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  1. Thanks mate! Life saver! I'm sure they'll sort this out but I'm going to the Lakes tomorrow for a week and was hoping to get some game time! Thought I'd knackered it!
  2. Nope that didn't work. I think I broke it! Even when I reinstall it reloads Switch mode and I can't change back!
  3. I've had to uninstall and reinstall. I quit the game an restarted but it was still on Switch skin with no [obvious] way of changing it back! Not a good start, but I'm sure it will be all good!
  4. I have FM Touch 19 running. Just selected "Console" skin and now i'm stuck in Nintendo Switch controls and can't get out!
  5. wife on night shift - check kids finished school - check (no packed lunches to make or uniform to iron) beer in fridge - check on holiday for until a week on Monday - check tonight is going to be a good night...
  6. Yes definitely this. Same for me. I was hoping for the best last night and had some good chat whilst I waited with other middle aged men who were waiting for news too. Then we got the no go announcement, I left and did other stuff. Like you, I hope it will be tonight. If they announce it isn't going to be, it's not the end of the world.
  7. right I'm off to perv at the girls on the Apprentice, whilst laughing at their combined stupidity (along with the boys)
  8. oh well, that's that guys. Early night tonight, tomorrow could be a late one!
  9. I remember having about a million Mel Sterlands in his Sheffield Weds shirt in my Panini album. I could have wallpapered the house with him!
  10. Anstoss (On The Ball in UK) was a great game too. Very immersive. There was a game out on the BBC Micro in the 80's called "Soccer Supremo" which differed from every game before or since in that the players didn't have numbered stats but had descriptions in a little book that came with the game - can still remember some of their names now! It was great. Appalling by today's standards but very good at the time!
  11. 30 years ago we had David Pleat as manager. That makes me emotional, but not in a good way!
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