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    big n bad !!lol

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  1. Cloughies Clan 2011 - The Journey

    bradfords new young manager brian jackson just failed to get his new team promoted, after taking over the reins they were in bottom half of table but a 12 game unbeaten run got then into play offs but over the 2 legs they were beaten convcingly by a good stevenage team
  2. treble wining tactics

    ok sorry about that
  3. treble wining tactics

    i made these myself m8y,hope u enjoy them i have!
  4. treble wining tactics

  5. treble wining tactics

    hmmm didnt realise as its my 1 st time posting tactics!! but join and enjoy thye domination!
  6. treble wining tactics

    just an update on next season ive won the league and champs league double and got beaten by other 2 human players man city and liverpool in carling and fa cup final s
  7. treble wining tactics

    ive been trying to upload the table results etc etc just cant get them onto ere dunno why!! anyways the tactics are very good in possesion,preetty solid defense and score a good amount of goals!! one tactcics is a narrow diamond 4-1-2-1-2 the hulk one is 4-1-3-2
  8. treble wining tactics

    basically i wud start og 80% of matches with the narrow diamond formation and see how the game pans out ie if im getting eaten up down the wings i would change to the 4-1-3-2 tactic and back and forth during the game if same starts happening throught the middle, i always send my ass manager to pre n post match press conference, if im playin away against big teams i would wish team luck, away against average teams we can win this, at home against big teams or derby matches for the fans,at home against weaker teams we can win this just a few pointers on using these tactics
  9. treble wining tactics

    would be nice to hear some feed back from people who use it
  10. treble wining tactics

  11. treble wining tactics

  12. hi all im here to share my tactics with yas!! im currently in an online game with 2 other people im spurs they are man city and liverpool 1 st season i won europa league and finished 6 th in league,2 nd season after tweaking about with my tactics i won league,defended europa league and won carling cup also got beat by chelsea in final of fa cup to stop me doing the QUAD! basically one is thru the middle and the other uses wingers
  13. could some please tell me how to upload a tactic to this site?
  14. FM11 Official Good Strikers thread

    khouma babacar bought this 18 yr old for spurs in january 2nd season 7.5 mill scored 20 goals in all comps helped me too a treble!! he gonna be be amazing! cant wait to develope this monster!
  15. FM11 Official Good Strikers thread

    hulk !! loook no further than this guy for a goal machine!!