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  1. Le 13/11/2020 à 12:13, Icy a dit :

    Tactic looks good and balanced, and if you match it with the required players, you just have a winning formula for that team, not an exploit. 

    The midfield pair as said before is key imho for the 4-2-3-1 as well. Usually we see FM players playing too aggressive and have the need of using a midfield with a b2b and advanced playmaker or mezzala instead of a contaning midfield as it should. In that formation the attack and creative must be provided by the AMC, ALR, AML and FW while the midfield pair needs to be there to provide cover, avoid counters and recicle the ball, specially if your wingbacks also go up the filed to provide width. That is also why the 4-2-3-1 version with two DMs work well.

    In fact probably the main "problem" is not the tactic but morale. If you start winning and your players morale maxes up, and you don't screw it in team talks or press releases so they don't get overconfident, it's easy to maintain winning streaks that boost your morale so you win more etc in a loop effect, specially visible for strikers.

    In FM20 at least, morale plays a huge role and there are some threads questioning it already. As a test, you can try a new save with same players and same tactic and if you don't start winning soon, you might see that the same tactic is effective but not as "overpowered" without the moral boost from the initial wins. 

    I started my last save in FM20 in the lowest uk league, started winning a few games with a balanced tactic and then kept the streak for like 20 games until I got bored of the "easy" wins and decided to abandon the save as it was looking unrealistic to me.

    Icy, what was this balanced tactic ?

  2. Le 03/10/2020 à 10:33, ahmed.sg a dit :

    Yeah I definitely got a lot of yellow cards for fullbacks initially, especially at right back, but not as much now as personnel changed.

    That's how I initially set it up but N'dombele has "prefers to play on the left of a two man midfield" and Skipp has the same but for the right, so I switched them. I used to have Florentino Luis at CMd who also preferred the left so I put him there but since he's gone (Real came in with too much money to refuse and he wanted to leave) I switched. I might switch the roles on the flanks (for separate reasons) which would naturally mean the CMd is back on the same side as the attacking fullback, we'll see.

    Only PI is "dribble more" for N'dombele because I want him to carry the ball, though if that can be achieved otherwise I'm happy to drop it as it feels wrong to ask a holding player to dribble, though the Tactics Creator doesn't flag up the "conflicting instructions" thing it does with other stuff so who knows maybe it's fine. I drop that PI when someone else is playing DLPs (Winks, usually) though.

    Lots of PPMs, I may have gone overboard in fact, because eventually my coaches kept telling me the players "have enough about their game" so let me know if I should have them unlearn some in your opinion.

    RB (CWBs): run with ball down right, get forward whenever possible, run with ball often

    LB (CWBa): run with ball down left, get forward whenever possible, run with ball often, get into opposition area, knock ball past opponent, move ball to left foot before dribble attempt, tries tricks

    CB (CDd): plays short simple passes, stays back at all times, runs with ball rarely, refrains from long shots

    CB (BPDd): just realised I haven't taught De Ligt the stuff I taught his predecessor yet

    CM (CMd): plays short simple passes, dives into tackles 

    CM (DPLs): plays one-twos, dictates tempo, looks for pass rather than attempting to score, knocks ball past opponent, likes ball played into feet

    RW (IWa): run with ball through centre, moves into channels, tries killer balls often, tries tricks, runs with ball often, cuts inside from right wing

    AM (SSa): run with ball through centre, gets into opposition area, gets forward whenever possible, tries tricks, runs with ball often

    LW (IWs): run with ball down right (he had that, didn't teach him), places shots, likes to round keeper, cuts inside from left wing, moves ball to right foot before dibble (he had that also I think)

    ST (CFs): moves into channels

    Do you use any OI or tweak during game ?

  3. Il y a 18 heures, pheelf a dit :


    Linfield F.C.

    SEASON 2062 / 2063



    The focus has to be on keeping our domestic dominance going and making it 3 in a row in the Champions League. The purpose of which to build up the size of the clubs fan base and initiate the need for a new bigger stadium so that I can leave the desired legacy at the club.



    League Table - In the end, we just got over the line with a final day win guaranteeing us the title but I feel we got lucky this season. Going into the split we was in 2nd with Glenavon leading the way. It was only due to a spectacular late season collapse from Glenavon which gave us the ability to overtake them. This was a frustrating season filled with little annoyances along the way. For e.g., being 2-0 up against Portadown only to let it slip and draw 2-2, regularly losing to our closest rivals and dropping points against relegation candidates. If we are to avoid such a close finish again we will need to rediscover our consistency and stop dropping needless points given how much more consistent our competition has become.

    Ballymena United beat Cliftonville in the UEFA Conference League playoff final 1-0 to secure a place in Europe while Crusaders stayed up thanks to a 3-1 aggregate win over Newington in the relegation playoff. It was a shame to see Donegal Celtic relegated but if you only win 3 games for the whole season then what do you expect.

    UEFA Champions League - This was tough but that fighting spirit we've developed over the last few seasons seemed to inspire us to glory making it a hat trick of wins. The draw for the group stage was kind and we were able to top the group relatively easily. Expecting an easier draw against a runner up for the 1st Knockout Round I was therefore disappointed when we drew Juventus.

    After the 1st leg, I was feeling even further crushed given we had no away goals and a one goal deficit to make up. I knew we needed a strategy to turn the game around and when I saw them fielding a defensive mentality with a 4-1-4-1 formation for the 2nd leg I decided to make some alterations to my tactic. I dropped the mentality to Balanced to have a more patient and considered attack knowing that they weren't going to press my players as aggressively. I also took off the Be More Expressive team instruction to stop my players needlessly gifting them back possession when attempting risky passes and roaming out of position with such regularity. It seemed to do the trick and we pulled off a great performance to comfortably win the game and the tie.

    Into the quarter finals, I was quite pleased when we drew Schalke 04 as I felt they were one of the weakest teams left in the competition. My confidence in our ability to beat them proved to be well founded as we coasted to a comfortable aggregate win which set up a semi-final against another German opponent. RB Leipzig are a completely different animal however and this was shown when we lost the 1st leg. I knew we were going to need another special performance to turn it around and we managed it to get to the final.

    On paper, it should have been easier to beat Bayern Munich than RB Leipzig given that they finished runners up in the Bundesliga to RB Leipzig but actually this game was much more difficult. We had a number of injuries with our first choice right back Kobrowski missing, our first choice deep lying forward Schmitt out and our first choice left back Burgel still suffering from an arm injury with him having to use protective equipment to even be select able. Then of course we had players like Tula and Acebal who weren't really match fit which all added to the headache of picking a side for the final.

    Therefore it was to my great shock when we scored within 3 minutes. The lead didn't last very long however as within 10 minutes they were level. This had me concerned that the game was too open and if the game was going to become a shooting gallery that we would eventually lose. As a result, I made some tactical changes to try and stifle the game. The first of which being to try and play over their high press so I instructed both my fullbacks to play more direct passes and that seemed to give us more possession and a bit more of a foothold in the game.

    That change seemed to settle the game down and instead of having regular highlights as we faced attack after attack that reduced the number of their attacks down quite significantly. I was successful in turning the game into a war of attrition and that mindset allowed us navigate our way to extra time. I would have been happy to settle for penalties given our decent record at those but I was very pleased when Tula lobbed a header over their goalkeeper after a defensive mistake to give us the lead. We only needed to hold on for another 15 minutes so I locked it down. I took off Tula and brought on another central midfielder in Malesa, changed both fullbacks onto defend duty, the right winger onto support duty and that seemed to work as we they never really threatened to get the equalizer. A brilliant result and an excellent campaign overall, more of the same again please.

    UEFA Super Cup - I didn't enjoy this game at all, we went from winning to drawing to winning again then drawing again, back to winning in the shootout only to end up losing overall. A disappointing start to the season but I suppose we got lucky last season so by law of averages we were due a loss.

    Domestic Cups - We won nothing which says a lot about the depth of the squad. Given the way things was shaping up in the league and in Europe I had to mainly play weakened sides in the cups to keep our best players fresh for the more important games and the drop in quality was very noticeable. Didn't much care for the two hammerings we took against Glentoran in the two finals we did reach either.

    Reserves - A decent season from them and nice to see attendances on the rise.

    Under 18s - I was impressed with their performances this season, a very good effort in the UEFA Youth League.



    Squad - Depth is the key going forwards if we are to launch a full scale assault on all the competitions we will be competing in next season. I tried to strengthen in the positions I identified last season as being weaknesses but unfortunately our budget simply wouldn't stretch enough to really do it all. This season we definitely need a quality DR, I had my eyes on one and we could have brought him in January but unfortunately we ran out of time for the paperwork to go through. He will be a target for when the window opens again.

    Although Schmitt ST is a decent player I feel that getting in a top quality Deep Lying Forward is a necessity also. I'm very pleased with the core of young players at the club and to see Acebal DL break through into the first team. I really wish there was more quality coming from the youth team but that seems to have dried up as a source for high potential players.  

    Transfers - A lot of movement this season which saw a massive profit coming into the club. While it was a shame to lose Pitts MC, Jara ML and Reinaldo DL I felt their respective replacements of Rondinelli MC, Quintero ML and Acebal DL (promoted from the youth team) all performed excellently meaning we didn't really miss them. I'm also excited about a lot of the young talent that was brought in with Malesa MC, Yao MR and Abb DC looking to have bright futures at the club. I don't sense there will be as much activity next season unless I get some outrageously high bids for my best players so I can bring in quality replacements.

    Average Rating: 7.67
    The guy is a goal scoring machine and seems to be scoring more and more every season. That just goes to prove that natural position and role suitability should be taken with a pinch of salt. If a player has the right sort of attributes you want for a role and no conflicting PPMs they will shine regardless of what the in game advice is telling you. I am concerned with his market value though, it seems very low for a triple Champions League winning striker and may be temptingly low.
    Average Rating: 7.76
    Has been excellent in his debut season and was keeping Beis out of the team for a while. I think he has a lot more room to grow and I look forward to seeing how good a player he can become.


    Finances - Another comfortable balance, if we can maintain a balance of over £100M that should be enough to build a new stadium when the time comes for it. I really am not happy with the market values of my players though as it is making me have to field a lot of low and insulting offers which do immense damage to the morale of the player involved.

    Facilities - Another upgrade to both the youth and training facilities which is great to see. Now it becomes a waiting game to see when it becomes viable for a new stadium to be built. Given that our average attendance is just over 60% of the total capacity of Windsor Park it could take a while although I'm hoping that the Champions League and DBP win will help next season.

    Youth Intake - I think I'm going to need to start looking for a youth affiliation to broaden our potential talent pool as we can't continue with a situation where we get at most 1 decent player every decade. I signed everyone but I can't see any of this crop getting anywhere near the first team.
    League Reputation - Staying in place isn't bad but some more promising news on the nations coefficient front as we close the gap significantly to Scotland while opening up a bit of a gap to the nations below us.
    Club Domestic Reputation - I don't expect to see much changes on this screen anytime soon.
    Club European Reputation - Amazing that we are still only 5th after winning the Champions League three years in a row but never mind.
    Here is how the other N. Irish teams performed in Europe this season:
    Glentoran - Knocked out in Europa League Semi Final by Arsenal 10-1 on aggregate - Excellent work from them as they not only qualified for the group stage of the Champions League but they had an excellent run in the knockout stages of the Europa League which greatly helped the nations coefficient. Just a shame it had to end in such a humiliating defeat.
    Glenavon - Finished 3rd in Europa Conference League group - This was actually quite poor from them as I expected a bit better.
    Knockbreda - Knocked out in Europa Conference League Semi Final by Ajax Amsterdam on away goals after 1-1 draw on aggregate - A superb run for them, so close to the final.
    Portadown - Knocked out in Europa Conference League 2nd Qualifying Round by SonderjysK 2-0 on aggregate - They could have done better but if you fail to plan you plan to fail, they just weren't fit enough to compete.
    Llanrhaeadr watch - It came down to a last ditch attempt at survival from them. A draw on the final day allowing them to climb out of the relegation zone when their rival Colwyn Bay suffered a shock defeat against bottom of the table amateurs Swansea University. I'm hoping that surviving this season will allow them to build for next season and stay up more convincingly next time around.
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    Still using your 442 ?

  4. il y a une heure, pheelf a dit :

    I have been known to, on occasion. It's no guarantee that it will work (nothing ever does guarantee success) but I've found it works more often than the other approach of being more aggressive. Every time I've pushed up the defensive line, made the players press higher I haven't seen it result in us being able to break down parked buses more easily. I know it seems counter intuitive (probably because it is...the natural instinct is to want to get in the opponents faces) but I've found that's what has worked for me.

    When chasing a goal against a parked bus it will much depend on the time of the game. If it's early and I have time then I wont make any changes to the base tactic. I'll usually make some tactical subs around the 60th minute mark if we are still behind. Then finally around the 70th minute mark if things still haven't turned in our favour I'll drop down the mentality to give us time to make it work. Usually those changes do the trick against the tiring opposition. If they don't then maybe around the 85th minute in desperation I'll put 3 upfront and go onto the attacking mentality. That is seldom necessary and I could probably count on one hand the amount of times in the save I've had to resort to that.

    The reality is, I'm usually able to win those sort of games against very defensive opposition long before any of those changes become necessary. During my time with Glentoran I would often be going into half time having already won the game being 4 or 5 nil up with it being a case of how many goals we were going to score rather than thinking about how we are going to break down the opposition. I know that it is an area that a lot of players struggle with as I used to also but I guess through experience I've gotten to the point where I actually welcome teams parking the bus against my teams as I know it's likely an easy win for us.


    many thanks, i ll try your way

  5. Il y a 2 heures, pheelf a dit :

    When teams parked the bus against me I used to do something similar to what you suggested and found it to be ineffective (if it works for you then that's great). I found that while it pressurizes the opponent more by engaging with them higher up the pitch it also restricts the space my players have to work with when the ball was recovered.

    By compressing the pitch I feel that works into the hands of the defending opposition who want to have to defend as small an area as possible. I've found that having good depth, width, tempo and unpredictability in my attacks is the best way to get past the most stubborn of defences. Playing in N. Ireland I had to develop that strategy given the amount of times in the season I face such opposition.

    I also wouldn't want to prevent the goalkeeper from distributing it short if the opposition is parking the bus. I want their defenders spending time on the ball rather than their midfielders or attackers. Defenders overall tend not to be very good technically and it's much more likely they will play a loose pass or miss-control the ball which can lead to us regaining possession.

    I feel that to get the best out of my players when they face teams that are parking the bus they need space to express themselves and show their quality. For e.g. I have a pacy right winger, if I compress the pitch so he receives the ball when he is practically in front of the oppositions defensive line his pace can't really be used that effectively in my system. Whereas if he receives the ball deeper his speed becomes an asset which draws the fullback wide and creates the width to open up the channel for my Advanced Forward. Having space also is very beneficial for the Deep Lying Forward who gets a larger pocket to operate in.   

    All the best

    That mean you ll play like that against defending teams ?


    And what about chasing a goal ?

  6. il y a une heure, pheelf a dit :

    I do, especially in the more important games.

    For e.g. If I notice that my team is being pressed high and hard up the pitch (usually against better quality opposition) I'll give my defenders the PI to play more direct to try and play over their press.

    If I see a team playing on a very low mentality against us and I haven't managed to break through them then I'll sometimes lower my mentality. I've found that playing slower can give my players more time to get into better attacking positions which often helps to break defensive teams down.

    If I'm desperately looking to cling onto a result I'll put my left back on defend duty. I also appreciate the power of substitutions and I like to have different types of player for each position. For e.g. A technically gifted winger and a quick winger on the bench. That way when I see the opposition fullbacks tiring I can bring on the pacy winger to run at them which often works.

    I've also got into the habit of selectively using opposition instructions for some games which for me used to be a sacrilege but I've totally changed my opinion on them and discovered how useful they can be.

    If an opposition midfielder / attacker has bravery <10 I'll tackle them hard, if they have poor jumping reach I'll mark them tightly (I've seen that my players can beat them in the air and recover possession more easily doing this). I also like to show fullbacks onto their weaker foot to help prevent quality crosses coming into the box.

    As much as tactics are important, I feel that getting the right profile and quality of player is just as important. Currently at Linfield, I don't have that and as a consequence, performances have suffered. Once I've brought in the quality of player I need then the amount of micromanagement tends to go down and I don't need to make as many tweaks if any.

    Best Regards


    don't you think against teams parking the bus having a higher line of engagement, higher defensive line and use off side trap and prevent GK distribution ?

    also against narow team using 3-4-3 i attack wider.

    Against positive team I gegenpress and hit counter if they go offensive

    I use OI like you and tackkle hard the lowest 3  bavery players, and look at winger to see what foot do they use to show them on their weaker foot.

    to close the game, i put both FB on defense and the R winger on support , go defnesive , play direct and hit counter, and sometines i bnag a goal

    truly yours

  7. il y a une heure, pheelf a dit :

    Still rolling with the 4-4-2 although I may make a tactical post detailing my 4-1-2-3 Wide system even if I don't end up using it during the save. I don't really know whether it would be any good given that the last game I used it in was FM17 but as it's built upon what I think are solid principles I'd hope it would still work in FM20.

    Best Regards

    Many thanks for your answer. do you tweak your tactic during game against attacking or defending opponents ?

  8. Le 06/06/2020 à 17:37, pheelf a dit :


    Linfield F.C.

    SEASON 2054 / 2055



    Consistently qualifying for Europe is going to be the most important objective in these early years in order to raise the funds for the rebuild needed. I think we are at least guaranteed a top 6 finish so given the number of ways we can achieve our goal I'm fairly confident we'll qualify for Europe.



    League Table - We ended the season in the exact same position as when I joined. Our form was very inconsistent and if I'm bring honest I'm glad to see the back of this season. We didn't score enough goals with our lack of quality upfront costing us. We also had a very leaky defence at times which led to us taking a few heavy defeats which was unpleasant. There is a lot of work to be done if we are to think of challenging Glenavon and Larne for 3rd next season but we are light years behind the top 2.

    Elsewhere, Distillery will be joining the DBP next season after winning the Championship title. Dungannon Swifts also managed to get promoted after beating Coleraine 5-3 on aggregate in the relegation playoff. It was a close fight between Knockbreda and Glentoran for the title which was interesting to see although it is a little jarring to think that within the space of a season that the gap could have closed that much. Mind you, Glentoran did sell over £200M worth of talent which probably doesn't help. 

    Danske Bank Premier UEFA Europa Conference League Playoff - This was a real struggle but at least we made it as failure would have really put the brakes on our ability to improve the squad. We'll have to navigate 3 qualifying rounds to make it into the group stage but at least we have the opportunity to make some desperately needed money next season.

    UEFA Europa Conference League - The European campaign was over before I joined which saw them finish bottom of their group. I'm glad they did make it into the group stage though as that really made a tremendous difference to the bank balance. If there is a reason to be optimistic it might be that this seasons competition was won by Dundalk (their second win of the trophy) which just goes to show that even teams from smaller leagues can have realistic hopes of winning this trophy. Getting to the group stage again next season is going to be tough but would be incredibly helpful.

    Domestic Cups - Never came close to winning anything and the defeat in the Irish Cup was brutal. I was disappointed at the time thinking we had blown a good opportunity to get into Europe but thankfully we won the playoffs.

    Reserves - Not much of a squad to speak of so their performance wasn't unexpected.

    Under 18s - Given that they had no players when I first joined I think a mid table finish is respectable.



    Squad - The lack of depth I highlighted when I first joined really came back to haunt us. I often had to use players out of position which really didn't help us to settle and led to our inconsistency. I managed to address some of the holes in the squad with pre-contract agreements but we are still some way off having what we need to take the club forward.

    Transfers - I was happy to get rid of an aging Muratovic ST to lower the wage bill, we still have to contribute some of his wage going forward but he felt he had achieved everything possible at the club so that was a convenient excuse to get him out the door. I then brought in a number of players on pre-contract agreements and triggered the 'Buy Now' clauses to bring them in early. Morel DL, Davidson ST, Mitchell GK, McGowan ST & Harrison DR all being examples of me using that clause. I sold promising youngster Harris ST to Knockbreda for a reasonable fee which helped fund some of the other pre-contract signings which will arrive in the summer. Unfortunately, I was unable to sell any high valued players but hopefully that will change in the summer window when teams have more money to spend.

    Average Rating: 7.06
    Our best player but I'd be more than happy to sell him for the right price. In fact, I would really like to sell him but nobody appears to be interested.
    Average Rating: 6.97
    A player that was a victim of the lack of depth in the squad which had him being played all over the pitch. He won't be here next season and I have a feeling that he is going to prove difficult to replace.


    Finances - The bank balance was boosted further with the coefficient and TV money from playing in the Europa Conference League group stage which brings the balance to over £3M. All the money at this point will be invested into bringing in free transfers as I don't feel we are secure enough financially to spend money on buying players.

    Facilities - Aside from the youth recruitment and junior coaching everything was left untouched.

    Youth Intake - Everybody was signed, it'll be interesting to see if any of these players can make it into the first team.
    League Reputation - Keeping position is the name of the game for now.
    Club Domestic Reputation - We've got a big gap to close to the very best. Next season will see the DBP with only 10 professional sides.
    Club European Reputation - We are very far from having a decent coefficient and will be in this position for a while. It's going to make qualifying for the group stage of the Europa Conference League difficult. Bizarre to see Distillery with a better coefficient than us.
    Here is how the other N. Irish teams performed in Europe this season:
    Glentoran - Knocked out in Champions League 1st Knockout Round by Chelsea 4-2 on aggregate - It was always going to be a long shot for them to retain their title. They did win the first leg 2-1 at home but a collapse in London saw them off.
    Glenavon - Finished 4th in Europa League group - A woeful campaign as they finished with 0 points.
    Knockbreda - Knocked out in Europa League Quarter Final by Borussia Dortmund on away goals after a 3-3 draw on aggregate - I was really impressed with them in Europe this season. Not only did they make it into the Champions League group stage they finished 3rd and came close to getting 2nd. They then proceeded to dispatch Benfica and PSG on their route to the quarter final which was fantastic.
    Ballymena United - Finished 3rd in Europa Conference League group - I think this is the first season in which all the N. Irish participants made it to a group stage which is an incredible sign of progress. Hopefully, it can be repeated again next season as we attempt to reel in Scotland in the coefficient table.
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    I Pheelf, still using your 442 ?

  9. il y a 5 minutes, Experienced Defender a dit :

    Unfortunately, I don't have enough time at the moment to analyze your players, but I can give you an example of a possession-oriented tactic, taking into account that you are managing a lower-league club. And not 4231 but 4123 wide.


    IFat                                 Wsu

    DLPsu   CMat


    WBsu   CDco  CDde   WBsu


    Mentality - Balanced or Positive

    In possession - shorter passing, fairly narrow and overlap left

    In transition - distribute to CBs and FBs

    Out of possession - higher D-line and Prevent short GKD

    Thanks a lot !

    the idea of the 4231 was to fit my best player

    Capture d’écran (12).png

  10. Il y a 19 heures, Experienced Defender a dit :


    Either change the striker's role into a DLF or change his duty to support, because IF on attack duty does not really go hand in hand with a simple striker role if it's also on attack. 

    Alternatively, you can change the IF's duty to support and leave the striker as PF on attack. 

    Also I ve this 18yold guy who his my best player. How could i fit him ? in a 4231 ? with my other guy as DLF S1104122785_Capturedcran(13).thumb.png.14df4a07b73506af15d2e444a250ead6.png ?489664400_Capturedcran(14).thumb.png.20843634c385425ed4bd62635dd76d17.png

  11. il y a 30 minutes, Jack722 a dit :

    I don't think that changing the MEZa to CMa will help so much, I think it's more important to change your CAR to a more stationary role like DLPs or CMs. With a trio of:


    you can mimic the old barcelona to an extent, with the half back (busquets) helping to play out of defence and giving defensive support, the CMs or DLPs (Xavi) staying in the centre and dictating play and the MEZ (Iniesta) drawing players to him by making dribbles and roaming around to play combinations with other players.

    A carrilero moves out wide to cover the wide areas, it isn't alwasy really that importatn to cover the wide areas when you have 2 wide players already, in your case, it is more important to have more players in the centre to help control the ball.

    Thank, i'll try to go back to basics and see in game. Last game was good (4-0)

    i'll adjust against fast ( early cross) or slow defender (dribble more, ask my fb to overlap left and underlap right), agressive team (Counter, Lower LOE, more direct)

    or against defensive team (shorter pass, play out of defense, work ball into box)



    Capture d’écran (10).png

  12. il y a 3 minutes, Jack722 a dit :

    A few things you should take into account

    • Trying to play possession when all three of your mids are going to vacate the middle may not be a good idea (If i change the mez by a CM A?)
    • Higher tempo+short passing + be more expressive can work very well but you need to have a good team for it, conisder your teams' ability compared with the rest of the league, especially technicals and mentals (I got good Anticipation+decision players)
    • What I have noticed (as well as many others here) is that attack duty strikers don't tend to work well when they have no parner in attack or in AMC when you are playing a possession game.
      • This is because attacking strikers (poachers, PFa, AFa) tend to like to run on to through balls and get on the end of crosses - possession styles reduce both of these significantly
      • If your team is just going to play short passes around the box and your striker isn't dropping deep to participate, then he can easily just be marked by a centre back and not do much all game. I suspect you don't score many goals, and your striker is scoring less than you'd expect
      • I would change your striker to an F9 or DLFs/a, (I will try that)
      • A striker dropping deeper will also create more space for your inside forward to work with. wiil do

    Changes I would make:

    • Have At least 1 stationary role in midfield (ideally 2), for example all you may need to do is change your CAR to a CMs
    • Change your striker to a support role - if he doesn't have the attributes for it, consider retraining him as an inside forward or changing your formation to give him closer support, or change your style of play to be more direct
    • Consider reducing your tempo if your team don't have good technical and mental ability compared to the league

    Thank a lot:



    il y a 23 minutes, KyleHyde a dit :

    Both CMs spread wide and the HB goes back so there's no one really in the center. I'd look to change to a center role like a CM-S or so.
    There's also needless extremes with the TIs. Get them all to default except those that define the core of your playstyle.

    About the IF, that should be your goal - how to make my IF play better? There's PPMs, overloading the other flank, mentality, morale, etc etc. Play around and observe what he is doing and what is lacking.

    I'd try him on support first since he could benefit from having more space in front but i dont know his attributes.



    here is my left IF, good scorer ( 20 goals last year)

    and what do you mean by "There's also needless extremes with the TIs"

    Capture d’écran (9).png

  14. Le 20/01/2020 à 13:10, pheelf a dit :


    Glentoran F.C.

    SEASON 2035 / 2036



    It's getting harder to close the gap to the top 3 rather than easier given the discrepancy in our yearly incomes and thus our abilities to invest in our squads. Another good season in Europe is essential given the financial situation and I have to somehow figure out a way to challenge for 2nd and a Champions League spot as that is the only way serious funds are going to come into the club.



    League Table - We finished a place higher which is decent but instead of playing in the Europa League we had to settle for the Europa Conference League. We started the season exceptionally well and won our first 7 games in a row but then we lost to Knockbreda 4-2 (painfully after being 2-0 up) which moved us off the top and we were never to hold that position again. Then we suffered some awful inconsistency in December which effectively ended our title challenge. We were still in the picture for a Champions League spot going into the new year but some poor late season form allowed Larne to pull away meaning we had to settle for 3rd. Thankfully, we managed to hold onto 3rd as both Ballymena United and Glenavon was snapping at our heels and had we lost to them post split we could have dropped as low as 5th and had the possibility of missing out on qualifying for Europe entirely which would have been a disaster.

    In more positive news, Coagh United managed to stay up thanks to a win over Warrenpoint Town in the relegation playoff and as a result I think they will become mainstays in the top flight given their ability to invest in their squad and the bump to reputation they got. Next season will also see another Belfast based club joining the top flight with Harland and Wolff Welders making their top flight debut.

    UEFA Europa League - I thought we would have to qualify but in the end we were entered straight into the group stage. We were very impressive against Sporting Lisbon who I expected to be stronger than us but the rest of the games went as expected with the exception of the final game where we put in a good performance to claim a point against the Italian giants. Pleasingly, we managed to finish 3rd which puts us through to the knockout stages of the Europa Conference League.

    UEFA Europa Conference League - This looks like a bug to me as I thought you got country protection (can't face another club from N. Ireland) in the 1st Knockout Round. After the 1st leg, I thought we might have stood a chance of turning it around but our poor league form at the time seeped into our European games and we ended up losing both legs. At least it ensured that a N. Irish team reached the 2nd Knockout Round which led to something incredible happening which I'll explain later.

    Domestic Cups - A disappointing season in the cups from us. We didn't turn up against Crusaders in the Irish Cup and deserved our loss. If we are to become the dominant team in N. Ireland we are going to have to develop a way of beating Larne and Knockbreda on a more consistent basis or face being eliminated by them every time in the cups.

    Reserves - At least our backup players appear to be on the ball, winning a superb double.

    Under 18s - The present situation with the first team may not be looking too rosy but at least the future is looking bright.



    Squad - Another season where the squad picked up some injuries, the worst of which being a torn calf muscle suffered in training by new signing Stanko DR which had him out for 4 months. Less rotation helped us early in the season as we were in exceptional form but it didn't last throughout. Even attempts to rotate more when we were off form didn't seem to help. The main source of frustration for me comes from the teams which we dropped points against. Losing against Knockbreda or Larne I can accept, they have better squads than us and we are always going to be up against it. It's the games against Dungannon Swifts and the like where we lose which I can't fathom. We create enough good opportunities in those sorts of games to score enough goals to win comfortably but just aren't ruthless enough. We allow teams like that to remain in games which we are going to need to improve upon if we are to get closer to competing for a Champions League berth.

    I also think there are areas of the squad which need strengthening. We need a top class GK as some of the mistakes made by Boltze were really costly. His distribution at times was also very poor and even though I have instructed him to get the ball to the full backs there were many occasions where he kicked the ball straight into the centre of the park which often resulted in us losing possession. We need a quality defensive minded central midfielder as I don't think Adler and McClelland are up to the job. I feel they are partly to blame for why we couldn't finish some games off as they were unable to win the battle for the central midfield which would allow us to dominate the ball and keep possession. A lot of sloppy passing and gifting the ball to the opposition didn't help our cause. An inability to compete in the air was also a problem alongside a reluctance to challenge for the 2nd ball. Seeking to find some positives, there has been a significant uplift in the market values of our players which I'm hoping will lead to us smashing our record income for transfers out of the club in the near future.

    Transfers - I made a lot of moves this time around and I was very happy with the majority of players that I managed to bring in. Greenop DC is not shown in the screenshot but I managed to sell him to Plymouth Argyle for £1.9K which worked out well for both parties given his game time would have been scarce given the new arrivals for his position. Knockbreda took a liking to some of our players. I was gutted to lose both Derry and Healy from our youth team but they refused to open talks on a professional contract which meant I had to settle for a compensation package. The same is true for another of our best youth players but he will be leaving in January 2037 when he turns 17. I didn't really want to sell Bullock MC but he wanted to leave so I cashed in given that I signed Isreal who looks a talented prospect as a replacement. We made a good profit in our transfer dealings and I'll be looking for more of the same next season.


    Average Rating: 7.46
    The new signing had a really good debut season. He probably would have been more productive had he chosen to cross more often as part of his role when in advanced positions instead of shooting. Hopefully, he will be able to improve on that next season.
    Average Rating: 7.33
    He was once again our top scorer and managed a higher average rating this season which are both good signs. He still blows hot and cold though. When he is on his game he can score 2 or 3 goals without any problem but when he's off form he is a liability, missing chance after chance. A player of his standard should be scoring a lot more goals and be closer to the goal a game ratio in the league. He should be comfortably a 30 goal a season striker in N. Ireland, the fact that he hasn't managed that yet is disappointing given his positive start. He needs to start proving to me that he has what it takes to move us up to the next level or I'm going to have to move him on and find a replacement who can. Admittedly, he did have some injury issues this season but not enough to explain such a low goal scoring return.


    Finances - Even after record profits in the transfer market and good prize money from Europe we are still only maintaining our position. I'm hoping that we can start to really pull in some decent money from the transfer market next season as our finances are only considered 'Okay' and that is nowhere near good enough to start investing heavily in the clubs infrastructure.

    Facilities - I asked for the stadium expansion again and once again my request was rejected. We really need the ability to do that as we are selling out the 5,056 capacity every time we meet Linfield and I know we would sell many more tickets if we could use the full potential 10,000 capacity.

    Youth Intake - Not quite as good as last season but still a very decent intake with some potential first team players coming through. Jenkins MC looks really good and Ward ST could definitely get some cup action next season if he shows some good development.
    League Reputation - Staying in place is no bad thing as it gets increasingly difficult to rise from this point. We managed to recover our automatic spot in the Champions League group stage this season thanks to our performances in the nation coefficient.
    Club Domestic Reputation - Coagh United managed to put on 0.5* which is good as that should broaden their horizons when it comes to bringing in players. Also note how Larne's reputation has increased even though they didn't win the DBP.
    Club European Reputation - We went flying up the table this time which is good, we'll have to qualify for the group stages next season which could be a good opportunity to earn some decent coefficient points. Here is how the other N. Irish teams performed in Europe this season:
    Knockbreda - Knocked out in Europa League 2nd Knockout Round by Aberdeen after 4-0 defeat on aggregate - Had a decent campaign in the Champions League as they managed to get through their group in 3rd. I would have like to see them do better against Aberdeen though, they looked completely out of their depth against a team which they should have been competitive against given their squad.
    Larne - Won Europa Conference League on penalties after 0-0 draw with Athletic Bilbao - What an incredible achievement from them to become the first N. Irish team to win a European trophy. They didn't have to face the toughest of opponents on their run to the final but who cares this is a massive moment for N. Irish football. Just a shame I wasn't the manager to do it.
    Glenavon - Knocked out in Europa Conference League 3rd Qualifying Round by Slovan Bratislava after 2-1 defeat on aggregate - A woeful performance from them and they should be hanging their heads in shame.
    Linfield - Knocked out in Europa Conference League 2nd Qualifying Round by Rosenborg after 3-2 defeat on aggregate - I can understand the reasons behind this defeat more than last seasons but even still they just aren't progressing at all which is damaging as we need them to be strong in order to build the nation as a whole.
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    Hi Pheelf, do you still use you 442 ?

  15. il y a 25 minutes, Experienced Defender a dit :

    For example:

    - counter-press can be too risky in a narrow formation because there is an obvious weakness on the flanks, which opposition can take advantage of to beat your counter-press

    - pass into space is not wrong per se, but it's a type of instruction that makes more sense in counter-attacking tactics, which yours does not seem to be

    - distribution to CBs and take short kicks are probably not necessary when you are already playing out of defence

    Simply put, the key question is what style of football do you want to play? The setup of roles and duties looks more suited to a counter-attacking or fast attacking style (except for the DLP on defend duty), but some of the instructions contradict that to a degree (aggressive out-of-possession TIs for example). 

    But you cannot know until you test the tactic. Maybe it will work for your team, so go ahead and give it a try :thup:

    Thanks for your answer.

    i like a agressive / quick style to move the ball up front attacking style, usually the ball goes to the dlp then up front.

    i look at the opposite side formation to see which players are slow then i focus my attack on that side adding "run at defense" if they are slower than my players.

    i have a set of tree formation (home, away, plan B) and i look for a get a goal formation






    Plan B

    to kill the game i put both WB on defense, both wingman on support, reduce speed, go cautios even defensive, remove gegenpress and play out of defense and add distrubute to flanks

    right now it has worked well, i started 4 years ago at 10th level, now in 7 th.

    i choose my players with this filter "gegenpress style"

    What do you think of this strategy ?

    truly yours

    Gegenpress style.fmf

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