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  1. Hey don't start on me! It's not my fault. You chagrin though does not change my surprise at the fact that you were able to get to a twentieth straight defeat without getting booted out. As I said, Barnes was sacked after only 9 defeats and I can't remember anyone as woeful as he was. It's Donnys chairman's patience that seems a bit unwarranted to me.
  2. Open FM with the screen you want to copy. Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard (depending on your keyboard, it should be near the Ins and Delete buttons). Open Paint (or similar program). Try looking under Accessories in your Start menu. Press Ctrl+V to paste the pic. Now you can crop it, resize etc and save it. Hope that helps
  3. Upload it to imageshack, then copy the 'forum URL' line that imageshack gives you to your post
  4. Hi Minimal, Very interesting reading the OP. Your 'To Do' list points at some very familiar things! Defending corners and away form have been the exact problems I've had with my tactic (Pyramid). I haven't been able to get to grips with the set piece malarkey yet, but for away form I ended up splitting my tactic in two. Now that we have the match preperation screen, it's feasible to have several tactics available that the team are comfortable with. They are almost identical but one is slightly more rigid with a deeper defensive line and more conservative philsophy. Ideally I would have a "one size fits all" tactic but I just can't find one that's totally balanced. All the best Recoil
  5. Was looking for a tactic with a bit of difference and came upon this thread. I would have given it a go anyway, but if tactics God Dave (Mr Hough) says "I wish I had made this tactic" then that's good enough for me!!! Lets pop it up the FM flagpole and see how it flies.
  6. Kimz mate, not sure if it's me that's confused but under the link to Kimz v3.0 on your site, the team tactics screenshot says "Kimz Tactic v4.0" at the top..... is this for v3 or v4?? Cheers mate, keep up the good work Recoil
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