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  1. Chin up mate we will come again. Its been the best season in many years for us and we need to kick on now from this and get the job done next year.
  2. Loving this but one thing i have noticed is that the european cup finals are being played in places like luxembourg and cyprus in stadiums of 2/3k is there any way of changing this in the editor?
  3. This is outstanding work, i will definitely be donating to this some real effort and love of a great time in football put in here.will be like playing a new game. Just some feedback not sure if anything can be done but; although the european comps are how they should be in straight knock out format neither competition appears to be ranked.will this affect how they are viewed in game? All i have done so far is holiday for 3 years but the transfers don't seem too bad at all- star names moving for around 7-11 million as they would have and record transfer is 19million so it reflects pretty well for what would equate to the mid 90s in my game. Keep up the good work
  4. First of all that's an outstanding achievement to do what you have done. Secondly, you should have the stadium named after you and given the keys to city and a job for life which obviously were it real life you would have no matter how you do during the current season.
  5. Does that on mine but i think that means you won't get one straight away.usually you can be successful on appeal. Have a look at the rules in the league rules section.on mine there is a points system where 4 points have to be achieved on appeal to get a permit. For example transfer fee has to be in top 75 percent of league for 2 points etc... easy when you have this info.
  6. 8-0 away at Bayern as Dortmund in a title decider.had to win by 2 goals to take the title so went for it and got absolutely blitzed, was 6-0 down at HT. Never forget it
  7. I am 8 seasons into my save and managing Atalanta in Serie A. Now, this is the first time i have managed in serie A this version of the game but in previous iterations i remember a strict foregin player restriction being in place to like 2 players per season to players outside the EU. Thing is, last season i was able to buy 3 argentinian youngsters and play them no trouble. Then at the start of this season 8 i bought a brazilian them saw the message about certain restrictions which alerted me. Looking in the league rules section though it says no restrictions on matchdays and nothing else on restrictions as you scroll down. Anyone know why this is? Could be a bug or something happened i didn't know about to lift the restrictions? Maybe an unlockable has activated i didn't know about although i have checked and can't see anything. Any help appreciated.
  8. Not sure if this has been brought up already but first of all- Ronaldo is down as icon for Real Madrid when surely he is a legend with all he has achieved and brought to the club over the last decade. Overall looking on the information pages the icons and legend list seems better this edition than last where you had players getting legend status for just being at a club for a few seasons.That said the reason i made this thread is i am 12 years into my save and stumbling onto the real madrid page i see Ronaldo in said icon list then sat above in legends amongst puskas, Zidane, di stefano et al we have Sadio Mane who spent his last 6 seasons at the club, won 1 league title and a spanish cup how can he in any world be classed as above ronaldo is beyond me.
  9. I agree with the point but have found by playing wing backs who are seen as unconvincing in the role if the tactic is solid and the players stats are good in the right areas they still perform very well regardless. I just look at the stats now and go off that
  10. Anybody else finding that since the update there are lots of games where the ball has hit the woodwork loads of times? I had one game where it happened 6 times and many other instances where it did 3 or 4...
  11. I got the Brexit scenario and i have been buying 19/20 year olds from south america no problem by meeting the 8k wage cap. I did notice a few scout reports saying unlikely to gain WP but i think that must be on the assumption you don't want to pay those wages, i have just been ignoring it.
  12. That is my point though, there is no option to do so. You keep going back to scout player and all you get is the same report with only half the stats unmasked and no more info. Pretty much as loren1983 says must be an issue with masking. Another glaring bug (to go with manager starting rep and ghost goals) that should never be allowed to make it through to the full game when you have a beta. If bugs like this were in full fat there would outrage and i doubt people would have to wait until a major update for it to be rectified.
  13. Not sure if im doing something wrong or missed something but scouting seems broken. All reports come back incomplete and not showing full attributes. Also, used to have the option button to keep scouting until you got the full stats but this isn't there. Is this a known issue?
  14. Playing FMT PC and this happens every game, goals being scored with no flashing text or commentary..still not addressed despite being flagged by people since Beta.
  15. Just booted one up and that will be a no. Can't believe this has not been sorted by now, at least half the goals scored just appear without any notice goal flash or commentary...makes it unplayable if you play it in this way. Back to 2018 again.
  16. Has the ghost goals been fixed on commentary or at least down to an acceptable level yet?
  17. I agree. I have gone back to my touch18 save because the ghost goal situation is so annoying.
  18. Hopefully they never add this as to work properly you need all the interaction and extra press which defeats the object of touch.
  19. I watch games commentary only and every game i have a goal or two where it doesn't flash up with the goal on the commentary bar...really annoying and killing the experience for me.
  20. Only the big names. How could you possibly know the ability of all the thousands of players from all over the world and then you have the new gens coming in seasons beyond who of course you wouldn't know.for realism attribute masking is a must and yes, although scouts can be hit and miss they are still very helpful in game.
  21. That is not too far away from my laptop specs, apart from mine is i5 over i3 not sure how much difference that would make. Anyway, on FM18 touch i i got 90 years into a save with nearly all leagues loaded runs pretty quick.i play commentary only so can't really comment on 3d side of things although it didn't seem too bad when i tested it. Imo that machine would be fine if FM touch in 2d or commentary only are all you are using it for...FM full fat and in full detail/3d then probably need to spend more.
  22. Which kits are missing? I know the brazil kits don't work unless you have done the licence work around.
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