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  1. I'd like to see your vision of the narrow 433, for me a get a goal formation which never work.
  2. "Changed it to gegenpress and now smashing each team" can you show your team ?
  3. Hi Experienced defender, and what would be your "couple variants of the tactic" ? truly Yours
  4. Thank you, i like also to play with two kind of tactic, fast counter and a more possession oriented. coming back to getting beter players, how exactly do you proceed, do you create some filters or do you select players based on their determination, decision and work rate ?
  5. Hi, You said " We have mostly played a 4-1-4-1 (more details below), but the roles, duties and team instructions have changed a lot over the seasons. We've played deep defending counter attacking football, possession oriented high pressing football, and everything in between." Do you have succesful examples to share ?
  6. Thank you, i ll try that. what about the role ?
  7. between 9 and 11 which i think is good for 8th level
  8. Thanks, i have choosen players with high determination, decision and work rate. i'm playing at 8th level so i want to keep it simple direct 442 with high pressure and speed. what do you think of the players roles ?
  9. I'd like to play a direct attacking 442 with gegenpressing and counter
  10. I play Counter press when the opposition play positive or offensive, Lower line of engagement to be more compact. would you put the BtB in place of the CMS ?
  11. yes I look for helt with TI and the players roles are they ok in your opinion ?
  12. Could you please helpt me to upgrade my 442 Direct ?
  13. Hi, you specified in your nd post " I will however be open to changing tactics if I see its efficiency waning and have a 4-1-2-3 Wide and 4-2-3-1 in the arsenal ready to unleash on the opposition if required". could you precise your 4-1-2-3 Wide and 4-2-3-1 ? and when are you using them ? truly yours
  14. Thanks a lot, I'm following your approach with Bacup in level 10 and it's worging well. trying to win the prem as soon as possible...
  15. Thanks for the update. are your tactics still the same. could we have an update. Dom
  16. With my positive 442 I always struggle against defensive team how do play slow tempo ? short passing ? work ball into box ?
  17. Thanks, I d like to make a defensive tac but i lack the time thanks anyway for sharing
  18. One of the best tactic out here ! Thanks do you plan to make a 442 ?
  19. Hi Mr U Rosler, like for previous fm do you have any recomended attributs for the players ? thanks
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