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  1. I played with what I think was an earlier version of the tactic (default Control rather than Standard). On that tactic most of my goals were scored from crosses from my full backs. I was also conscious of what I think I have seen mentioned here that my AMR was performing alot better than my AML. Even though I kept the Inside Forward duty I also seemed to perform better with non-inverted wingers. Ie I would get alot of goals from my right footed right winger running on to through balls and hitting it into the far corner. I am now playing with the latest version posted. I am doing just about OK - but my full backs are far less effective. They get forward, but they don't seem to contribute as much. I also seem to get alot of situations where my inside forwards end up right on the goal line and try to shoot from an impossible angle.
  2. Looked like I was going to get relegated with Crystal Palace after not really being given the funds to improve the squad, but luckily when things were looking bleak West Ham offered me a job (they were 14th or so). Stabilized them and finished 11th which was in line with my expectations when I took the job. My centre backs constantly get massively rave ratings, (9s even, especially Tomkins). I've reworked the squad for my first full season in charge of West Ham. I'm doing decently, defense seems very solid but as we've seen above, when I win it does tend to be the odd goal, and the board and fans don't much like the 0-0 that seem to happen quite often as well, which sometimes consist of 4-5 shots for each team only, (and no CCCs). To be fair although my central midfielders are good, my wingers and strikers could do with improving.
  3. I too remember Supernova fondly. I think this tactic is great - some tactics I download from here may get a striker to score 100 goals a season, 50 of which come from a near post header at a corner but this is exactly what alot of people need I think, a decent solid tactic, which you can use as a starting point to build your squad. I had become very frustrated with the match engine, not because I couldn't find a super tactic that could win everything, but because I felt even a realistic Tactic Creator tactic had my teams underperforming (despite players reacting well to teamtalks etc). However I'm pleased to say I just completed my first season with this tactic to great success, getting promoted with Crystal Palace after finishing 6th in the championship. Perhaps not a huge achievement given how they are doing in real life, but considering their prediction in-game I (and the board) are happy.
  4. I used this tactic for a few games and looked fairly interesting and definitely fairly solid. I just wondered what you do if you go behind as it doesn't really lend itself to breaking down opposition if they decide 1 goal is enough for them.
  5. Quick development question for you guys. How do you guys balance first team football with better schedules. ie: Youngsters that arent good enough to play for you yet. Loaning them out gets them first team experience, but will mean they wont be on optimal schedules. Will I see better resutls by loaning out, or by playing in reserves with better schedules? Obviously not a problem with Rooney like prospects, which can play in first team from 17+ but I do have a few players for whom this is a big issue.
  6. I know overall workload isnt something that has been discussed in great detail in this particular thread, but as theres so much knowledge about training in this thread I thought I would ask here. What I have been doing so far, is after making the adjustments to the SFraser schedules based on the miscalculations, adjusting the workload up to the point at which distortion appears. For most of the schedules this is about four clicks before one (or more) of the individual sliders increases. My question is, do these clicks actually have any effect. As the overall workload does increase individual sliders if you increase it enough, do changes to overall workload that do not effect the individual sliders have any effect. I really havent phrased this well, but I hope you can catch my meaning.
  7. In response to people talking about aerial ability, I would say it was a bonus, but not necessary. For example my Portsmouth game, (a pretty good test for a tactic!) my 1st choice front three is: Piquionne Kanu Utaka So say Utaka pulls out into the right channel, as he does alot (AMR/ST), both Piquionne and Kanu are decent headers, and they have both popped up with goals from Utakas crosses and from full back crosses as well. But as a proportion these goals are very low, even though they are both very decent headers by striker standards - so I would say a bonus for all three positions, especially for the central striker, but not a requirement at all. I like the tactic (using classic) so far though check out this: 16 games in You know the tactic must be good, because its certainly not the player Overall I'm currently 5th with 27 points from 16 games, not bad considering I mean the squad is just woeful. Best result so far is below, I also got a 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge! Sadly I havent had a big money takeover yet, in another game Pompey got bought out by a super rich Italian businessmen (I have to admit, I was secretly hoping for that). May have to sell players in January, theres alot of interest in Wilson and Belhadj.
  8. I made all the revised (STR 3, AER 5) training schedules the other day, with the intention of uploading for the people that have been asking, then I noticed I had somehow managed to fill in AER as 4 on the Prozone sheet because I'm an idiot. The numbered sliders for tactics skin is hopefully being updated to include training, so that might make creating schedules off the spreadsheet easier. I thought it might be nice to actually create the schedules using a program based off the spreadsheet but I dont know if there is any way of writing to a TSH file from outside FM. I tried to open one in text editor and only the names of the schedules are understandable, and thats where my programming expertise ends
  9. That is a great summary, thanks so much. I feel like I understand much better now. Players have a natural bias against certain training due to their position thus the SFraser schedules assign greater weight to those harder to train attributes to attain balance. This perfectly explains the need to have an additional role bias, which could be influenced by an individual managers tactics, and preference for stats in different positions (although as a guide the attributes highlighted by the game as being important to a role could have the bias, which I think are the ones used in ProZone's squad analasys tool. Does this imply that under the current schedules a young centre backs finishing and tackling (just selecting a random unimportant, and important attribute respectively) should improve at roughly the same rate? (Just when I think I have a handle on things, my brain throws another question into the mix). By your explaination I think it would, but I have been using the schedules for a while and have always observed predominantly the most effective stats increasing more, so I assumed the schedules had already been weighted after being balanced.
  10. @ProZone Thanks very much for your quick and clear response, I just have some more questions in relation to the points you raised. I hope you dont mind How is 'Role Bias' distinguished from 'Focus'? It was my understanding that Focus was already biased towards roles, just that under SFrasers original schedules the roles were more loosely defined. Also what do you define a "balanced" schedule as? For me a balanced schedule would be the same for every role (thus more akin to 'baseline'), in that it implies even improvement across all attributes. Im embarassed to say I havnt seen any of your previous work on overall workload, but it would be my inclination to maximize workload subject to unhapiness with workload on an average player (unless you were going to individualise schedules). I have no idea what governs unhappiness with workload but I would assume professionalism, work rate etc.
  11. I'm really still struggling to get to grips with this thread! First point: looking at ProZone's excel sheet, it seems now that natural fitness is untrainable, and therefore Strength's baseline should be 3 for outfield, (instead of 4 as currently listed) correct? Second point: I still dont really get how players improve given certain weights. It seems to me the training system is biased in favour of the categories that have fewer attributes, in that relatively speaking you could pump those alot more? (A full slider of strength relatively is higher than a full slider of aerobic) I would love to get involved in making more specialised schedules to add to SFraser's current weightings, (people have talked about an anchorman, wingback, box-box MF, wide midfielder), but I'm not sure I fully understand what determines whether an attribute will grow. If we assume Strength has 3 trainable attributes and aerobic has 6, then setting Strength to 6 and aerobic to 6 means that strength has double the focus as I understand it, so for every one point gained in aerobic attributes, two points should be gained in strength attributes? Say I left every other slider on zero, and this was a young player with plenty of spare CA to gain. This would be a very low intensity training programme, so would they gain at all? Im so confused I think I better leave it to the pro's!
  12. What would you advise doing with a 26-30 year old who only plays backup for the first team, and doesnt play many games in a season. Doesnt seem to fit any of the categories.
  13. Sorry for my complete lack of knowledge with regards to training, but could you briefly explain the injury routines. It was my understanding that the game automatically stopped the players training at all when they were injured. I hope I havnt been putting my poor players through rigorous training during injury this whole time
  14. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Dimastiy: there is no mid-season re-ranking, there is full adapt to tactic! when i change it to 4-1-3-2, as Fuss says, im winning but when in my profile tactic changes to 4-1-3-2 i begin to lose all!!! matches, now im changing me tactic every matche cause they adapt very soon ! thats game is real stupiD! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I've played Minimal FuSS V4 (Tweaked) for every single game from the start of the game until 2012 without ever noticing a re-rank or tactical adjustment. I only change shape IN game when im leading or of course when I have a player sent off. Are you making Tweaks to your tactics on the team talk screen? Because that can really through the AI when they have tried to counter your tactic exactly.
  15. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by cockers: using v4 with villa currently 2nd using carew as target with agbonlahor as free role striker awesome average a goal a game each and rating of 7.5 only loss too arsenal many thanks only problem is my dc(knight and mellberg) get stung by quick strikers tried dropping back but no joy any suggestions much appreciated p.s keep up the great work mate </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I now play with my defenders very deep, between 1 and 4 on the scale, whatever their pace. I have found this works for me against any type of striker. I have never found you need particularly fast defenders on this tactic, and that sturdy strong centre backs were more important. In my Portsmouth game (in which i finally won league and champions league) the centre back pairing is Jack Hobbs and Steven Taylor, neither of whom are lightning quick by any means. Perhaps it would help if you told us what type of goals were being scored against you. If there are alot of through balls to fast strikers then dropping deeper (and maybe in real life anyway getting a keeper with better rushing out). If the fast strikers are going past you then the centre backs generally need better tackling and anticipation.
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