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  1. You need to download a stadiums pack and then place it in the FM20 folder under 'backgrounds'. All of the packs have instructions on how to install them so just google FM Stadium pack or similar and you should be good to go
  2. Still no dice, game crashes every 4 or 5 days in game. Will give 19.3.3 a go but I'm not holding out any hope, this is beyond ridiculous now. FM 2019 v19.3.2.1201536 (2019.03.10 13.17.34).dmpFM 2019 v19.3.2.1201536 (2019.03.10 16.51.39).dmpFM 2019 v19.3.2.1201536 (2019.03.10 12.31.47).dmp
  3. Files since 19.3.1 including new DXDIAG FM 2019 v19.3.2.1201536 (2019.03.06 19.42.31).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.1.1201167 (2019.03.06 19.23.49).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.2.1201536 (2019.03.06 20.22.29).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.1.1201167 (2019.03.05 21.35.51).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.2.1201536 (2019.03.06 19.57.08).dmp DxDiag.txt
  4. So the game has been completely unplayable on my Dad's laptop since the initial winter update. Even prior to this it had been crashing on a regular basis. I've had to dial in on teamviewer every night trying to solve the issue. He has an Asus-FX55VVDI5 w/ 7300HQ, 1050, 8GB RAM I have: -Updated Graphics Driver (Nvidia 1050) -Updated W10 from version 1803 to 1809 -Updated all other drivers/devices -Removed additional graphics/files -Verified Game Cache -Joined public Beta -Ran in windowed mode -Uninstall / Reinstall FM19 -Uninstall / Reins
  5. When the game is a beta for the first 5 months of its release every year people have a right to bitch about it. Not worth purchasing until April when it's a few quid on steam.
  6. That;s what i have to do on my old man's laptop every SI release a broken patch. It's the only thing that seems to work instead of 'graphics drivers' as the supposed solution to all FM issues.
  7. Just getting back into a new save so I'm going to play around with my club again before I do a long term save but it doesn't look like you can ship out as easily as you could on the previous patches as there isn't much interest in the players who aren't on loan. You can probably sell Ritchie and Diame but realistically it's not worth it. 75% transfer revenue available which only gets increased to 90% if Ashley agrees. Be a decent save hoping for a good takeover.
  8. @Felix Wilkie it's started doing it again as soon as I moved from low to medium graphics. I genuinely cannot see any reason why that is affecting the save function though. it appears to be working ok on low graphics but obviously the ME looks pretty pants when the GPU is set to low.
  9. Did you find anything @Felix Wilkie? Since my OP I have disabled Windows Game Bar, Reinstalled DX9 files and removed Steam Workshop Add On - Gibraltar League. Additionally I have dropped graphics down to low. It has let me save twice (once after a match) which it hasn't done before. Hopefully this will continue to work but the initial save bar seems to take a while and looks like it could go one way or another. Also with graphics set to low, all the players are black. Is this a bug or a byproduct of running on low graphics. Will try higher later if this continues to remain
  10. @Felix Wilkie I uploaded it yesterday under Broken Game.FM
  11. Hi Felix, Have tried with and without any custom graphics. Windowed and full screen mode have made no difference. Graphics quality has been changed from automatic to medium to low and still no different. I can holiday through season after season with a 2 week autosave and the game just churns along. As soon as I start doing anything in game, particularly after a match, any save attempt results in the game closing with the same error message. Ben
  12. The game is completely unplayable and is beyond a joke now. Have had issues with it since release. The game crashes when I attempt to save the game, particularly after a match. So far I have completed the following: Updated Graphics driver Updated all Windows drivers Deleted Cache, Deleted Preferences, Verified Cache Uninstalled Windows, reinstalled, updated all drivers Ran DDU removed all nvidia drivers, reinstalled driver 390.77 without GeForce experience Issue exists regardless of added graphic packs or add ons Running no AV software
  13. I've been playing around with it all day (it's my dad's laptop he bought on my recommendation last November within budget). Got it off him yesterday and I've got it running again with added logos and kits etc. The nvidia drivers don't appear to be the issue. GeForce Experience seems to be causing the conflict. Removed it and not had (touch wood) an issue since. I'm not sure if it's the in game overlay (both enabled or disabled) that was causing the issue or whether there was a conflict elsewhere with the system and GE.
  14. Wish I'd seen this thread before you bought the laptop, this laptop will not run FM 18. I have tried absolutely everything with it, drivers updated, BIOS updated, GPU driver uninstalled / reinstalled. All the asus bloatware removed, all facepacks etc removed back to vanilla version of game, game uninstall / reinstall all the way to a full windows reinstall. The game crashes on save or after around 7 days. This laptop in day to day running is great for the price but should NOT be recommended for FM18.
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