view, I changed to 100% and they were showing fine for me then.
  4. Great work so far Scopen. Any chance you could try get one at Stockport or Boston, if not then another team in the Conference North/South would be awesome.
  5. This is working wonders for me with Stalybridge. It's taken me from the Conference North to the Championship Play-offs. Probably the biggest highlight so far would be my latest game in which 'comfortable' would certainly be an understatement.
  6. I'm loving this skin at the minute, I just want to know if its possible to change this screen to how it is in the default skin, and also how to do it.
  7. Does anybody know how to change the default transparency in the background selector?
  8. I only have the English Conference North/South and up loaded, with a large database and an approximate player count of 22k. Not that I need to tell you that as the takeover never happened. I never even saw them mentioned with the tycoon after that message and they've since been taken over by a consortium.
  9. I'm currently playing zoomed out to 95% and when I go to a player's profile I get this. Is there anyway to fix the Details panel. I've tried changing to 100% and it works then but I don't get anywhere near as many panels, so if possible I want to play in 95%. Edit: For the record it works fine in 75% zoom.
  10. Probably wouldn't be as fun as an Alfreton tycoon, but if this comes off I'm sure it'll still be a decent save.
  11. Alfreton are currently in the process of a tycoon takeover on my save. Will upload it if it comes off. EDIT: Well that's a shame, hopefully he turns up somewhere else.
  12. Won the league in my first season fairly comfortably, 19 points ahead of Barnsley in 2nd place. Transfers I made 3 key signings; the first being Jed Wallace from Portsmouth for £850k. At the time I wasn't sure if he was worth it but he had a good season and is now valued at £1.7m, so I'll make a decent profit if I end up selling. I also signed Michael Harriman from QPR for £200k, he went straight in as first choice and didn't disappoint. I got a couple of bids in January for him but they weren't enough for me to consider selling. I also got Jerome Binnom-Williams on a season-long loan fro
  13. Just finished my season using this tactic and as you can see I won the league fairly comfortably, finishing with the best goals scored record and one of the best goals conceded. Easily my best player, 56 goals and 18 assists from 51 starts playing in the DLF position. My 2nd best player, racking up 34 assists from the shadow striker position. Next season I'll be able to pick up some better players for the positions, I probably wont be able to keep Bogle though.
  14. Currently giving this a quick test on FMC with Solihull Moors. I don't know what to say about this so I'll let my screenshot do the talking.
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