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  1. [FM13] [RELEASED] Steklo X3

    Looks excellent!!
  2. Started a new long term save with a friend. Using three tactics, Flat 4-4-2 & Two 4-4-2 with AM L&R. Signed only two players in the transfer window with only Nani going out. Signed Gareth Bale for £24m & Lars Bender for £25m. Team performance has generally been OK, Dominating most games but conceding a silly amount of goals to defensive errors, Happens almost every game.
  3. Uploaded with ImageShack.us I have been using the tactic during my latest season in a network save as an away tactic, This is how it's looking so far. Original idea was to give this tactic a go Home & Away but I decided to give it a try as an awayonly tactic, With some good results and very pleasing performances overall. I am finding it very stable in both attack and defence, Particularly defence. Attacking wise the team plays some brilliant football too - I am MUFC however. I'll post up my starting line up and various other things later. I'll continue to update you during the save and be more in depth in my next posts.
  4. Will give this a go in my network game along side my own tactics, Constantly playing against Mr Hough tactics that the other player depends on, Inept comes to mind. Will give you some updates of how I am doing In the games it's used. Used it all pre season with some nice results and performances, Will see how that translate when it matters.
  5. Euro 2012 Predictions: The Quarter Finals

    Thursday 21st June Czech Republic 1-3 Portugal Friday 22nd June Germany 4-0 Greece Saturday 23rd June Spain 0-1 France Sunday 24th June England 1-1 Italy (England)
  6. After countless saves & seasons of trying to take him away from Dortmund without cheating, I managed to finally sign Mario Götze In the January transfer window in 2014. I am playing in a network game currently, Using my own tactics with two downloaded as back up, Mainly due to the fact I am constantly playing against Mr Hough tactics in this save, Only reason the other player is being successful throughout. The purchase of Götze has been amazing for me. In his short time he has lead me to a Treble of League Cup, FA Cup and Premier League in the short time that I have had him. He's been played in a vast number of positions since he signed but this current season I've played him behind Rooney. 22 Apps currently - 15 Goals - 15 Assists. At this rate and in this form, I expect him to break a lot of records. If you've signed him yourself or played a Dortmund save, How was your experiences with him?
  7. [FM12] R skin

    Looks brilliant! Best one I've seen so far