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  1. Excellent! I've just downloaded the game and need all the helpi can get
  2. I really like this skin but all the custom skins are making my game crash
  3. I would definitely use that it looks amazing
  4. I can't access any player info on their screens, there is just a blank white bar where the dropdowns should be
  5. I'm going to start a game as Cambridge United. Years ago my mate and i used to play a very basic manager game on the Megadrive and he was always Brighton, I was always Cambridge so i'm going to give it a go and try to get them into the Champions League haha
  6. Will there be an option to make 2 leagues made up of only legends database players so that the English, Scottish, Spanish teams can all play in some sort of super league system? Or is that too complicated?
  7. How do you download from Steam workshop? I cant work out how to do it?
  8. I had to use him for 2 games when Aird got injured and before i had signed Eagles on last day of transfer window. He scored in both games and got MOTM awards in both
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