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  1. Can I have people's views on this please: https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/ideapad/l-series/IdeaPad-L340-15IRH-Gaming/p/81LK001YUK Price would be £566
  2. From memory he was transfer listed, I was surprised myself too!
  3. Hello lads, I've been playing with Newcastle the last 2 1/2 seasons but yet to post on this thread, mainly been lurking in the shadows and reading everyone else's progress. Thought I'd finally share how I'm getting on. First season managed to scrape promotion by the skin of my teeth. We was down to 7/8th on the last day, needed to win and pray other results went our way. Amazingly, and I've no idea how, Cardiff who were down in 17th, managed to bag an 84th minute winner away against QPR allowing us to grab the last play-off spot with a better goal difference of +1. It was one of the most exciting moments I've had on FM in the 10+ years I've played it! From there we dominated the play-offs, winning both semi-final legs comfortably against Birmingham before brushing past Fulham 2-0 in the final. Second season made a big shuffle of the squad getting rid of the dead wood. Raised a lot of funds and re-spent them wisely. We managed to finish 11th, didnt rally look like challenging any higher and was never in trouble of going down. I was satisfied with mid table. In third season I'm currently 13 games in sitting 13th. We've had an up and down start, I'm hoping the squad will settle and kick on after chirstmas. Hoping to acheive a Europa league spot but with the start we've had it may be a bit too much this year. I'll post all my transfers below from the 3 seasons: 1st: 2nd 3rd My starting XI at full strength currently looks like this: Notable mentions have to go out to Kevin Lasagna. Paid £2.5m for him and he scored 26 in 31 for me coming second in the top scorer charts. Way outperforms his stats and I'd recommend him massively. Jenkinson has remained consistent since he was bought and Atsu is a monster currently valued at £25m. His stats in the 3 seasons for me are played 88, assists 30 and scored 20. Disappointed I haven't been able to play Rajkovic and Mauricio Lemos as both were declined a WP (I confirmed without realising). Hoping they'll get one soon or I'll have to sell. Thanks for those who read, will update you again soon!
  4. Can I ask how you got a work permit for Rajkovic please? I have him with my Newcastle save 2nd season and it keeps getting rejected every time.
  5. benhig: unfortunately not, we finished 5th which I would have taken pre-season as it got us into Europe. For a recommendation for a left winger I suggest Gribbin from Man Utd. He's done very well for me and has developed into a wonderkid. He's also a good AP too should you need him to fill in there too.
  6. Chris, excellent singing in Jones. I'm a big fan of him on this game and I'm sure he'll do great for you. Interested to see how you do in Europe, when I qualified after winning the FA Cup we went out at the group stage in a tough group. How are your facilities at the minute?
  7. End of Season 3: 2017/18 So, season 3 finished. All in all a fairly uneventful season and we remained consistent throughout knocking around the top half of the table before a final position of 8th. Unfortunately we never looked like hitting the top 4, that was always out the question, but we definitely had an outside shot at finishing in the Europa League. Just after Christmas I hit 6th but it didn't last long and our form dipped towards the end of the season due to playing some of the big clubs (Chelsea, Tottenham, Everton) all away within the last 5 games. I was disappointing at not qualifying but we probably didn't deserve it to be honest. We had another good run in the FA Cup reaching the semi-final but loosing to Chelsea. League cup we was knocked out by Norwich (who I now dislike a lot!) Squad wise I was very happy with Guillaume who's now labelled the next Lukaku. He scored 20 PL gls in 37 appearances which was a good record for a new young striker. Lincoln is now a regular first team player and he is improving every month. And Lucas Silva who came in to replace Kranevitter looking back was a good decision, he's very consistent and was a good replacement. Start of Season 4: 2018/19 Started this season with a budget of about £35m. Didn't want to make many signings as I was happy with the squad. Had a £15m fee agreed with Man Utd for Gribbin and I thought he was worth the fee. I could probably sell him for a similar fee if he doesn't turn out how I think he will. Guidetti had been on my list for a while and will compete with Guillaume for the complete forward role. Wilshire was a very spur of the moment signing and after seeing him on the list of released players I couldn't turn him away when I found out he was interested. He's at a good age (26), has good experience and despite his injury record is a quality player. His value immediately jumped to £17m too and is still an England regular. I wanted another forward of a similar calibre to Gayle, a striker who has a bit of pace about them and can break the defensive line. Someone a bit different to Guillaume and Guidetti. This is the lad I went with, Ze Gomes, only 19 and will hopefully develop nicely this season. And finally, my big summer signing, Odegaard. At £24.5m he's broken the record transfer fee, but I'm hoping he'll develop into a world star like he did for me on FM15. He was transfer listed and I found it too difficult to say no. I probably didn't really need him, but it was too tempting.
  8. Gutted. I know it's a lot of money but he was my captain and a real consistent performer. Thankfully had time to get a replacement in... Wasn't happy having to spend 80k p/w in wages but he only cost me £5m. Oh, and Benteke rejected me for Norwich who also beat me to the signing of Guidetti in the summer . To be fair tho they have offered him £140kp/w in wages which is double what he agreed with me! All in all not the best window I've had to go through!
  9. Thanks mate, shame about you missing out on Lincoln but I see you've got Tielemans who isn't interested in joining me despite been transfer listed for £10m Yes I thought that myself when I saw your update! I've changed the full backs as I like them to get forward and overlap something they wasn't doing when set to automatic.
  10. 2016/17 REVIEW Hi all, just finished my second season. Fairly uneventful but still pleased. Made big changes to the squad getting rid of a lot of the original squad due to the fact apart from a few they really aren't good enough to push on to the next level. Here is how my season finished: We started off fairly slowly but got going around December time when the new signings started to settle in. We never really looked like pushing into the top 7 but never came anywhere near the bottom 3 either. I'm fairly happy with a mid-table finish as that was my aim for the first season. Gayle again continued his fine scoring record for me in the PL. Despite him not playing as many games he still got 17 overall and 12 in 30 games in the league. We seemed to have no trouble scoring goals it was just the conceding that let us down. I struggled settling with what I would consider my first XI. The wide positions were always easy but I changed the spine of the team on a regular basis due to lack of form etc. However towards the last 10 games this was my go to XI. Before I go any further I'll post my transfers too. As you can see spent a LOT. However also got a decent return too on some players and tried to replace them with a younger/better version. Stand out signings would have to be Begovic; who come in as a very good replacement for McGregor, Olsson; who added a bit of much needed creativity in the midfield (I owe this thread to him, thanks for recommending him), Benteke; who came in January on loan and was an absolute BEAST scoring a ridiculous 14 goals in 16 games winning my player of the year award easily. I had a future fee of £6.5m agreed but he wanted over 100k p/w which I declined to give him at first. I'm desperate for him to get listed at Liverpool tho and hopefully get him this season at some point. And finally Kranevitter who I signed in FM15 but never got to play due to him not getting a work permit. He was transfer listed by Athletic Madrid and is showing some real promise. I'm sure most of you know who this kid is anyway but I have to give him a mention as he's developing really well. He didn't always feature last year but he's going to a lot more this season. Only 18 and already looking a heck of a player. 2017/18 Just played the first 2 games of my third season. The training and youth facilities have been upgraded and we've now bought the stadium which is expanded to 30,000. I've made some more changes to the squad. Butland has come in to challenge/back up Begovic. I really wanted to strengthen the defence which is why I've signed 3 centre backs. I have always been a fan of the two Greek beasts and Mbemba has plenty of time to improve. I like to have 4 centre backs which I now have in the 2 Greeks, Mbemba and Maguire with Van Dijk as just an emergency back up. Bender was a free and I thought he was too good to say no to and Guillaume is my alternative to Benteke. Hagi is another player I've got a lot of hope will improve and be the future of the squad. In case you haven't seen him before (unlikely) here he is I'll rotate the squad a lot but this is likely to be my first choice line up: I'm now very happy with the squad. Think we have a good mixture of youth and experience so hopefully will push on for Europe this year and maybe a cup of some sort. Really enjoying the save tho!
  11. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Benteke Your Team: Hull City Buyer/Seller: Liverpool Player's Value: £13m Offer: £6.5m Transfer/Wage Budget: £8m left, already made plenty of signings as im in January Patch: Season: 2nd (January Window)
  12. 2015/16 UPDATE OVERVIEW Well what a season I had. Started off very average and was close to the sack around January time. Allam sold up and I was positive I was going to lose the job as we was doing very poor at the time. I couldn't seem to find a tactic that worked well for us but it all changed against when played Sunderland away in the FA Cup and drew even tho we dominated the game. It was the 9th January and at this point we was 15th in the league, with a record of 8 W, 6D and 10L. I then changed to a 5-3-2 formation and the turn around was incredible going on a run of 14W, 4D 3L. We knocked Sunderland out of the FA Cup 2-0, followed by Brentford 2-1, Leicester 1-0, Man Utd 3-1, Bournemouth 5-2 and beating QPR 2-1 in the FA Cup Final (despite loosing 1-0 and being down to 10 men at the 70th minute!). Not only that, but we continued to rise up the league table from 15th to the playoff stages and after a dramatic final day, we finished 2nd on goal difference, a position we had never reached at any other point during the season! It was something that pre-season I thought we would have achieved but mid-way through it looked very unlikely. I was absolutely over the moon to get us back to the PL and be crowned FA Cup winners too! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRANSFERS Transfer wise I didn't make that many additions or outgoings. I thought the squad was strong in most areas and didn't want to make massive changes. Here's who I bought and sold: My main signing as you can see was Gayle. I thought he'd add a bit of competition up front with Hernandez but got off to a slow start when I was playing a different formation. However after January he was on fire! I played him in the false 9 position with Hernandez as the AF and he finished the season overall with 33 goals in 48 appearances, scoring 30 in 44 in the league coming second in the scoring charts behind Le Fondre who scored 35. He cost me pretty much all the budget but he was without a doubt worth every penny. I'd recommend him to others who are looking for a striker to do well in the Championship. I also signed a back up keeper in Johnstone who was good for me in FM15. He didn't play that much and I wont be singing him this year. Marveaux was another good edition who finished with 6 goals and 6 assists in 34 appearances. He was used more when I needed a goal after half time and wanted someone with a bit more creativity in the midfield. I won't be signing him but he did a job for me and pop up with the winner a few times which proved to be vital. Outgoings, nothing special to note. Townsend and Lenihan did well in the Scottish leagues winning player of the year and young player of the year respectively. Will use them both as back ups this season. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SQUAD OVERALL My starting XI looked like this: GK: McGregor DC: Dawson DC: Davies DC: Maguire WBR: Elmo/Odubajo WBL: Robertson* DLP: Huddlestone BWM: Livermore CM(A): Diame/Marveaux F9: Gayle AF: Hernandez* Notable mentions also go out to Robertson and Hernandez. Robertson destroyed the left flank for me and will stay with me for a long time. Regularly popped up with assists from crosses and scored the winner in the FA Cup final in the 85th minute so will always be a legend. Hernandez took a while to get going but finished the season with 13 goals in 33 appearances. That said he's going to be sold due to his inconsistency and I feel I could get someone else better for the money I sell him for. Overall had a really fun first season and finished on a massive high at 4am in the morning. Will give another update soon about the signings I made for the PL, but the new owner who came in at January has given me a budget of £25m so they will be a few!
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