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  1. This achievement does my head in, never managed it in FM12 or 13. Very rare that I'm 2-0 down at HT but usually finishes 2-2/3-3 etc. Few occasions I've been 2-0 down at 40mins but score before half time and then go on to win... Even more annoying that once I have been 2-0 up at HT and lost. ~1200 Hours across both games played
  2. Carlos Fierro More hope than anything. So good in 12 and 13 :c
  3. Zavvi are ridiculously terrible, I have enough credit with them from previous mistakes to get the game free but its just not worth the hassle.
  4. 2x6870, i5 3570k and 16GB RAM cost me ~£700 about 8 months ago and runs 36 leagues fine with 4.5 star performance So 8GB 1 powerful graphics card and a decent processor is what you will need and affordable on £500 easily enough provided you're not including 10TB of storage array and 3 24" monitors. As mentioned the i7 3770k is an excellent processor and a good starting point for ~£210. Decent card can be <£100 and £40 for the memory.
  5. Jan Vertonghen is a 100% must buy in any game I play but Willian & Christian Eriksen have also done very well in multiple games.
  6. Are you man united by any chance? Their 'other' expenses are used for buying injury time, penalties, red cards etc
  7. Yes especially defenders, Vermaelen/Koscielny/Vertonghen have attracted huge interest from Madrid/Barca - I've just sold Mertesacker for £15m in the summer of 2015 & back in 2013 i sold Ryo Miyachi for £10m without playing him
  8. Highest i've had is 180m in 2014 at newcastle after takeover LOL at some of the above
  9. Glad you reached your target I saw this on twitter and signed it a few days ago.
  10. Keep trying and locking your terms and letting the agent walk away, if they are good terms and the agent just doesn't like you the players should just leave the agent.
  11. Arsenal Have some kind of insane mega-boost at home, i beat Real Madrid 5-0 in the second Leg CL in one save and just this morning this.... E: I was without Song & Walcott
  12. 2014 in all 7 of my saves so far, same with wenger.
  13. Stopped doing them to stop the negative reactions and would rather save the time
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