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  1. Editor Records Problem

    Hi there, I'm member of community from Croatia where we improve Croatian league experiences with adding many missing information to leagues, clubs and players and adding additional leagues. I have plenty of experience in using editor, but never have i had problems like the one i will describe now so it would be nice if you can give me some advice what to do or how to do. Here is the problem: If I'm adding information to club/records/player records - matches/top league goalscorer in FM Editor and then start the new game with those changes, this same filed ''Top League Goalscorer" under Club/History/Records stays blank for i don't know what reason. I have no problems with other fields like "Most League Apps For Club", "Most League Goals For The Club" even the "most goals in one game" do appear if I add the date and the opposing team. But this one won't show what ever i try. Here is an example: From editor: http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/4700/9wiq.jpg In Game: http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/9360/0k4n.jpg
  2. Transfer dates help

    Yes maybe for money transactions, but for players it is fixed 1.1.2012.-31.1.2012, but the question is how to make these dates fixed in the editor when adding nation rules, i am unable to make it fixed, the dates jump around like crazy, every year there is another start and end date of the transfer window.
  3. Transfer dates help

    How is it possible to create transfer windows to occur always on the same date for example 1.1.2012.-31.1.2012., for some reason this doesn't happen when i set it in my editor when creating nation rules. every year it changes to the 6.1.2012-5.2.2012 or something else, but it is never fixed as in real life.