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  1. I´m in 2047 and the player database has gone from 22.000 -> 102.000 without adding leagues. Besides the game runs veeeeeeeeeeery slow at this point.
  2. The my FM16 is having identity problems, cause it hasn´t been fixed on my version :-)
  3. Hi all, Been playing as a LLM and has hit the year 2047. By now the game has become unplayable due to the speed of the game. I have read different post on the subject but havent been able to locate a fix. So my questions are.... - Is there any way to stop the massive database expanding of players (22.000 -> 102.000 without adding leagues)? - Has SI made any statements regarding this problem? - Do anyone have a idea I haven´t read about I will be very happy :-)?
  4. Great patch. Saved my game just before youth pull so when I started up I got the worst bunch of youth playes on both the teams ive was playing. Loaded it again and the same happened. Im playing with Stenhousemuir and Armagh and retried this about twenty times and the best player in Stenhousemuir was a potential 2 star and in Armagh a potential 3½ star. If I earlier tried the same then in 2-4 tries there would have been at least a potential 5 star in each. So has there been changes to youth pull?
  5. When I go on holiday and sets it at "use tactics" "use current team selection", Ive put 8 players on the team and then I thought the Ass. manager would fill out the rest. But he basicly just sets up the team the way he wants. Anyone else noticing this?
  6. Youth Candidates/Intakes

    Does the amount/level of youth coaches have any say over your intake of youth players or is it only recruitment and junior coaching?
  7. Three questions.....

    1) The more money you earn, the more tax you pay. So yes, due to you being in the Euro Cup, you would pay more tax because of more earnings. If you aren't in Europe next season, it should go down abit because your earnings will. I know that if I make more money I will pay more in taxes (although in real life it could be nice if they didnt do that :-). But do my taxes get paid the year after, cause my taxes the year I had the Euro Cup run was quite normal? 2) Ask the board in the interactions. Keep pestering them, every time you can ask them. Other than that, as you gain more money and improve, the board are more likely to improve your facilities. Can I get the same level as Arsenal/Chelsea/Barcelona, etc? 3) Linked to 2 in a certain way. If you improve your team and become successful(winning games, cups etc etc), eventually you may get more fans and money which may persuade the board to improve your facilties. Can I follow the progress somewhere and does something help more than other?
  8. I have searched the web and this forum for answers, but couldnt find them anywhere..... 1) How does the tax work. Suddenly my team is paying a lot in taxes, and we only had a major income last year from an inprobable euro cup run. I read somewhere thats how it works, so that next season my tax will be down to normal. 2) What does it take to improve youth recruitment? And can my Stenhousemuir achieve the same level as fx Rangers or Arsenal? 3) Who do I get a larger fanbase. Buliding stadium, winning games, promotion, player rep, club rep? And can I follow the progress somewhere?
  9. San Marino - The Ultimate Challenge!

    But in FM12 you can add leagues during a save game....is it different with downloaded leagues?
  10. San Marino - The Ultimate Challenge!

    Im already playing a game with Armagh Town where I only can buy Northern Irish players and Crewe where I can only use players from my own youth setup. Does anyone know if I can download and add the San Marino league to my current game?