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  1. Had the next Michael Owen a couple of times can't recall seeing anyone else to be honest.
  2. Players stats overview screen on league stats is all messed up since update. I have appearances set as the main panel where you would usually have top goalscorers and the smaller panels below even when you change them to your preference go back to what they were when you click off the screen.
  3. I have a save going that is 20 seasons now. My observations I have noticed that on mine Schalke get tons of world beating newgens, more than Dortmund and Bayern. Monaco, Lille and Nantes also seem to produce many top players from france. Serbia, Czech and Poland always have some great players coming through for awesome value so always worth keeping scouts busy in those countries.
  4. It is strange at times. I took Villa from relegation candidates to winning back to back premier leagues and a CL over 4 seasons. The very next season we were out of the title race but still finished 4th and in CL. Board sacked me even when i asked for more time. Thomas Tuchel follows me into the hot seat. The next season he finishes 6th and keeps his job. Baffling.
  5. Strikers are worse in the beta. Less CCC's but still top top strikers missing sitters. My top class front man has gone from scoring 25-30 a season to low teens and half his goals are pens. Also agree regards AM's pretty useless now. I hope the final patch is a lot better than this or i may have to go back to FM18
  6. Been playing the game since the early days of CM in the early 90s when i was at school. Drifted away from the game in my 20's due to busy life but recently my job and life has allowed me to get back into again and i am hooked like i was as a kid. Just turned 40 and the Mrs doesn't get it but i can see me being interested in the game for as long as i can still see the screen!
  7. When i click on a result of a match not involving my side it automatically generates he match report for that game everytime. This never used to happen to me on other versions of FM. Really annoying because i have to wait 15 seconds or so just to view match stats now...is there any way to stop this happening?
  8. I was just going to post the same! Managed Leverkusen; considering in their history before i joined they had won one german cup and one uefa cup in total before i arrived. In 5 years since i have won 3 bundesliga on the bounce 2 german cups, 2 european cups and a european super cup and still stuck in favoured personnel. Surely i would be a legend in real life for just delivering the first bundesliga ever never mind the other string of big honours.
  9. I have played a couple of longish saves so far and in my first was offered the England job after managing just 3 seasons in serie A and winning a couple of trophies just 2 and a half star rep. This save i have managed for 6 seasons won a few things in germany and spain getting to 3 star rep and just been approached by Italy, England, Spain and France straight after the WC. Just my experience so with the high rep you have it does seem odd you are not getting an offer from any of the applications.
  10. Great to see so early. I recall in FM18 about 15 seasons in to my save as Dortmund a perennially poor Nurnberg team came from regular yo yo side and relegation fodder to going on a great run; they had a poor defence but their style of play led to them turning most teams over by scores of 4-2 5-3 etc.. and they won the league in style. The manager of that team, a regen, went on to bigger things and the Nurnberg side went back to being also rans but it's great to see it is possible in the game from AI teams.
  11. I can concur with this; seeing the likes of Kane, Aguero, Lewandowski etc... scoring less than 20 goals season in season out is quite sad to be honest. most of the top scorers seem to be midfielders and wingers and even then in the top leagues they are winning the golden boot with barely 20 goals.
  12. Is it just me or are strikers struggling to bag goals for AI teams? I have several of the major countries loaded and just finished second season. Managing in bundesliga myself and just had my striker hit 28 goals to ease to being the top scorer but looking around the other top leagues the premier league has had Lacazette as top scorer with 19 goals twice; Aguero and Kane both failed to hit 15 despite playing over 30 games both seasons. Second top scorer sadio Mane with 16. La Liga is worse with nearly all midfielders dominating their scoring list and also failing to hit the 20 goals mark with joao felix and eden hazard sharing the award the second season with a rather modest it's fair to say 18 goals each. First season luis suarez shared with rodrigo and messi with 16, yes, 16 goals winning the award!! It doesn't stop there. The scottish premiership; not exactly renowned for it's water tight defences has florian kamberi taking the award with 19 goals first season and jamie forrest the second with just 17 goals. I could go on, and only Serie A where cristiano Ronaldo has scored mid 20's both season bucks the trend. Maybe only a small sample with just 2 seasons in and maybe it is just one of those things and will improve but does seem a little strange to me. Anybody else had similar experience or are strikers scoring as they would on your save?
  13. Yes i got these working they are great but is there any way of making the boxes more transparent? I play commentary only and use stadium backgrounds on match day screen but can barely see them due to the darkness of the boxes in this version.
  14. The only thing that Would cause issues issues imo is if SI are forced to mess with ID's or stop a path to modding the game, but that seems unlikely at this stage.
  15. Everytime i go to check a match that has been played it automatically generates the match report. It never did this on previous games is there a way of stopping this? Or perhaps a bug? Thanks
  16. Chin up mate we will come again. Its been the best season in many years for us and we need to kick on now from this and get the job done next year.
  17. Loving this but one thing i have noticed is that the european cup finals are being played in places like luxembourg and cyprus in stadiums of 2/3k is there any way of changing this in the editor?
  18. This is outstanding work, i will definitely be donating to this some real effort and love of a great time in football put in here.will be like playing a new game. Just some feedback not sure if anything can be done but; although the european comps are how they should be in straight knock out format neither competition appears to be ranked.will this affect how they are viewed in game? All i have done so far is holiday for 3 years but the transfers don't seem too bad at all- star names moving for around 7-11 million as they would have and record transfer is 19million so it reflects pretty well for what would equate to the mid 90s in my game. Keep up the good work
  19. First of all that's an outstanding achievement to do what you have done. Secondly, you should have the stadium named after you and given the keys to city and a job for life which obviously were it real life you would have no matter how you do during the current season.
  20. Does that on mine but i think that means you won't get one straight away.usually you can be successful on appeal. Have a look at the rules in the league rules section.on mine there is a points system where 4 points have to be achieved on appeal to get a permit. For example transfer fee has to be in top 75 percent of league for 2 points etc... easy when you have this info.
  21. 8-0 away at Bayern as Dortmund in a title decider.had to win by 2 goals to take the title so went for it and got absolutely blitzed, was 6-0 down at HT. Never forget it
  22. I am 8 seasons into my save and managing Atalanta in Serie A. Now, this is the first time i have managed in serie A this version of the game but in previous iterations i remember a strict foregin player restriction being in place to like 2 players per season to players outside the EU. Thing is, last season i was able to buy 3 argentinian youngsters and play them no trouble. Then at the start of this season 8 i bought a brazilian them saw the message about certain restrictions which alerted me. Looking in the league rules section though it says no restrictions on matchdays and nothing else on restrictions as you scroll down. Anyone know why this is? Could be a bug or something happened i didn't know about to lift the restrictions? Maybe an unlockable has activated i didn't know about although i have checked and can't see anything. Any help appreciated.
  23. Not sure if this has been brought up already but first of all- Ronaldo is down as icon for Real Madrid when surely he is a legend with all he has achieved and brought to the club over the last decade. Overall looking on the information pages the icons and legend list seems better this edition than last where you had players getting legend status for just being at a club for a few seasons.That said the reason i made this thread is i am 12 years into my save and stumbling onto the real madrid page i see Ronaldo in said icon list then sat above in legends amongst puskas, Zidane, di stefano et al we have Sadio Mane who spent his last 6 seasons at the club, won 1 league title and a spanish cup how can he in any world be classed as above ronaldo is beyond me.
  24. I agree with the point but have found by playing wing backs who are seen as unconvincing in the role if the tactic is solid and the players stats are good in the right areas they still perform very well regardless. I just look at the stats now and go off that
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